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Happy Birthday, Malaysia

It's our 50th Birthday, and Kwang Wah newspaper is celebrating those 31-Aug babies.. :D Let's wish for peace and love... Birthday celebration with PhotoFest at event hall...

Blackmores Lecithin

I went for body fat test and it seemed that there was some reduction in my weight and body fat. At least now, it's 26.9%. I have 2.9% to go to be in the range, 17%-24%. A little moreee... 2 more KGs to go. That gave me determination to go for jogging/work out! I was sort of persuaded to get their products, moroever, there is 20% and additional 5% discount. What the heck....

Rush Hour 3

Managed to go GSC Queensbay for Rush Hour. Looks like movies these days are not as good as then. There were just humour in the show and I couldn't see the Strong Plot/Storyline. All about finding Shy Shen.. and after finding it, no actions were taken.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

I see a real good picture quality with SLR cameras. I sure envy those who is willing to invest on good cameras. OK. I'm still using my old, faithful Olympus... :( We were at the Flee Market...... wow.. this pic can even be for Commercial use. Damn Natural. Just look at SLR effects.. Even funny poses turned out to be good and natural.. With Marche's Swiss bull: Solo One - Red And Purple = Perfect COLOR Combination I am Truly A-M-A-Z-E-D. >_< I WANNA SLR TOO!!!~!@@!!~!~


Every man must go through this degree course, just like taking your SPM. THE PASSPORT to everything. TWO YEAR DEGREE COURSE A new two-year degree is being offered at the University that many of you should be interested in: Becoming a Real Man. That’s right, in just six mini-semesters, you, too, can be a real man as well as earn an MA degree. (Male Arts) Please take a moment to look over the program outline. FIRST YEAR Autumn Schedule: MEN 101: Combating Stupidity MEN 102: You, Too, Can Do Housework MEN 103: PMS-Learn To Keep Your Mouth Shut MEN 104: We Do Not Want Sleazy Under Things for Christmas Winter Schedule: MEN 110: Wonderful Laundry Techniques MEN 111: Understanding the Female Response to Getting in at 4am MEN 112: Parenting: It Doesn’t End with Conception EAT 100: Get a Life, Learn to Cook EAT 101: Get a Life, Learn to Cook II ECON 001A: What’s Hers is Hers Spring Schedule: MEN 120: How NOT to Act like an arse when you’re Wrong MEN 121: Understanding Your Incompetence M

Some random shots...

It was a long journey as due to the Ops Bersih, there were police checks in Juru, Tapah and Gopeng area, I was being brought to the trunk road by the Konsortium/Season bus. First, I had to go thru Bkt Tengah/Bkt Minyak. I was glad that he finally turned out to the highway, somewhere perhaps Ipoh? i really dont knowwwww......... Somewhere along Ipoh... And, later I was kinda !*#&@# when he turned into Gopeng. It reminded me of the road I took to Gua Tempurung. Worst part, when I passed by Kampar, he was right infront of my ex-housemate's place... and proceeded to Tapah and BIdor...... And after a terrible 6.5 hours ride, I finally reached Pudu. Managed to take nice view of KL tower/KLCC Twin towers at the 18th floor of Crown princess. And the fountains during the day.... I've been to the gallery many years back in 2001, now it's still the same, but right now, they have art classes in the gallery itself. And.. i remembered my friend and I was stopped by the guard as we t

Sweet Memories...

Was at kLCc... and remembered these places that I decided to take shot of it

wikiHow - Handle-a-Bullying-Boss I was reading at this.. and it doesn't seem to be good advice.. I still prefer the previous post : Write it down. This is really important. When your boss says or does something inappropriate, write a memo stating that the behavior is unacceptable, distracts from work, and you want it to stop. If it happens again, copy her/his boss, or an HR manager, on your second memo to the boss. -> i doubt it works in most companies (unless the HR is really neutral) The next time you are getting ready to work on a big project , run off a few documents and attach a formal memo, with the date an your name, to one of the documents stating "This looks good to me, but I wanted to run it past you. What do you think?" and date the note. Make a quick copy and tuck it in a CYA file. If your boss does not answer the memo, write another one saying, "Since you haven't responded, I am proceeding on this project with your approval."

