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An Afternoon @ De Santia, Penang

It was a HOT afternoon.
I followed my friend to try out wedding gowns for her pre-wedding photo shooting.
Yes, we tried more than 20 gowns and the whole process took us 2 hours.

Indeed, ever since the bridal studio moved its premise from a small shop lot, their business has improved a lot.
Area is really pretty spacious.

And this is a designer gown.
I secretly took a couple's photo shooting. :)

Siam Express, Queensbay

It's a place where I usually don't go since I find that the menu is over-priced.
The last time I visited the place was 1.5 years ago, and it was at Gurney Plaza.

We ordered ala-carte that cost us about Rm12.90/Rm13.90 per meal.
I ordered Phaad Thai Noodles.
Find it TOO OILY and little spicey with lots of chilly seeds spread all over.
Bonus was, there were quite a generous servings of ingredients inside (seafood and veg)

Some minced meat with Egg and Veg served with rice
(sorry, forgot the name - help me wei wenn!)

Classic Tomyam Bihun.
Still OK, so-so only!!!!
NO drinks.
Only miserable RO drinks from plastic disposable cups.
No dessert as ONE dessert cost RM5.90.I rather go for Cherry Blossom, Sg Ara. The place was too YELLOW-ish that I failed to take a good pic from my OLD long serving olympus camedia c310. :(
There were lots of nice little statues.
Was too busy talking that I forgot to take pics of them!

Another Macaroni Story

Since I had the remainings of the extra macaronies that I boiled, I tried something funny, mixing butter, salt, cheese and frozen corn as my lunch meal.

I still think it's good.
Gonna start a new packet of pasta this week!

Of dreams and visions?

There are many investors starting buying companies who are not making money and start to revamp the whole business.

My company is actually running at a loss since Day 1.
Honestly, I hate how management run the business, especially the site locally.
And, last night, I actually dreamt about my company being bought over, moreover, with today's staff meeting, I heard a lot of retrechment news.

I surfed an ex colleague (SP's) blog.
I dreamt of his wife COOKING for us.
I remembered the dish had 2 small pieces of meat.

Have you wonder what Glutes are?

(Picture from google image - sorry, I dont' remember the source)
There are always squats during gym session and my friend loved to work out on her lower back. Glutes (or Gluteus maximus) are butt muscles - to achieve that, we need to have the two dimples at the butt there! (=^=) Until now, i fail to get the two dimples. Some say it's natural (we can't work out to get that), just like the dimples on our face!

Potatoes and Macaroni

Inspired by the Dreamer, I thought of making myself lunch for tomorrow since I had been having cafeteria food for the past two days.

And, since the INCREASE of petrol price, I decided not to DRIVE out for FOOD.
Found some ideas from Recipes lovetoknow, not too sure if the mayo in my fridge still works (Ok - It's EXPIRED), i decided to give it a shot and I hope my combination is not weird.
1. Loads of Potatoes 2. Loads of Macaroni 3. Some sliced Carrots 4. One red onion
I mixed all that and let it cool down and tomorrow morning, I would boil an egg and mix everything with some salt, pepper, a slice of cheese (lolz) and a bit of mayonaise.
It's yucky.
It's gross.
And my sister THINKS the same way too!!! (Geee.. she's so mean!!)
T_TAnd the left over macaroni that I boiled.
probably I'll eat it for Dinner with my Primavera sauce.

More Petrol Stories in Malaysia?

First, we couldn't collect points pumping petrol.
Secondly, our government INCREASED petrol price without prior notice.
And now, what's next??
We are NOT allowed to use Credit card to pay our Petrol!?

Read this from the star.

What's the point of using a rebate card?
It's pointless even if we have 2% or 5% rebate now.
And i just started using rebate card (yes, true, I had 2% rebate - RM4.50 last month)

My car is dry. I got no $$. I got no cash.
I only have plastic cards.
If it's just RM10 in my wallet, I got to use it to feed my car.

