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I feel stupid

We are always reminded that God made each of us unique and special in our very own ways.
But, I just can't stop thinking how foolish I am sometimes in life.

I made the wrong decisions.
I reacted wrongly.
And there are times where I would feel totally hopeless and in doubt with even the simplest things in life.

Few weeks ago, it was my very first time involving in an accident.
I didn't know what to do, but to get the car plate no. and the contact no. of the person.
I was just too tired to even feel shock about the incident.
My mind just went *shit*.

After calculating the charges, and after being reminded to just report to the police, I just did and leave it all to them to do that they want. Now I know how important we should keep a copy of our insurance policy and garan so that if anything happens, we could get it done straight away (and of course, many contacts of mechanics).

I was just driving my mom's car for 3 weeks, and didn't realised that I was driving with a rather flat t…

St Anne Church Penang

It has been more than 10 years since I last visited St. Anne's church in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Every year, thousands of catholics (or maybe millions?) would flock to visit the church.
Roman Catholics believe that St Anne is the mother of Virgin Mary.

Others visit for prayers to God.
I visited just to take a look at the new renovated sanctuary. :D
( I have other beliefs)

I think it was called the Station of Cross (not very sure either)
The walkway towards the dorm :D

it's brewing hot....

with love..

coffee is good if it's only a cup of day,
no more or no less,
the best day to taste it is today,
to feel its wholesome goodness

Coffee Beans

This is so crazily PERFECT! Am lovin' it!

Caffe Strada, Crystal Point, Penang

Thanks to Alan for inviting me for the review and I definitely enjoyed myself with a filled tummy.

The first thing I asked was if this strada is related to the one at the P.Tikus one, and it seemed that both are of different owners (separate entity). It was just a coincidence that the owner chose 'Strada' as they wanted the restaurant as an italian street concept (I hope I got it correct!).
Play some games while waiting for your food :)
And a glass of iced lemon tea with a tinge of lemongrass..

Why am I waiting?

Patiently waiting for others to come as I was pretty punctual. :D

I personally love this shot... having the right composition/contrast - I hope (and I think)
Hot chocolate (with colorful flowery marshmallows), strawberry frappe and chocolate frappe.
The first time I tasted the chocolate, I was wondering, why didn't the chocolate tasted like nutella? Then, I tried on the chocolate frappe and had the same feeling. It didn't taste like nutella again ( I'm a great f…


Marshmallows makes me HAPPY. :) ... especially bright, colorful flowery marshmallows *from Caffe Strada Penang *

Food for life!

If it wasn't in small colorful cups, I guess it wouldn't be taken away but I would definitely take a bite of it.

Alpha or EOS?

That's so unfaithful of me... :)