Black Eyes in the Dark Night

黑夜给了我黑色的眼睛,我却用它来寻找光明 - from Gu Cheng I got to know about Black Eyes when my friend introduced me a shop in Queensbay mall. She told me it's HK-based, but looks like it originated from Xiamen, China. Quote from the website: The concept behind "Blackeyes" comes from a famous Chinese poem: "Dark night endows me with black eyes, with them I seek brillance." This reflects the attitude of seeking a positive, healthy and optimistic outlook on life. Never got any bags for that, cause it's pricey and I don't see any 50% discount .:P

Just another meiyi

I was looking at the star video and came across this. Those who wanted to contact her used to mistakenly sent emails to me and I used to fwd some emails back to her. Never did I know that she is also well-known in Malaysia until I searched about her few years back. and now... I still hear news about her.


When I was younger, I only had home cooked food. I never frequent fast food chains or even kopitiams. I couldn't even know the difference between curry mee or hokkien mee. To me, it's just a different name for those "curry-based" noodles. Even KFC was a luxury for me when my mom took us for Makan. McD was a 'never'. When I was in secondary, with my little pocket $$, I went to Kopitiam on my own. I enjoyed a lot eating wan tan mee - even until now, I like the black soy sauced noodles a lot. I enjoyed Happy Meal and I nearly had happy meals every week for the toy when I graduated from Secondary school. During that time, beef burget set was RM4.50. Kinda cheap compared to the value meal sets. In uni, I get to try even more like Hartz chicken buffet, dimsum buffet and all the macam2 restaurant. My first ever Coffee bean was in Mont Kiara My first ever Dome was in Sunway Pyramid. My first ever Francisco Coffee was in Putrajaya (i think) My first ever starbucks

Full time farming

I've decided to quit my job and become a farmer. I really hated my current place now. I've just started my new job, and my new boss gave me some work to do last saturday. My boss' ratatouille: Spread the soil: Me doing my daily chores, sowing the seeds sparingly.. My sis came to buat kepo while i am at work: I learnt and now I know how to start farming... Steps to follow: 1. Weeding with hoe 2. Loosen the soil 3. Mix the soil thoroughly with Black soil (fertilizer soil) 4. Make the territory (as picture above) so that water can drain out 5. Spread the black soil on top 6. Seeding and place sticks marking where the seed is We had ladies finger, bitter gout and chillies.


Since I had nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon, I followed my bro for auction for some electrical goods. He thought it'd be a good deal getting it from a hypermarket (claimed to be the 1st in Malaysia). There are insiders who would raise up the prices and making the 'auction' get all heated up, and trying to play psychology game with potential buyers. We ended up empty handed since the pricing is not exactly super cheap. Come on.... starting price is from RM1, but it's never RM1. If you say you want to buy RM20, somebody would say RM25, if you bid for RM30, it will go higher.... so.. whats the point? After 2 hours walking around there.. :-S

When you hate your boss

Got it from : The Patronizing B_____D and The Arrogant B___H Sister and brother, this type of boss believes that intimidation, sarcasm and fear are key motivators. They seem to derive special pleasure from publicly humiliating subordinates and appear impossible to please. The Idiot Yes, he or she really is that stupid. No matter how many times you shake your head in wonder, they do continue to amaze you, don't they? Pick the absolutely dumbest strategy, and they implement it. You wonder how they survive; yet they continue to be promoted over and over again. Why? Because they don't intimidate their own boss and are perfectly content never to rock the boat. The Politician Manipulative and self-motivated to the core, this boss will tell everyone exactly what he or she thinks they want to hear. Weeks, months, years later, you realize that they have been lying all along. In fact, they are so good at selling their own version of

Skype is down

What else could I do? It was down since last night......... and.. I can't connect to MSN or Yahoo... Life is never a bed of roses. And there are people who revolve around me LOVE to tell lotsa lies. I've got to be a good lie detector.


Yummy.................... :D all habis...... all taken from Can't believe it ler.. this kinda banana split.

