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7 Habits of Highly Effective Ah Beng

Review: 27 Dresses

It's one of those chic movies that I like. Romantic comedy. :) This movie applies to me as I just became a bridesmaid last week! Lolz. Even though it's a 'predicted' movie, I cried and laughed. I just liked the way the love story goes, even if it's the same OLD story that is being told. The saddest moment 1. When she found out that the article about her being released in the New York Journal --> CHEATED by the journalist badly 2. When her sis (Tess) cut her mom's wedding dress 3. When she gave an 'evil' slide presentation during her sister's pre-wedding dinner Highlights 1. As she walked down the aisle, with the man who has been waiting for her giving her that SMILE. 2. He said sorry to her and gave her a PDA as a gift 3. She keeps his articles and adores his articles so much. I cant' remember much.... now....

Gym Freak goes club visiting

The advantage of Clark Hatch Heritage is you got to use their facilities (tennis court and swimming pool).

The classes were almost similar to PF, Zero, Cactus or other clark hatch branches. I didn't quite like the dance studio since the stage was not elevated, and the workout machines are rather limited.

I think the rates are about like this:
Couple RM190/month
Weekend Rm70/month (fri, sat and sun)
Low peak RM50/month
Normal rate Rm110/month

Anyway, i'm visiting more.........................

Life Without Limbs

I was attending Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training at my work place.
It was rather a boring session as the trainer was going too much on politics.

He showed examples of videos people with high and low EQ.
He played "just follow law" (low EQ) and "gladiator" (High EQ Maximus).

There are 5 types of personalities:
1. Openness - creative and innovative
2. Neutral - good listener and afraid to hurt people's feelings
3. Analytical - detailed people and work a lot with data
4. Relational - friendly and people-person
5. Decisive - confident people who wants to take control (usually leaders)

The simple accessment showed that I was a Relationship person.
That made me thought about my job, that I'm not at the job which I like.
I feel uncomfortable not being able to communicate with people.

But what touches me most about the training, that the malay trainer played the video on Nick Vujicic - a man without limbs.
(not worrying about religious issue)
Had a previous post about him.

It …

Five Languages of Apology

I have not done the full accessment yet from the book, but I could roughly guess them based on my 30 sec accessment.

1. expressing regret ("i'm sorry")
2. accepting responsiblity("I was wrong and I take responsibility for my actions")
3. making restitution ("What can i do to make it better?")
4. genuinely repenting (The person is willing got change to avoid hurting you again)
5. requesting forgiveness (Sincerely desires restoration)

I think I would take it as: 3, 4, 2, 5, 1 :)

Smallest Girl in India

Adolescent from India, whom with an increase only in 58 cm, the smallest girl in the world. Jyoti Amge, 14 years, and it shorter than average two-year-old child weighs only 5 kg.

--> got this forwarded email.
Would you believe such a small 14 year old? How could she possibly live a normal life?

Berkely Farms ICE cream promotion
It was a Rm17++ promotion for Bayview Georgetown Penang at their revolving restaurant. Not many crowd though. I wished my friend would forward the birthday pictures we took. .:( Flavours were: Cookies & Cream, French Vanilla,Coffee toffee, orange sherbet, mint sherbet, Pistachio, banana strawberry crunch, royal vanilla and Vanilla Fudge Ripple (I think).

El Mondo Pizza

Location: Crystal Point, Penang

It's another birthday celebration among my colleagues.
It's our first time trying out this place for its set lunch.

Started off with brocolli soup..

And my Lemon capers with vege/rice.
And it comes with a little tiramisu for dessert and coffee.And we told the owner that we are celebrating birthday, and they gave us lovely apple pie with a scoop of haage daz vanilla ice cream. HOW sweet !

Macedoine Dining

The cafe is located at North zone of Queensbay mall taking over Alfresco Coffee.
Surprisingly, the food taste really not bad.

It's our 2nd visit there (after the price increase).
It used to be Rm10.90 for a set lunch, and now it cost about Rm14.80!!
Food portioning is almost the same.
Even though the price has increased, the crowd is still there!

Mushroom soup that is filled with pepper
(They should ask if their customers would like pepper before sprinkling them over the soup)

My MIXED grill.
Chicken, sausage, and lamb chop with potatoes.

My friend's fish:
My friend's seafood curry or whatever u call that.
Ladies in Pink

Being Gymorexic

Now that I do another health check if I am Gymorexic from

Let's see how many YES i obtained this time:

Gym rat - you are at the gym 7 days a week, for 1 to 2 hours each day ->> not that much..
Addicted to being attractive - who doesn't like to be complimented all the time! -->hmm.. I don't quite understand.
People appear happy externally – but are sad inside. Due to relationships, loss, anything that causes internal termoil.-->> sometimes..?
Eat and then exercise – to get rid of those calories (similar to binge/purge) ->> Definite YES
Guilt of not exercising – It become difficult to take a rest. -> another YES
Becomes an obsession - Planning schedule around the gym - or even lying to friends. ->> a YES (again)
Becomes a ritual – A ritual used to gain some control over life. -->> I guess it's a YES?
Onset of osteoporosis - too much of anything hurts. -->>> don't und…

Purging out after Food

Is it normal for a person to purge out (through vomitting) after having a large sumptious meal?
Do they feel like the food is getting stucked along their esophagus?

