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Bread Of Life

Last sunday, I was very honored to have the chance to help out in my church's Sunday CIDS.
The lesson was Rotiman is coming........

We all started with a lesson intro..... with a mom trying to buy roti for her baby.
We all know that at different levels in our spiritual life, we need different level of spiritual food.
The babies need spiritual milk while the mature ones need solid food like bread.

The highlights of the lesson was the actual making of the bread

Teacher Lin gave a good explaination...

Kids were sure EAGER to participate.....
Can you see the number of hands being raised?
Even though the sleepy ones raised their hands!
Dress code was aprons!!!Look at the 'pellets'...

Ready for the oven..

And it tasted real good..
Why do we need Spiritual Food? To grow in our Christian live, to help us do things that please God, to help us tell others about Jesus, to serve God (when we mature), etc.
How do we get spiritual food? Accept Jesus as our Saviour, read the Bible, pray, listen to …

Little Penang Street Market

It was a weekend after deepavali and the Temple of Fine Arts had some presentation..
The girls were all geared up for their indian dance.

Candle holder

Random - wall clocks

random - hand clutches/bags

Crazy about it...

I've been really crazy about photography, although I'm still lacking a lot in the skills.
I know I looked weird when i try to look thru the camera hole, trying to close one eye with my 'senget' mouth but it's my signature facial expression :P

Two nights ago, after viewing pictures of skies with polarized filters/better lenses, I dreamt of myself by the sea witnessing the magnificent moment of God's creation.

I was at a window and as I walked out from the building, there was a platform where I could face the sea. I remembered white structures where there would be restaurants by the sea like this.

(Edits: downloaded this picture randomly from here)

The sky was colorful with different hue that my eyes could not remember but it looked something liked this.
Totally excited and quickly rushed back to the building to grab my camera to capture the moment. (Edits: downloaded this picture randomly from here)

Toys for sale...

My first ever picture on the star thumbnails.

Do you like Vietnamese Coffee?

3-in-1 coffees from vietnam
but too sweet of the taste for my tongue.


Sometimes, I enjoy looking at my blog's traffic even though it sucks (or rather, I know I don't have many followers)
But today, due to festive holiday, it seems like I had a whooping 81 unique visitors on 19-Oct.
Amazing isn't it?

Bukit Hijau Waterfall

It's been many many years since I last visited Bukit Hijau, Kulim, Kedah.

I hope to learn to capture waterfalls.
I guess I still more practices.

Silly I was... standing right infront of the waterfall, having the winds and splashes of water all over me. Little I notice that my camera was all wet (including the lens filter).
No wonder all the pictures taken were blurry.

Now I know, never face your camera against the water and remember to bring the cloth to wipe it dry in case of water marks.

Slowing down the shutter speed made as if the kids were playing on ice instead of water.
That reminds me of breath mints advertisements! I try to take dots of waters but failed :P

Greeneries in Bukit Hijau (Green Hill?) - haha.

We were also warned by locals not to swim at dangerous areas.
I tried doing self-shot and it works! With the weight of only ~500g, I find it easy to hold. Now I need to try to understand to get a clear background like how point and shoot cameras do.

A hike to Bukit Berapit

It was my first time hiking to Bukit Berapit in Bukit Mertajam Penang.
In fact, I've never been to Berapit before.

It's less-crowded as compared to the other hill, Tekun, which I think one day, I may want to try to hike to have a look.

It was only TAR Roads along the way up.
Most of them hike up to the shrines to pray.
In fact they had a 5 storey pagoda look-alike structure.

Things/Trees/plants that I see along the way..

Small creatures but diligent at work..

No idea why the ants were crawling around...
but this reminds me a song I sang in primary school that although ants may be tiny, they are the most hardworking creatures on earth.

It goes like this ( I found it in google from someone's blog):

Tubuhnya yang kecil,
Badan berkerat tiga,
Ada enam kaki,
sesungut di kepala,

Ada yang melata dan terbang di udara,
Berbagai bentuknya, berbagai warnanya...

Serangga yang halus sangat rajin bekerja,
Tak kira siang malam.
Tekun dan usaha, dua sifat mulia,
Marilah kita amalkannya..

I was fascinated with the macro lens on Nikon D80.

Esplanade In Action

I used to receive email alerts from Visit Penang Portal on the happenings around Penang.
Since it's a long deepavali weekend, I decided to practise my skills at Esplanade.
Esplanade in Action is an event that would happen every saturday 8pm-10pm at Esplanade.

The night started with the performance by PESSBAND.

This lady sure sings well..

What interests me was the performance by Penang Players.
The facilitator was Ulrich Gottlieb and Penang had a chance to explore MIME with him that weekend (17 Oct 2009).

Capturing their facial expressions is really fun!
And also the audience.

It's my first time trying to capture night shots and am glad that my camera didn't fail me.

I even had an accidental panning shot.

Isn't our MPPP building pretty?