Shifting Office

It's my third time shifting in this company... from bldg 2 to bldg 1, level 1 and now I'm at bldg 1 level 2. We've been all by ourselves in a room to ourselves.. And now, we are sharing a bigger office area with other planners, IT and HR. Hm.. no more privacy and I have to be quiet

Exercise is GOOD

It was a celebration week at church. I remembered the statement made by Pastor that many people were too busy on a Sunday mornings for GOLF and the hokkien zone pastor interpreted that to "played golf and go for hiking". Pastor Isaac was looking at him with that why-did-you-added-some-stuff-as-u-interpret look. He replied him that old people usually go for hiking (pek sua in hokkien). Haha. I had a choice, either to swim or hike. So, I told my friend, let's hike instead. We went to our usual no. 5 Kopi-O with Roti-Tiao by the mountains. Kinda nice but sadly, it drizzled. And.. the road to Terabithia (oops.. Road to no. 5) reaching out for Jalur Gemilang..... NEgaraKu. Yay.. we are at no. 5. - as shown on the flag.... Went to no. 3 for a plate of char mi-hun. It's like The Peak in Hongkong. Highclass only. Nice scenic view of Penang as we dine on the table. My turn to eat... :P Then fashion show at PAdino Concept shop fitting room. :D GEmuk-nya Aku... Wah. .so greedy..

Phone book Phone Numbers

What happens if there is an unfamiliar number called or SMS you on your cell? As for me, I'd usually either SMS or call back if I've missed lost their numbers.... and from then onwards, I will keep the number. It happens. While mass SMS (with the hotlink promo), I managed to SMS to all my 012 friends just to say hi. :) Some replied with another SMS, but there is one who lost my number and asked about my well being. How about those who lost my number, over and over again? I gave liao, he didn't add my number ,I gave again, he didn't add, I gave another time, yet didn't add.. I give up... what's the point right? There are times I do house keepings on my phone book. I delete those whom I dont' keep in touch anymore. That's the wise thing mah. So I believe, that person has no heart to keep in touch with me anymore. :(

Konsert Utama

I never knew that it was a concert specially performed from PSO for our Penang's Governor's 69th Birthday. Wow... it's been a long time since I sang my National and State Song (with LIVE orchestra). I sang it aloud and my mom nudged me to stop singing. :( I was quite priviledged having seated right behind our Yang Di Pertua since we had the VIP invitation from Woon Wen Kin. A-H-A... i remembered the lyrics... :P Negaraku, Tanah tumpahNya DarahKu Rakyat Hidup, Bersatu dan Maju, Rahmat Bahgia, Tuhan Kurniakan, Raja Kita, Selamat Bertakhta.. And then.. Selamat, Tuhan Kurniakan, Selamat, Pulau Pinang NegeriKu yang Cinta, Kutaat dan setia, Aman dan bahagia. Majulah, Jayalah, NegeriKu yang Kucinta Bersatu dan bersama Untuk Negeri Kita Not too sure about the negeriku yang kucinta.. how come repeated geh?

Sally Yeh LIVE in Penang

I'm quite impressed with SP Setia. They were rich enough to invite Sally Yeh for a free concert to promote their latest housing development at Setia Pearl, Penang, Setia Alam, Shah ALam and Johore for three nights. With my lousy low-end Olympus camera, I was able to snap pics of the stage with Sally Performing... And the radio DJs.. forgot their names.. (tak meng?) And short display of fireworks... It's been a long time since I've done this. I remembered, more than 10 years ago, I followed my friends for Huang An, and for red crescent duty, I had the priviledge to stand near the stage for Ekin Cheng and Julian Cheung ChiLam. Cheung Chilam was someone whom I remembered until now. EVen as I watch his movies now, I'd proudly tell my family members that I've once shook his hands as I stopped the lift for him. I also remembered anothere local female singer (i don't remember her name), she needed to go to the loo so much that I suggested her to go to the GENTS. I

Better Together - Celebration Week

I hope to be able to attend church's Celebration for 40DOC. Personally, I felt very enthusiastic about the whole campaign since 40DOP indeed blessed me and changed my walk with God. The last week was about GIVING to God. How much could we GIVE? Can we avail ourselves at anytime so that whenever God calls upon us, we can respond to him immediately? Would I wait when he calls me to serve him? Why am I still letting him to wait for me? The chorus really speaks about offering our life ENTIRELY for God: All that I am, all that I have, I lay them down before You, O Lord. All my regrets, all my acclaim, The joy and the pain, I'm making them Yours. Lord, I offer my life to You. Everything I've been through, use it for Your Glory. Lord, I offer my days to You, Lifting my praise to You, as a pleasing sacrifice Lord, I offer You my life. Things in the past, things yet unseen, Wishes and dreams that are yet to come true, All of my hopes, all of my plans, My


I don't have the CD and cant' find from except this one: You dance over me while I am unaware You sing all around but I never hear the sound Lord I'm amazed by You [x3] How You love me You paint the morning sky with miracles in mind My hope will always stand for You hold me in Your hand How deep how wide how great is Your love for me I find that the song is so real that God is always by my side that I'm not aware. And now that I'm carrying the hope that He would take me to heaven soon.

