Sunday, June 21, 2009

My favourite Dessert: JELAK Feeling

I used to go crazy over TGI Friday's Mocha mud pie, but when I ordered the mud pie plus the
brownies ice cream together.....
It's like J-E-L-A-K.
Lesson of the day: Don't order TWO desserts at one time


Simply Simply said...

hahahhahahahaaha...funny...i like ur 2nd last sentence :p

meiyi said...

dont eat so much sugary stuff..
it's bad and make ppl hyper

classyadele said...

i call it GREED. :P

or cheak par bo sui cho

or just plain keh hiao

meiyi said...

yess greedy girl..
anyway i took the Rm39.90 course meal set before and was able to finish..
but if it's all SWEET stuff. really cannot tahan..