Thursday, June 25, 2009

2nd visit of Black Canyon Coffee

I like coffee - especially if the syrup really taste like coffee - as rich as ice cream.
It's my 2nd visit to Black Canyon cofee and it's been half a year since my first visit!
I decided to bring my sis there since I've bragged so much how good the coffee was then.
And, at least, I could still see crowd dining here, I bet the food is still good.

I think it was mocha that my sis ordered - honestly i dont remember.
I was on a budget and decided to skip luxury drinks.

My sis spaghetti - not so great.

The tomyam fussili I had that came with refreshing watermelon juice (RM9.90)
It's really nice tomyam but I think I can't take spicy food as before. But for tomyam lovers, I strongly advice them to try.
It took me quite long to complete and I had this complete pain on my throat craving for McD ice cream after that.

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crazyyakuzaishi said...

yes i do agree that the tom yum is pretty good.. :)