Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Makan Place: Home's Cafe, Bayan Baru

I was driving along sunway tunas/mayang mall road and came across a new row of shop lots opening at D'Piazza Mall, Bayan Baru, Penang

So far, I manage to see only two restaurants along that same row.
I tried to google on D'Piazza Mall and found only property related websites, but nothing on the restaurants. So, I just give it a try on one of my lunch days at..

Home's Cafe (seems like it came from Ipoh)

The opening promotion is still on going, with Rm5 for its oriental sets.
The best part is the Nasi lemak because the original price is RM6.30 and now slashed to Rm5.

There are other dishes like the Laksa, Ipoh hor fun and western sets.
No discounts for the western set though :(

Another friend tried the curry chicken toast.
The toast was not something fantastic, but I guess it's one of those kopitiams like old town kopitiam.

Menu looked like this:

And we saw this guy 3 times consecutively...... on wed... on thurs, and on friday..
until the waitress could recognize him...
Is he the boss?


Pei said...

Wow..yum yum...I will go try out the Nasi Lemak this week...

Simply Simply said...

wah the ipoh hor fun looks so yummy....

meiyi said...

bring me along~~

Pei said...

sure...let's go..:p

Pei said...

the nasi lemak curry chicken is really nice..the sambal especially...i like it..:)