Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 cakes in a Row

Bought 2 different cakes from
2 different places and
celebrated at 2 different places
with 2 sets of different people
for 2 different birthday girls
on the SAME Birthday MONTH.

Happy birthday girls!

1. Chocolate cake from Jenni's
2. Shinjutei

1. Chocolate mint cake
2. Northam beach cafe - from Pasta and Pie stall
--> The best cake ever served in Penang
--> i love the moist
--> i bet they were generous in the right ingredients: eggs/mint/chocolate/butter
-- not too much flour!
oo Keep up the quality ya!? oo

But the drinks were expensive and aint like any other kopitiams.
It's Rm1 more expensive than the usaul kopitiams.
My 100+ = Rm2.50

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