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Learning the right Pronounciation

I always think L'occitane was somewhat a cool product. At least I got it free after her business travel from Eva Air.

After checking the net, seems like it should b loxitan.
More interesting facts about other words:

Havaianas = Ah-vye-ah-nahs (vye as in bye)
Hermes = air-maze
Lancome = Lon-com

My blog address remains!

I thought about it again.
I think I would not change my blog address.
Why should I?
My nick is pretty unique and it's the ONE and ONLY in the world.
My good old Powerpuff nick seem to be too common and i finally found my very own nick.
I shall maintain it!

I have got nothing to hide.
I've got the grace of God to cover me.
I've asked God for help when being bullied and God has been by my side.
Now that I'm still a jovial person.

Free SMS and Free calls

Internet has indeed revolved so much and i can still recall how it was like during those times..

1995 - My classmates were into irc and icq and surfing the net and even for SPM questions! And, I was still totally blur, though I had a taste of irc in one of my friend's place.

1997 - I left home for Univ. It was so crazy to be emailing in between lectures. We all rushed to our Sun workstation (learnt a few unix commands) and used pine to access our uni emails. Next, was telnet, finger among one another (especially for those buayas). Aww.. i Darn missed those times, being buaya-ed most of the time. And, I was always rushing to the Computer Lab after dinner for further irc and icq!! I still remembered my first internet friend showed me some animated cards from bluemountain and I was so amazed. I didn't even know what HTML was back then!

My home had our very own 36.6kbps modem and I was sooo overjoyed that I could continue IRC-ing all day night

1999 - I moved on meeting net friends. R…

My blog address has been changed

Sometimes i wonder if it's alright to have a unique ID, so that I'd remain special in the internet. but i think again, it is bad!! People would be able to trace me from the internet, read my blogs, do something to me, stalk me, flood me, harrass me, dig my info. It can be anything!

Internet can be so good and so bad at times....... What shall i do now? Should i continue to post my blogs??? I have already changed my id... set my friendster profile to private. what's next?

But when i looked back, i used to be proud with my own identification. hmm...