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Saffron, Lot 33, Prangin Basement

I found a really nice place for food which is really worth for those with big and huge tummy since it's a semi buffet dinner. We could order any main course and we will be entitled for the unlimited salad/soup/desserts. This place is Saffron and it's located at the basement of Prangin mall (below Parkson)

Pumpkin soup. It's not all the time the same soup. sometimes it's just mushroom soup.

Salad with olives and eggs.

Latte. The promotion keeps changing. Sometimes we could add on for coffee, sometimes we can't. The last time i went, there was promotion for citibankers, but now, not anymore.

 And some of the food that we ordered. I been here for another two times, but I think i probably stop going there for the time being, as the food isn't that consistent, but to me, it's really worth if you have a big tummy to start with.

There are also cakes and fruits for desserts, too :)

Bangkok 2015 :)

It's another trip to Bangkok and I still find that this place is fun to visit again!
I have yet to blog about my trip back in 2014 and now again, I need to post for 2015 trip instead :)

Just want to share the places I went.
Day 1: Sukhumvit, Nana area for dinner/supper/drinks. Since it was an evening flight, when i reached BKK, it was just in time for dinner/supper/drinks. I had boat noodles at the stalls along the main Sukhumvit road outside Soi Cowboy, followed by roadside food/drinks like bbq pork, fruit juices, fruits and Holly's coffee! :)
Visited a pub called Bangkok beat, alight from Nana BTS, they are really cheap drinks/promos during weekday. Beers were like 75B.
Day 2: Jim Thompson, MBK, Chinatown, Wat Pho/Wat Arun/Grand palace area, Khaosan Road.

Wanted to visit the Jim Thompson museum the last trip, but again, was too lazy. This time, I manage to get there and it's pretty simple to get there. Just alight from National Stadium BTS. There is a tuk tuk to fetch u …

Kanemochi - The first mochi ice cream dessert in Penang!

Interesting to know Kanemochi Malaysia opens its door in Penang. I'm a fan of Japanese mochis, Taiwan Mochis and even our local muar chee.  Kanemochi is a popular mochi ice cream from Thailand (found out that there is a branch in Bugis Singapore too), and it had many flavours available to mix and match.

I visited during the opening launch (ok, it's a super belated post), and there was a promotion of buy 2 free 1 (I think). Each Mochi was ~RM3.70  (I think, again). Bought some home, and i was given a nice box and dry ice to maintain its freshness. It was still fresh to consume after a few days, but after a longer period, the mochi would not taste as good anymore.

* spot the spelling error *.. hehe .. some flavours that I remembered, strawberry, green tea

Since it was the opening day, the sets and other items from the menu was not available. I hope to visit the store again soon :)

Address: 269, Beach Street, Penang
Opening hou…

You have not visited Penang if you have not come to Penang Hill!

It was one of the normal nights that I decided to take a train ride up to Penang Hill. The last time i took a train ride was last year, when a relative came visiting.

Going to Penang Hill in the evening is much cooler, and the view of Georgetown was just amazing!!
Reminds me of the cool breezy nights in cameron highlands as most of time when I'm up at Penang hill, i was hot and sweaty from the 5km hike from the Botanical Gardens jeep route.

As the evening gets darker, the food court operators start to close the business, leaving only David Brown's Restaurant serving food and drinks. At the terrace, one can enjoy the view while sipping a cup of tea, or even a glass of wine, cocktail or even beer!

Though it was not my first time dining at David Brown's, but it was definitely my first time having dinner there. I would really recommend visitors to come by during the evening.

Isn't Penang pretty?

Having dinner in the open air is really cool!

Sky terrace. Music, good view, d…