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Hardwicke House BBQ & Buffet Restaurant - Opening Promotion

It's pretty cheap for a lunch buffet, morever, with the BUY 4 and GET 1 free promotion :)

My Eagerness Kills my Enthusiasm

I was all geared up and rushed all the way from town (church) to Bayan baru (Sunshine Square).

I calculated my last donated date - 5 July, 84 days (12 x 7 weeks) and it was already closed to 90 days (6 days earlier).
But, sadly, the doctor/medical personnel calculated it differently. They took today's date, 27 Sept to 5 Oct.
Thus, it'd ended up be 3 + 5 days.

Reason for doctor's rejecting my blood:
1. She will reject whatever which is 1 week earlier (but it was 6 days only - dont' u know maths, MISS DOCTOR)
2. I'm a woman donor
3. Protecting the donor (protect what?)
4. I will faint and get dizzy for the next few days
(despite I donated more than 10 times.....)

I'm pretty discouraged.
And, hospitals -> stop asking us to donate. I tried to donate, but the doctor didn't want my blood despite it was just 1 week earlier :(
I think I'd only donate blood in a yearly basis.
I'm dissapointed with the reasons given with no strong basis.

But someone once told me that u…

Georgetown (City) Bayview Hotel - Tea time promotion 9.90

It was one of those RM9.90++ tea time promotion in Georgetown Bayview (formerly known as City Bayview). We needed a place for reunion thus I suggested this place :)

When it comes to buffet, I usually do not decorate my plate, and my plate/meal would end up having a platter of food that comprises of sweet and savoury ones.

They had some pasembur, nyonya kuihs, sandwiches, cakes and jellies.
As always, the carbs (fried noodles/rice and this time, they had hokkien mee) are usually out of my list.

I purposefully took the photo of the guy grabbing the fork as he didn't keep any cakes for me :(
Anyway, there are always refill thus a RM11.40 tea time is really not too bad.

However, the place is always packed with senior citizens and teenages, thus, to avoid dissapointment, we need to book in advance.

Lastly, rojak was the best! At least the chilli shrimp paste is thick and tasty..

Cuties @ Children's Protection Society Penang

It was before the Raya Holidays and I was assigned together with another colleague to send some provisions to the Children's Protection Society Penang.

I contacted Suria, one of the coordinators for the home that I'd be dropping by and one thing for sure, all of them who worked in the centre are friendly staff.

It was TV time.
As soon as I arrived the home, I was truly amazed. one by one, the children obediently carried in the groceries we brought. Since it's work-related that I need to 'proof' to the other colleagues that I did not take home the provisions, I asked the care taker to gather the children for a group picture.

And.. yeah.. they are funny.
I couldn't understand the reason boys whom like to look 'funny' in pictures.
What's with the 'fingers-shooting' pose?

I asked this chinese boy to pose again.
Why is he so shy now?

Probably he's thinking, would he be thinking that he would be featured in one of those magazine or newsletter? Anyway, …

Tootsie Candies

It's overdosage of tootsies and starburst and life savers and skittles! Got all these from someone at work. I wish to have my life as sweet as these candies :) *grins*

Making full use of my free Haagen Dazs voucher

I had a few of those 2 scoops Haagen-Dazs vouchers from Bosch and Lomb (Renu) and expiry is 31 Dec 2009.

Just the other day, instead of having a dinner, I got myself belgian chocolate chip and cherry (tasted like black forrest).

QEII Hottest Hunk 2009

It's been more than a year since QE2 launched the Miss Behave night on every fridays.
Ladies would get to have free flow of drinks from 8.30pm-10.30pm.

They usually have a coctail based on the theme for the night.
IT was the Hottest Hunk night.

Was there for a dinner... and the food is really not-too-bad.. (fish + penne olio olio)

All these pictures are from my loyal k770i. A little dissapointed for not getting myself a 5MP camera phone (with proper flash)

Melting Pot Lunch

After reading some food blogs about Melting Pot at Sungai Ara, I decided to have a try during lunch hour.
As I enter, what made this place interesting is the magazine corner -loads of women's weekly!
Anyway, we flipped and chatted while waiting for our food.
I think there is only one cook.

It's the only place in Penang that has portuguese devil's curry and I only heard about it when I was in Malacca. Perhaps, the cook is from Malacca (could be right?)

Wanted to eat fish and chip so much.
The fish is not too bad but I find it very oily :(

And the refreshing lemon and laici lemon. As we paid, I saw the 10% voucher. So, i told myself, I should go there again to try out the menu.