I have changed my eating habits, eating meals with lesser oil, sugar, salt.
I can't take sweet cordials anymore.
I don't like if the food is too salty.
I don't eat food served with lots of MSG.
I can't drink milos from the vending machine.
I can't take large servings of nyonya kuihs anymore.
I feel 'yucky' if i take too much of goreng pisang.
(Luckily, i still love McD fries)

I still have a little cravings for coke, McD and ice creams and good food!
I love japanese food the most as it has the least oil.

I remembered my experience taking 2 pieces of KFC chicken.
I puke immediately when I reach office after lunch.

If i ever had buffets, my last course would be ice cream.
I will puke out the ice cream.
Is ice cream the root cause of the problem?

Am i Bulimic?

I was reading from the websites,…

Weddings . again..

(got the pics from

I remembered during the church wedding, Pastor Jeyakumar mentioned that we should find a life partner who could pray with us.

That was the message that i remembered the most.
I would say, it's a quality that is difficult to find in a guy (it's already hard to find a christian guy, what more a prayerful christian guy?)

Cupcake Contact

Never called them before!! maybe i should try
hey 24hrmum.. there u go the webbie addy.

Gym freak loves Cup Cakes

Nice ah?
my boss got a lot of these cupcakes for her birthday.
How envious..

Where can we buy cup cakes in Penang?

New classes that I tried

Power Balance

It's almost similiar with other Power Yoga classes, but it has Taichi, Pilates and Yoga all MIXED.
I enjoy this class rather than conventional Yoga classes (more boring).
I like movements.
I hate being still for TOO long.
I like pilates -> i love working out on my abs.

P/S: not forgetting, i fell asleep at the part where a nice soothing music that has the same waves as our brain was being played.
(I wonder if i did snored)

Now that I'm still having pain on my abs (it's been the 9th day since i stressed out my lower abs).

Sadly, body attack class was canceled, thus i went for ABT, which was little different that the other one I've been. It involved a lot of reps and it killed me. !

Night Photo Shooting @New world Park

Since my cousin brother got himself a canon EOS, he asked me for photo shoot session.
We were at the famous Lor Mee coffeeshop and this little boy started asking us what drinks we wanted.
I don't know what happened.
He was playing with us that he forgotten what drinks we ordered.

And he was gladly posing with me for photographs.

I love taking scary pictures.
Don't ask me WHY.
And random shots.
p/s: anyone noticed my Biceps? hahahaa..

Fitness Studio

I went for a free trial at Fitness Studio, Gurney Tower.
I did hear some bad remarks about instructors not being fit (or having bad stamina), but the class I went for last Sunday was great.
Those are local instructors (Sadly, it'd be more cool if they are foreign instructors like Celebrity Fitness).

Fitness Studio has a wide variety of classes and mostly of

I would consider the weekend package, which is only RM50/month.
(Same pricing as Priority fitness at Ivory Plaza).

With that, by comparing the 2 clubs, I would rather go for Fitness studio, as it provides better facilities (shower room, free flow of drinks, car park only Rm10/month, wide variety of classes).

Mostly importantly, i felt the pain in my butt.
It must be the ABT class that I attended.

2.4km Fitness test

I tried it yesterday and I only achieved 15.26.

Something i found which is rather interesting:

Going to gym is not enough,
but giving ourselves some tests is REALLY GOOD!

I never knew treadmills can go above speed 10, and I'm hoping to test out speed 11-12 to achieve 11-12 mins for 2.4km.


The Pre-Joining Fitness Test (PJFT) (2.4 Km (1.5 mile) aerobic fitness run)
Female - PJFT
Age: 15 - 24 :- 14 min 35 secs
Age: 25 - 29 :- 15 min 13 secs
Age: 30 - 34 :- 15 min 55 secs

Lowest point about GYM

It was a great experience in Celebrity fitness.
I encountered a big sized girl blocking my mirror view the whole of latin class.. I was still alright, because i enjoyed the instructor's class very much.

I encountered 2 nasty men who are always kicking so hard at combat, but I was lucky to have a friend who wouldn't care less about them. The consolation is, they were warned by instructors before not to use up so much of the area provoking other gym users.

I had even encountered a girl who stepped on my feet while doing the lunges for pump, and a sweaty guy who had accidentally knock on me while trying to squeeze thru the crowd taking the mat during combat. I still felt OK.

And the stupidest thing happens in my own company.
I was waiting for the treadmill for at least 20 mins.
I finally waited for my turn.
My friend came down.
And he conveniently WENT UP!!!
And worst part is, he is a senior manager, who would be acting MD during MD's absence.

I honestly couldn't take it.
He had ear…