And just now, I went to the most happening Petronas, Green Lane station in Penang.
(well, seems like Shell works with Credit card)
I was ASKED to use CASH!!
Government. Please help us, the poor rakyat!
Petronas is making so much profit yet wanna save that 1% service charge?

I got no choice but pumped a small amount of RM40. It was not even two …

Could it be just coincidence?

Today, I woke up at 5.40am.
I scrambled looking for my cell phone in panic.
I couldn't find it anywhere on the cupboard.
Panic grew and quickly I turned on the lights of the room, and my findings failed me.
I went to the living hall, and alas, I found my cell sitting on the sofa.

I find this behaviour really strange.
Could it be my 6th sense telling my brain? I find that my 6th sense is so strong, or would that be of God?
My 6th sense was actually telling my body to WAKE UP!
"YOU can't be late for work!"

After that, I lay my phone beside my head, waiting for the alarm.

Have I done something wrong?

Since Feb, I have been giving out free English lessons to the foreigners.
Initially, I was a little nervous about it, since I have no idea how would it be like teaching people who can't speak the same language as I do.
Imagine chicken-and-duck-talking.

Somewhere along the line, the classes went on great and I received good feedback from the person in charge.
However, there was a missing student.
One day, she was frustrated and threw her temper.
I was more than SHOCKED.
What happened?
Have I been too persistent in correcting her pronounciation?
Was she feeling pissed with the accuracy I demanded from her? Or she was feeling a little insecure and esteemed about herself?
I felt for her.
She's married, yet away from her family who is far away.

From then, I knew teaching is not about delivering facts, but it's about opening our hearts to the students. I wish they could see the willingless of me teaching them.
I learnt that the more we teach (bless), the more we would be blessed.

Since two we…

Would Narnia look like Heaven?

As soon as I watched Narnia (first) in the cinema, I totally fell in love with the movie.
I've never seen such beautiful movie before.
The scene where Lucy looked so AMAZED after she accidentally found the secret kingdom of Narnia behind the wardrobe, I felt as if I was like her, it was so real.

She looked up and down,
She looked back and forth,
and she looked EVERYWHERE..

And then, it was an experience with an equivalent movie, Bridge to Terabithia, whereby towards the end, when trees started to move and sing...

.. that I began to dream about such FANTASY...
.. that I could imagine myself in such SITUATION..
.. that I felt myself being in a never, never land... . probably, heaven.. :)

Perhaps, heaven looked like that.... where there is true AMAZEMENT...
well spoken by Felix in his blog.

What's the Difference between 'Net' and "Nett"

Since it's part of my group's job to publish daily billings report to the management, our Director (from US) pinpointed that we should fix the spelling of 'nett billings' to 'net billings'.
My colleauge was looking at google, trying to understand the 'right' spelling to be used.

I finally checked it from Wikipedia, and found that 'nett' is BRITISH and 'net' is AMERICAN.
No wonder he's offended to fix it to 'net'!
C'mon. I'm in an american MNC, I should be more sensitive towards this.

Anything? Whatever?

Inspired by Timothy Tiah, my sis got herself a taste of 'WHATEVER'.
She got an apple-flavoured Justea.

Feel like drinking anything now.... :(

Still not convinced, watch youtube:

Bus Fare for Rm1.70

It was the weirdest dream that I dreamt of myself getting up the bus digging for syillings to pay for the bus fare as I walked up the bus.

It was an old friend (used to be in RC) that I dreamt about, being as thin as ever

meimeizoe on Penangbloggers

I was bored and found a new way to spend my free time -> surfing blogs at PenangBloggers! Can you see my previous post up there!?
15 years ago, it was irc... 10 years ago, it was and all sorts of dating sites to make new friends. Then, friendster/facebook come by... And now, I think it's the blogger's community!!
I wonder if it's 'rude' to keep reading stranger's blog. :D But I think, if it's on any info I wanna know, notbad right?

Facebook craze

I have been playing petrolhead for many, many months and finally i Beat my bro... leading at 2,413,400 points. :D

Friday's Affair

It's been since half a year I last visited TGI Fridays.
I missed the Mud Pie SOOOO much!!!
Since it's an all-paid-dinner, many ordered their favourite dishes.