One week later, we went there again. Since it's my colleague's birthday, I asked the cook if they could have anything special for the birthday girl. And this time, I had 10% discount.
She had a chocolate sundae-jelly-like ice cream.

Glass noodles sounds less fattening. The other colleague and I agreed that…

Peipei with Old Town Kopitiam Lunch Sets

It's her last day at work.
She's so lucky to have an opportunity coming along.
All the best gal!

So, I followed her along with her colleagues for a farewell lunch at Old Town Kopitiam (bayan baru penang), which was agreed upon earlier. Since I've never tried their lunch sets, thus, I have the habit of snapping some pictures of the food.

The garlic toast was specially ordered for her.

My Pan mee set. The set comes with a pepsi drink but I added RM1 for a chilled non-sugar white coffee. The thing I like about old town kopitiam or kim gary is at least they can make my white coffee sugar-less, unlike some cloned kopitiam stalls (what they usually have is the packet drink or teh peng/teh ais). Sadly, panmee does not taste like the handmade panmees I usually take. Dont have the 'umph' in it and the soup given is the hor hee soup!
Peipei had her curry rice.

Hor Hee Set - as advertised on the radios, which is the equivalent of ipoh kaysee hor fun (Ipoh minced chicken m…

I'm on Royal selangor Twitter!~!!

I'm surprised with my blog post all over royal selangor.
This is how Twitter works!

OXO Cafelab Queensbay

It's my XXth visit at OXO Cafelab again.
Few months back, I was there to celebrate two colleague's birthday.
My main reason going back is to celebrate birthdays despite the bad service that they have not improved. At least, parking is convenient and it's free for the first 1 hour.

Pei and I are not are not hard-core food bloggers but we like to pretend to be ONE infront of people who dont' blog.

And the outcome of it, someone took a picture of us who pretending to take pics of the food.

I was surprised that the waiter allowed my colleague to order the kid's meal.
The burget set (with wedges) cost only RM7.

We finished our soup. The waiter gave a plate of these sesame seed biscuits to my other colleagues of the next table. I asked for that even though the sequence was already wrong.

Cheapest set lunch. RM10.45 (after 10% discount, before 10% tax) The spaghetti actually tasted not too bad. :)

And we had complimentary baby birthday cream cakes.

The World's Largest Pewter Tankard of Royal Selangor is in Gurney Plaza Penang!!

The father of the 2 boys asked them to pose, but they didnt' listen to instructions.
Then some children and passer-bys had some pewter touching session. Why are they touching it?
Never seen the tankard before? It's obviously from Selangor Pewter Malaysia (I remembered taking with this years back in Selangor) Now me again, posing with the World's Largest Pewter Tankard.

Kite Flying with Tail

.. .. ... ..... .... .... Before they had the Euro Fun Park at Queensbay, there lived a guy who would play kites in the afternoon, on a hazy day. I was pretty impressed that it was my first time watching someone playing kites with a tail. He had his both hands controlling the movements of the kite and its tail with two strings attached to its body and tail. As it flies, it gave itself a very slithering feeling.

Should Employees Facebook in the office?

I would think ,YES!
Why not?

Even Anna says so in Associate Content.

To me, I would agree that the management (the IT folks should unblock facebook) to trust the employees instead of constantly filtering more sites. What's the point?
If they think that facebook could be a distracting tool, then might as well ban the employees from carrying handphones or even to block the usage of emails (externally).

Jumbo Delicious Sungai Ara Penang

I had a 20% flyer distributed from the bloggers gathering. I'm not very familiar with Sg Ara area, but effortlessly, I found the restaurant with the help of a GPS-like co-driver sitting beside me instructing me the shortest route.

The shop only opens for dinner, 6pm onwards.
Initially, I thought it was some classy place, but it's just another shop lot at that area; there are many similar restaurants sprouting.
I quickly ordered the food before the dinner crowd comes.
What I like best about the place is the BIG JUG of juice that costs only RM4.90. It can be shared among four people.

Other than that, nothing really fancied me.
I didn't quite like the chicken chop as it tasted like pasembur. Somehow, the powder that they used to deep fry the chicken and the gravy tasted similar to the pasemburs.
That explains the reason it was RM7.90.

My friend had grilled salmon which tasted not too bad and now it explains the price to be RM17.90! It's not cheap lah! To add on, the garnish see…

All hands meetings

Once upon a time, I received an email from boss from her boss.
In one of the items in his agenda, it says "all hands meeting".
I was thinking.. would all hands inclusive of other dept folks? Or just us? or just the important stake holders?
To clarify the truth, I found the answer in dilbert - Actually, all hands meeting is pretty CREEPY.