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CNY Lunch

Due to the shift patterns in my previous job, we didn't had a chance to have a big gathering together for makan session. THere was no such thing as "sou gong fan". Just the Friday before CNY, small boss treated us Breeks at Queensbay Mall. I ordered Chicken Patty but it seemed like stomach 'beh hoh seh'. The food just couldn't digest.. not even until the next morning. Nevertheless, i think the food presentation is still not-too-bad.

EY and me selling Chicken Patties
Just the big group of us...

Just the other day @ Beach Blanket Babylon

I think it has been a long while since I take pics at cool places.... eh come on.. This is Penang.
It's a great place! I never knew, but it's really nice place to hangout with a few of females, just to read the latest gossips of Hollywood stars or to catch up with one another.
Isn't the chandelier just magnificent?

Cakes and drinks.. eh. it was still happy hour.. 50% off alcoholic drinks.
Mirror also quite pretty...

A stage for me to do some acrobats..
Sis and I tried to see who could lift our leg higher.. Looks like we have a winner here..

Google as Calculator

The wonders of google can be....
NO wonder the search engine already made a name.. ..