Appetizer - shrimp martini
- it's good with few shrimps and lotsa tomato and veg and very sweet and sourish.

Drinks - Orange and whatever tropical taste (mixture of orange/pineapple/lemon)
Appetizer - Fried chicken - i'm suprised that that is sour too!
I love this coz it's chicken breasts!

West Fish - SOUR-ish too!
Find it rather healthy! - no carbs!
Whatever this platter is -> potato, fried shrimps and JD chicken
The blurred CHARGRILLED Lamb - but it's the BEST!
Friday's chicken - the burger is really GOOD - with chicken breast, beef bacon??
But the fries were OVERLY -FRIED... :(:(:(

- medium rare stuff -> good!
And a cute smart for 2 outside

Oh no... not again!?
They are going to start singing and get a free chocolate malt cake?
Miss TGI Fridays.
She said "If you sing, i give you a free cake ok?&quo…

Happy Feet Fish Spa, New World Park

Ever induldge ourselves in a pool of Garra Fishes at a Fish Spa?
I was quite skeptical about the concept and did some read ups about it.
Most ppl claimed that their skin felt smoother than before, well i felt that it's not due to the fishes nibbling but it was just the warm water that we've soaked ourselves at for at least 30 mins.
SEems like this is not the first Fish Spa in Penang (opened in New world park recently).
Promo rate was Rm18/30 mins and I decided to give it a try.

I mean the best way to evaluate something to try it ourselves

The place was rather small, i was squeezed into a small baby pool with lots of people.
Since it's still under promo, that explains the crowd.

(must really thank one of the customers who volunteered to help us to take a pic)
For the first 15 mins, I wasted my time struggling with the tickling sensation and could not possibly enjoy the fishes nibbling me.I saw some other reviews at other Spas, and they have a full body pool, which i think it'…

Tutti Fruitti

Tutti Fruitti has moved from BJ to Tesco Extra, Sg Dua.
If we are looking for healthy and yummy food, cozy environment, free parking, then you can really consider this place.
Most of the set menus range about RM20 (quite costly).
But, seems like, from 9.3oam-12pm, they have promos that cost RM2 for the selected food on the menu.

Grape/Apple smoothie drink - NOT BAD!! NOT SWEET and nicely blended
And mushroom SOup - tasted like the ones from the powder packet and it's too water-ish

KiWi smoothie drink and Orange
Baked potato with chicken & cheese - I like this one.. very hot and yummy
Drunken chicken - i don like it.. small portioning and for ala carte, it cost Rm9.90!
Nasi lemak - Rm7.50
Birthday cake we got from the nextdoor store.
Happy Birthday, Su-yin!

Su-yin Shiok sendiri.. take pic of herself using her timer.
Yummy lychee cake - cream is fresh - sponge cake is soft and not too sweet!
Dessert drink that melted - mango dessert and kiwi

Who is God?

-- Author Unknown --

-- i got the forwarded email --

It was written by an 8-year-old named Danny Dutton, who lives in Chula Vista, CA. He wrote it for his third grade homework assignment, to 'explain God.' I wonder if any of us could have done as well?

[ .... and he had such an assignment, in California, and someone published it, I guess miracles do happen ! ... ]

'One of God's main jobs is making people. He makes them to replace the ones that die, so there will be enough people to take care of things on earth. He doesn't make grownups, just babies. I think because they are smaller and easier to make. That way he doesn't have to take up his valuable time teaching them to talk and walk. He can just leave that to mothers and fathers.'

'God's second most important job is listening to prayers. An awful lot of this goes on, since some people, like preachers and things, pray at times beside bedtime. God doesn't have time to listen to the…

Home "gym"

Since signing up in a good gym is expensive, and staying back in the company gym does not allow me to car pool, i decided to get myself a pair of 2.5kg dumbbells from tesco.
It's only Rm16.90.
And for 1.5kgs, it's even CHEAPER!! RM11.90..

I haven't tried it out yet and it sure helps a lot for me for now.