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Too much of dates? Bake a Date Cake!

I'm one of those that goes to a bake shop and hardly mess around in the kitchen, this time, since my mom was baking a cake, so i thought might as well bake another one, while the oven is still hot. While fumbling around google to look for last-minute recipes, I referenced one of the recipes I found, which I thought, it's fairly simple enough to follow. I never bake a cake with flour before. The most I did was from the premix where I only added oil and eggs. I brought back some dates from work since it's the month of Ramadhan, we were given small packets of dates daily to break 'fast'. Here it is, my improvised recipe: Main Ingredients 250 g Butter 150 g Brown Sugar 3 Eggs 250 g Self rising flour 6 g Baking Powder - i made a mistake by adding the baking powder since I'm already using a self rising flour Date mixture More than 10 chopped dates 10 g Sodium Bicarbonate 150 ml Hot Milk Deco 2 tsp pink/white sugar powder(for dusting on top)