Food to try..

I have heard about psyllium husk earlier but yet to try. Since I've a friend who had problems passing stools in the morning, we recommended him to try pysllium husk after failed to try many possible methods. Finally, the last remedy suits him best! I was offered 1.5 tea spoons of pysllium husk with prune juice. I poured quarter of the portioning to my friend and had the rest as I'm afraid that I'd be on MC the day. The next morning, everything was perfectly normal. But, the effects only took place after 12 hours! I felt something wrong... and I went to check it out... :D Some facts: 1) The husk is actually the seed covering of Plantago plant 2) Source of water soluble fiber (just like oats and grains but the content is much higher) 3) It can't be dissolved in water but it will swell up 10 times from its original size thus, it would soften our stool 4) Acts like a sponge cleaning our system (intestines and colon) 5) Indigestable - comes out fat2 and soft2 stool 6) Lo

Matchmaking Service

In my dept, all the women are either married or attached with a steady Boyfriend. And, I'm stucked, not being able to INTROduce a DECENT man as my life partner to people. Even though I tried falling in love, the relationships ended up in MISERY. How PATHETIC my life would be. So, if you see people who are still single, it's not because they want to be single. They tried and failed terribly. Though I fell down deeply, I stood up and started to walk again. And, funniest part is, my boss is so sweet to introduce a young, handsome engineer she met. LOLz. Now, it's my story of Matchmaking, not my friend's anymore from the previous post . I was not being introduced yet, but I do wish that she would not pursue asking me out for lunch with him. It's going to be really awkard. She sent me some pics of him and from the outlook, he's decent laaa................................ but....... I don't quite the idea, and I still think God would be the best matchmaker. :P

Credit card SCAM

jUST got a phone call from a lady claiming that she's calling from Vector of Visa/Mastercard (i don't know what the heck is that). She claimed that my number was selected for dono what., but i believe I was unlucky to be chosen to be in the scam. She asked me a question, "Do you use credit card?" I said, "No." She thanked me and that was the end of my conversation. I remembered 2 years ago, I nearly got scamed, they asked me for the expiry of my CC!!! *phew* Nothing happened after that. Next time, I tell them. I got no $$. I got no Card. I got a lousy life. Come and Get it if you want.

Being Blocked in IMs

Very often, we will block or send to ignore list to those strangers who has very weird chat ids, either for advertisement and for funchats. What happens when you are blocking a friend? Or when you are being blocked by a person? I did blocked people before, that is, if only they are chatting nonsense (if you know what i mean) and has no internet ettiquette. How do I react to those who blocked me? I've got no choice but LIVE with it. It's up to them if they treasure me as their friends or not. (obviously they don't). Or either they are just being so siu-hei and not being a sport. What if the whole world blocks me!? No worries. I've still have a God who protects and comforts me.

Gelato Ice Cream

It's been a while since the Lecka Lecka came to town and I've yet to try until last weekend. We walked in being the first customers and the business is always slow everyday. I'm not too sure about during the night since this is a bar & restaurant, not an ice cream kiosk. They have liquor and bartender at the counter. My first Lecka Lecka experience was in 2004 back in 1U. I didn't had lunch and was hungry and I think I grabbed tiramisu or that sort of brand in a small plastic cup. I saw this promotion at the banner, RM9.90+ set lunch so I wanted to try so badly hoping that they would have some creativity in their cooking and presentation. The fish & chip was reasonably standard, chicken chop was humongous, and the jumbo sausage was cut into small pieces. We gave our suggestions to the chef not to chop his sausage but to present it as it is. The dessert was little cups of Lecka Lecka Oreo and Cafe. We wanted to try more, so we took flavours of chocolate, caribbe

My life... My world...

