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Church Visiting: FGA Surrey Hills, Melbourne

It's FGA Surrey Hills.

Since my friend was on duty for the children's church, I was at church very early. In fact, I was wondering around the neighbourhood before stepping into the sanctuary.

I think before the service, the pastor did approached us. I thought it was something sweet and nice that every pastors should greet their first time visitors to show their hospitality.

It's the same like hosting your guests at home. Guests would feel much more welcomed if you host them rather than getting your maid or other appointed hosts to do the job.

And, I think the pianist was really talented. I adore men who could play the keyboard.

Shark Fin Group at Chinatown, Melbourne CBD

It was one of my last few days in Melbourne and my friend asked if there is anywhere else that I would like to go. I thought about it, since we are chinese, why not visit the Chinatown and dine in one of their famous typical chinese restaurant for a good dimsum breakfast.
We landed at Shark Fin Group.   Since it's a typical chinese restaurant, people like to be there early to queue up. Some even called up for reservations. There was a chinese lady trying to cut queue and was harshly stopped by an angmoh.

Angmoh Man: Hey, the queue is there.
Chinese Lady: We've made reservations
Angmoh Man: So did I!

Well did he made reservations? We don't know. I didn't.
The queue was fast moving and very soon, we were seated upstairs.

 While waiting for our turns to be seated :)  Chicken feet, which most people find it gross.  We were seated by the window. Had a good view.  Some prawn dumplings  perhaps these were sui kows..  My all-time favourite. Char Siu Pau. BBQ Pork Bun.  Egg tarts  Some…

Ballarat: Sovereign Hill: The Gold Rush

Since I've never visited any gold mines, so I thought it would be good to visit the Sovereign Hill at Ballarat. Again, I never did much research about it, and did not want to pay AUD80-AUD100 to the local tours. Even the chinatown local tour charged pretty high on it.
I was wondering. If we were just going there for the gold mine tour, it should not be expensive, unless I'm visiting the wildlife park. Perhaps, I should get a package to the wildlife park instead. I love patting and feeding the wallabies.
So, I ended up deciding to take the V-line train to Ballarat from the Southern Cross Station. It has so much to offer with just a return fare of $20.80. More info can be found at the link. Thus, the total cost would be ~$58. It's not a lot of savings, but it's better than nothing.
The trains were punctual. And same goes to the gold rush ride to the Sovereign Hill. A busy morning on a normal weekday
Grab a coffee at the Southern Cross Station
 On our way to Ballarat.

 The e…

Cake Shops in St Kilda

Aside from the Sunday Flea Market, St. Kilda is well known for its cake shops along Acland Road. I thought I might as well give it a try.
 Trams to St. Kilda Simply irresistible. There were just too many cake shops along Acland Road at St Kilda

 The Acland Cake Shop

 Two cakes are just enough for the both of us.

 Close up - I can't remember what cake it was. I think I randomly picked the cake.
 It was so cold out there that I deserved to have some cakes to keep myself warm and fresh. I find that their way of 'baking' is slightly different from the Malaysian way. Perhaps the ingredients are different (cheese and milk itself is already different).

Facebook Spams! No Sims 2 or Counterstrike 2010

It's Sunday and I had itchy fingers and started clicking on other ppl's latest updates. Darn! I got spammed after trying to view the apps. I got a shock that i was posting almost 20 posts!! I quickly deleted them but these are still stucked in my news feed.!! Guess I got to learn to open my eyes bigger when clicking on the links.
It was obvious that it was pointing to some random link.

Penguins at St Kilda

It has been more than one month since I have blogged about Melbourne, and I'm not done with all of the posts yet. And with a good rested weekend, I am determined to continue to blog about it. It's just too much to talk about (and of course to share to others).
It's strange that many didn't know that there are penguins to see at St Kilda. I got to know about it from a Taiwanese (on working holiday) on our way back from the Great Ocean Road. I have always enjoy talking to people in a coach (since my sis was sleeping then).
I was actually contemplating to go to Philip Island as it was quite expensive (~AUD100). Thus, I opted for St Kilda instead. Although it was not as good as the Philip Islands, but watching the phenomena of the penguins running into the rocks was just phenomenal!

As I walked along the platforms, I see signboards to the St Kilda Breakwater.
 Waited at the bath house before sunsets.

No Flash Photography.

Despite having many signboards educating visitors not t…

From Sand to Silicon

I am always amazed how semiconductor companies would survive developing more advanced technology each time in a competitive market.

I stumbled upon this blog on How a CPU is being built.
Literally from sand.

The raw material is cheap.
Yet, they charge several hundreds per unit.
At the same time, the R&D and manufacturing cost is high. How would they be able to juggle that?

Team Building Session

I was at an orientation and each of the team was supposed to do an exercise and here it goes:

Objective: To balance an even number of nails on the head of one nail
Found this video on youtube and I'm amazed with how science works.

Adobe RGB vs sRGB

I was at the Photo Marathon that my friend introduced me to use Adobe RGB instead of sRGB. Since i'm not into printing photos, it's really hard to see the difference. Based on some read ups, Adobe RGB covers a bigger spectrum /gamut of colors, where cyan and green looks better. However, it seemed like most browsers do not support it.

One funny thing, I was stunned seeing that the pictures downloaded had a different prefix.
It was _MG instead of IMG.

Now that it explains.
_MG was taken using Adobe RGB.
IMG was taking using sRGB.

Portrait Photo Shooting

I have not really been to a real model shooting event, but it's definitely a lot of 'thinking'. Few things I learnt from the outing:
1. Don't waste the shutter count - For such case, the person is 'ok' to wait for me to compose before hitting the 'fire' button (unlike events) . 2. Ensure that the model is at a comfortable posture before snapping, and helping her to see if there corrections is required 3. Adjust our settings before asking the model to pose 4. Getting the right theme based on the model's outfit 5. 50mm on a ff is cool, but for a 1000D body like mine, headache, especially if I have to move backwards in the middle of a street.
I think there are more things that I learnt which I have already forgotten.

Canon PhotoMarathon 2010 at Penang!

I'm so excited being a Canon user to participate for their 4th photo marathon. And, the best part was, it was it held in Penang! It does a lot of promoting on Penang as a heritage site, moreover, we have a lot of history to speak for Penang.

 Tall people standing infront of me. They don't see me and ocassionally, they would step on me without realising that there is an object infront of them.

Honestl, I'm impressed how organized the event turned out to be. They have printed ample of indemnity forms for us to fill up and had many helpers ready to assist us. Registration was quick and fast, that I didn't remember HAVING the free towel with me :(

My photo walk began with a heavy rain. Got to wait and wait. And here are some random pics..

 Pinang Peranakan Mansion - It's only Rm10 per admission (Church Street) I tried to capture the sun ,but didn't know how. I guess i got to practice and read more.
 Penang is always with an old man riding a trishaw, with cigarette. :)