Monday, June 08, 2009

Another canton-i story?

I have never expected myself to dine at Canton-i again.
I still think it's expensive to eat a plate of Rm12.80 wantan mee in Penang, when we can get really good ones about RM2.50.

It's Rm10 difference.
And even a glass of plain water costs Rm1~.

But there was a die-hard Canton-i fan in our midst.
So, nevermind la, we dined and enjoyed the meal.
Sometimes it's OK to dine with someone who likes the meal. At least my friend would be happy dining together with us.

What matters most is friendship, not the $$ I have to fork out from my wallet.
Lucky thing CIMB/Direct access card holders is still entitled 10% discount. *muax*

I have been waiting patiently for my noodles to come by.
Someone told me the char siu mee is nice.
So, I'm giving canton-i a SECOND CHANCE.
Since they have mixed (char siu and siu yok - bbq pork and pork belly), so I might as well try all these at one go.
I think I know what they meant that the 'meat' that they liked.
I should be able to get it anytime at Hong Kong; most of the restaurants serve the kind of texture canton-i has, in fact has more lean meat than canton-i.

Probably, if they have a taste of Hong kong foods, they won't think that canton-i is the best, then again, it's the NEAREST which we can find.

My other two friends still insists on the wan tan mee, so I took a picture of that too~

Be more adventurous and try the fried turnip (to me, it's char kuey kak).
Again, we are paying RM12.80 quality instead of the roadside hawker's Rm2.50.

Difference is, the price and the 'hard work' that the chef puts in it.
At least the quality control is there.

Honestly, i dont' know if they would kill me for posting their pics.

But then again, it's nice make up and hairdo that we paid for!! (RM30 ok??~)
Who knows, canton-i may ask permission from me for these pictures.


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

You are right. Who knows ya... and you looks pretty. ^-^

meiyi said...

you mean for the ambassador?
i was just kidding ya :)

Simply Simply said...

hey i like your sentence "What matters most is friendship, not the $$ I have to fork out from my wallet" hehehehehhee......

btw, where do u think serve the best wan tan mee?

meiyi said...

i only know where serves cheap wan tan mee.. :p

that's near my house!!!!!!
island glades wan tan mee o&e coffeeshop