Blogging is now part of my life... I found my life in Blogging.. I'd find time to blog... to express what's in me... At least, life is less empty now... even after many failures in life. My july posts were 46 Last week sermon about how would we express our LOVE for God. It's quite true and natural that we'd do these things if we love someone: 1. To sing to GOD (worship) 2. To talk to him (by prayer) 3. T0 listen to him (quiet time and reading his word) 4. To do things for him (Serving) 5. To tell people about him (Evangelism) (when we are in love with someone, we would like others to know about first love ... isn't that true)


Started using this Shower Gel that I bought from M&S three months ago in Singapore. Now I realised that I prefer bottled shower gels than tubes as it gives better control on how much I would like to use. This is like.. kinda difficult.... Hm. I think I still opt for Johnson & Johnson or Palmolive. :)


It was held in Hanchiang school hall and there were over 100 of tables. Got lotsa food samples all in the goodie bags. Some tah pau-ed food from the dinner.. long time no see this.. if this person were to see this, he's going to KILL me.. :( I'm sorry sir, I was just trying tell people that this dinner is very WORTH it! (though the food caterer (from lunas) totally suck). Apologies in advance. And when I opened up the INDOCAFE bag, this is what I get:

Public Pool

I do not stay in a condominium or apartment where they have facilities like gymansium or swimming pool. My friend wanted to pick up swimming so much that she asked me to go swimming together. I was supposed to TEACH her!! I never even gone thru proper swimming lessons before. Moreover, I only know one style - breast stroke - and that's about it. I cant front crawl, butterfly, backstroke or even water threadding. Anyway, I'm proud myself that I was able to teach her to FLOAT and do kicking (froggie and motorboat style)... She could move! We were at Permata Complex. The place is kinda dirty with lotsa teenagers and "mah-lat-lou". However, I think there is less crowd if I were to compare to PISA. At the same time, I see family bringing their children for a swim. Swimming lessons are cheap there. RM140 for 10 lessons. I see many children learning from the father-and-son instructors. I think I want to learn from my f

I finally found it!

Got MWalker's website finally.. Let's settle for LIBRA 2 B318C .! Can read more about the firmware..

Hotlink Super Savers

I was sort of FOOLED by my sis early in the morning at work to BUY 400 SMSes for RM2, not knowing that it will only last till 7pm. I Hate it!! The max i sent was 100+ SMSes And I screwed it all up with the mass receipients. Gee. . Everybody hated me.

Friendster ERROR

Something wrong with their "minutes" as it seems like it has been converted into years!

Still Tesco

I think I will go to tesco store tonight to check out M Walker Argon BL336. It's still the cheapest..

My Candy

Price in PC fair was kinda reasonable. RM139 (1G) and RM169 (2G) but the only setback was.. it's only 3 hours playback time.

Half truths about emails

Since emailing has been free and made convenient to most, there are just some people who could conveniently use the service to spread unncessary scare or rumour about it. We receive tonnes of scams, advertisements and hoax daily in our mailboxes and that includes senders who are our friends who seem to be ignorant. We've got the classic AIDS eating pineapple, and for today, i receive the scare about disposable chopsticks that are has some chemical (sulfure, CO2 and hydorgen peroxide) which is not safe for consumption. Did a surf about it.. Some people may have allergy reactions.. Seems like, it should be ok.. to consume, unless we are environmental friendly, then avoid DISPOSABLES.. but we shouldn't spread untruthful things to the public.

PC Fair

PC fair is comingggggggg....... So tempted to get Mwalker MP4... Gonna checkout Harvey Norman and Tesco too!

Sweetie Pie

you’re my honeybunch, sugarplum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin, you’re my sweetie pie you’re my cuppycake, gumdrop, snoogums-boogums, you’re the apple of my eye and i love you so and i want you to know, that i’ll always be right here. and i love to sing sweet songs to you, because you are so dear

Better Together - Week 5

I'm kinda lag behind in the readings, but I do hope to catch back tonight, since I've got no activities going. :) I had the opportunity to serve (again) in Jr CIDs for last week and indeed that program blessed me in some way (improve my way of teaching and learning to put what we've learnt into practice) Few things that struck me: 1. Shearwel Ooi Ying Ying came to the children's church when she was 2+. I do hope that she knew Jesus that Jesus will take her to heaven 2. The feeding of 5000 men. The story has been repeatedly told, it was just told 2 weeks ago in metro tablenacle . This time, it's about us serving God. If we do not serve, the 5 loaves and 2 fishes would not been multiplied. It was the disciples that distributed the food. Best of all, there were 12 baskets full of leftovers. 3. Helping one another in every small little ways.. like some kids testified that they help their dads to wash the cars 4. Memory verse: By helping each other, you obey christ. Ga