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Uncle Albert's Traditional English Fish and Chips, Straits Quay, Penang

Whenever I go for fish and chips, it reminds me somewhere far, like the Fremantle fish&chips or the fish & chips at Bondi Beach. I have never liked the frozen fish and chips fillet, so, the fish and chips at Uncle Albert's is good for me. Well, it has almost the same style as Blue Reef's, except that over here, there is a free soup and iced lemon tea (I cant remember if it's for orders before 8pm or so)
This place is perfect for a weekend!
While strolling along the marina, and shopping at the flea market,  at the same time, there are many restaurants for pit stops!
So, here I am, trying out this place, after so long (they have already opened since 2013). While reading about this place, it seems that this restaurant started in Greentown, Ipoh. So, Penang is the 2nd branch. (I would believe so)

The soup of the day

The generous portion of fish and chips with iced lemon tea. I honestly cant remember which fish I have picked, but probably the cheapest from the menu (hal…

A belated birthday post for 2015

It's probably my first year taking annual leave on my birthday. Indeed, it's special, without needing to think much about unfinished work on that day.
On my birthday eve, it's my first time going to G Kelawai rooftop bar, for a drink. Too bad that it rained, that I couldn't sit outside for the night view. Since I reached just before 10pm (it's a wed), I didn't had a chance to go for free drinks since it's ladies night (8pm-10pm, I think)

Very quiet place, which is very suitable for chit chats.

The night couldn't end with my favourite Chulia Street wantan mee. This street reminds me of Thailand, with many hawkers selling till late night, after midnight.

The day started with an Italian meal, which ended with a nice dessert.  (well, it didn't actually started with a meal, it started with me running errands -> dental appointments and car servicing)

Having a small, miniature birthday cake, having the whole karaoke room, selecting and singing unlimite…

Fashion Tips and Tricks for Women

I'm writing something different today. It's not about food. It's not about a tourist spot. It's just some fashion tips for women.
Simple to follow, as I'm not an expert ,but it's just somewhere I read and came about.

So, trying hard to look professional, I am going to share some of the best fashion tips for women.

(Okay, don't stop reading from here even though I'm not a fashionista)

Old things must go!
(oops.. sorry for the mess)
This is WHERE you should start as there is no room for change if you don’t make it yourself. Open up your closet and take a really good look at your clothes. Ask yourself a one simple question – if you were in a store, what items from your closet would you want to buy? It is a very simple but quite efficient game you might want to play once in a while.

At the same time, it's difficult to execute it. If you want to stop spending hours getting ready in front of your closet, it needs to be neat and colour coordinated. And ther…

An afternoon at Black Kettle, Beach Street Penang

I have always like Christmas season.
Christmas decos, winter-like atmosphere, gifts, cakes and all the sweet and pretty things.

It was way past lunch hour - and it's sort of a late lunch at Black kettle, with very limited food selection to choose from the menu.

Nevertheless, there were ample of breads and cakes from the counter to choose.

The classic egg Benedict. Not too bad with cooked spinach.

The xmas feel environment makes everything so cozy.

I find that the latte is slightly different from the other places I've been. Very little amount of milk.
the art latte got dissolved pretty fast.

 Very strong alcohol taste in the tiramisu's italian lady finger - deeply sogged.
Not a very generous piece that it gets 'finished' very quickly within a few minutes by 4 ladies :)

Ze beef burger.

and the healthy fruity pancakes

Overall, this place is spacious to hang around, without worrying about not finding a table. What i love most is free and easy parking on Sundays. I prob…