Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Cheap Wantan Mee Lunch

I still couldn't understand why would the wan tan mee in canton-i costs me so much.
Thus, I decided to get myself a wan tan mee at Bayan Baru Market Hawker stalls for supporting cheap local wan tan mees!

RM2.50 vs Rm12.80++

Tell me about it!

At least I can order my favourite cappucino iced blended for only Rm1.50 at Chuah Cafe (centre)
It's really smooth and compatible with coffee bean ice blendeds or Starbucks Fraps.
Oh well, whenever I take a sip of it, it reminded me of kilkenny... :P

I also liked Red bean ice blended.
And my friend had her healthy orange crush.

Say what you want, and the boss would be happy to customize your drinks for you!
(including topping up an ice cream for 50cents - i asked for 20cents discount before)

~ a cheapo wan tan mee fan ~


Simply Simply said...

The "ya ga" coconut ice blended is not bad too

meiyi said...

yes~~ i love the coconut too~
i've got another colleague who is always ordering corn blended

Pei said...

i try 'ah an cafe' cappucino iced blended...quite nice too...