Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just another night at QEII

It was anchovies Pizza ordered by my friend who didn't had dinner.
Maybe it was us who don't know how to eat anchovies pizza, but it was really SALTY that we don't know when we would get high blood pressure consuming these high salt and calories pizzas.

Reason I go QEII was merely because they have free drinks.
Strange that some of my friends rather order Kampai. >_<> But, another friend made a scene that she was dropped dead as she walked away from her seat.
It happened so fast that none of us thought that she collapsed.
(none of us expected this to happen since she only had a glass of cocktail and wine)

The others around the table did not help, except the waiters and a sweet samaritan checked if she was alright (since she fell down - i bet there are some bruises).

The waiter was really nice that he got some ice for my friend to ease any pain for the bruises.
I asked for a hot drink and plastic bag (in case she needs to vomit).

After a hot sweat, she felt better and left.
And we left without any 70s shows or lucky draw :(
*sniff sniff*

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