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RM2 Promotion at Tutti Fruitti, Tesco Extra

All the food in the menu cost RM2.
The drinks, the main course, the desserts.... Everything's RM2 (no tax!).

But, it's only valid for orders before 11.30am.
Surprising, there weren't many patrons around, but I think the Nasi Lemak (with chicken drummet) worth the most.

I wouldn't say that the food taste extremely good, but for a place like this, I think it's worth having a simple breakfast there. At least, it's slightly cheaper than some "kopitiams".
Moreover, the owner was friendly to allow our orders till 12noon (due to some late comers).
And, this place is baby/children friendly.

Biblical Foundation Character: Orderliness

It's bridge run tomorrow and I was stuck in the training for the whole of today.
And I completed my homework in 20 mins.

I find this program very useful to both christian and non-christian group.
And, one of the statements on Joseph's character that the speaker said struck me..


What they meant for evil, God meant it for GOOD.

(Joseph was sold by the brothers and later it was meant for GOOD that he'd be the King)

QEII: Light Series Europa Party

I was greedy asking for two small little cakes at QEII, Swettenham Pier, since it's the only 'food' we ordered.
How pathetic. 4 of us sharing 2 baby cakes.
Yes, I was being a little 38.
I recycled the candle on both the chocolate and tiramisu.
And I thought very hard for the deepest wish and posed very hard.
See.. I knew I'd look constipated having my unexpected complimentary sambuca.
Aiyo.. Don't HUG me so tight.. I'm scared ok.
and my arms proved it!!
(no more sexy arms - OnlY FAT arms.. ) Live International Band.I couldn't agree that the performance was great. She had sexy moves too! (and I was busy imitating her singing and dancing upstairs)
I finished all the bottles (*yeah right*) Those are complimentaries for the patrons. On Dunhill!!

On our way back walking towards the car... Since I got a little tipsy, I was shocked to receive a complimentary bottle of wine. The four of us had it for free. I think the only person that spent a lot is *ahem*.. Thanks char-bohs...…

Kids Eat Free Everyday and I'm One of them

Yes, I'm a KID. I ate for free on that day.
Thanks friends. :)

Somewhat, TGI Friday's food aint tasty as Chillies, but i felt healthier with the Fridays' chicken breast meat. Sadly, they don't serve brownies for the RM39.90 promo.

Get a free cake today at Friday's.
Yes, it's feasting month and I definitely gained a WHOLE lots of weight. Thanks friends... and little GY.
GY was the STAR for the day (as usual).

CGL Food Fair - They Need RM165k

Surprising that they can't raise another RM165k.
Imagine, if each of the parents fork out a little, I don't think they really need that much.

Why can't the parents JUST help out?
OR why can't the school get help from some datuks or business men?
OR get from the government?
Why can't they do stuff like Walkathon?

How depressing.

Honestly, I was quite dissapointed with this 'small scale' food fair.
My RM3 Milo was like sugar water.
And the RM5 macaroni sambal tasted really ... .. erm.. erm.....

But... at least the 'mini concert' was cute. :)

Water Cooler since 1992?

The Mummy Of The Day

It was Halloween Night and we did not know where to go. Somewhat we settled for G-Spot, Gurney Hotel. The drinks didn't taste that great, but at least we got ourselves an "L" sized tshirt (From mummy wrapping contest) that we can't wear :(
I must dress up NEXT year for halloween. At least on my face. :P

A slice of lemon a day keeps the Doctor away

It's a trend in my dept that most of us have at least a slice of lemon in our water bottles.

Some have even three slices, but I have one pathetic one slice.
(Because I stinge) :P

After drinking for a few days, I really like it and will keep this trend.

Benefits of lemon: 1. Lose weight 2. Citrus - source of vitamin C 3. Reduces athsma problem 4. Reduces blood cholestrol level 5. Promotes bowel movements 6. Prevents cold and flu 7. Enhances skin complexion and many, many more

Word of the Day - Insemination

According to,

The act of sowing (of seeds in the ground or, figuratively, of germs in the body or ideas in the mind, etc.).The introduction of semen into the genitaltract of a female.insemination
deposit of seminal Fluid within the vagina, normally during coitus.
Synonym: semination.

Why this word?
I was looking at a forwarded picture of a group of men pointing something at the horse.
The title of the pic was insemination.
I was like... asking my colleague... what's that!??
Now I know, they are trying to fertilize the horse with one big load of thing.

Boiling Soup Using Microwave Oven

I never knew I could do that. I chopped lotsa onions, potatoes and carrots (add tomotoes if you want) and put everything in a bowl of water. It was 3 mins, HIGH in the microwave oven. And, somewhat, hmm.. it tasted like boiled soup. :) Such convenient way to prepare a meal, but, aint sure if it's healthy though.