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A small birthday gathering at Western Spices, Green Hall, Penang

On a usual weekend, I'm quite surprised that this place is packed with customers, despite the fact that there are limited parking lots outside the restaurant. It is situated after Convent Light Street, at Green hall. 
Their affordable set lunches are available on weekends.

 The staff were very accommodating, as our tables had a baby and smaller children. They were patient to provide baby chairs, hot water, extra cups, plates and utensils and many, many requests by us :(

And, the best part was, I requested for a little birthday cake, and they had this with a candle for the birthday girl.

 Happy Birthday :)

Set lunch comes with corn soup. It was a little watery with strong corn taste, and I'd expect to get a standard thick mushroom soup.

Grilled Salmon and Lemon grass chicken with pasta.
Since it's an affordable set lunch, don't expect a huge slice of salmon serving. The chicken is deep fried, so if you are a little health conscious, I wouldn't recommend you to order …

Delicious Straits Quay has ceased operations... :( :(

I just found out last month that Delicious, Straits Quay is no longer operating... :(

I remembered many, many occasions of going for their English Afternoon Tea set after living social/Groupon published the promotion.

I hope they are coming back to Penang, again.
And, I remembered there was once, I tweeted about a cake that I wanted and Michael Saxon responded to come by the next time for it.... and again, all these extraordinary customer service is important to keep F&B business going.. Maybe not just f&b, but all types of business...

How to become a Nuffnang Glitterati Member

I have been a Nuffnang member a very long time, and since two years ago, I realized that I turned Non-Glitterati. Advertisement was very low (sometimes, no banners at all) and I was wondering why I was downgraded.

I went back to the FAQ and finally realized that I did not remove my old blog that I have stopped maintaining. Finally, I'm switched as a Glitterati member (overnight), but RM0.00 earnings. (Yes, I cashed out yesterday).

Good Friday and Easter

It's Easter weekend.
And I was reminded about this song..

At the cross.

Jesus died for us at the cross.
He shed his blood for us..

In CG last week, we were asked how would we respond to our friends about why we chose this faith, to be a Christian. Despite knowing the fact that He first loved us and died for us, we were reminded to share our basic faith to believe that Jesus died on the cross, and his blood would clean our sins, and that we are no longer sinners, and that we would have eternal life :)

You tore the veil You made a way When You said that it is done

The Living Room at Macalister Mansion

Back then, there was no TWG yet in Penang, thus, there are some that would drop by toLiving Room for an afternoon tea. 

It was last year when I came and I have not make it a point to blog about it until now..

Very pretty interior and exterior. Well coordinated whites and greens.

I was waiting for the food that I ordered, thus, I walked around for some pictures of the place.

The open area that connects to the dining room and toilet. (one of these days, I must try out the dinner there at the dining room)

Complimentary bread 





Dessert of the day to pick from the counter

The smaller dessert to pick

TWG teas :)
It's been almost half a year ago that I have forgotten most of the finer details. The service was excellent and the food was good. But, I would like to comment that the staff were very attentive. One of the staff saw that I left my bag on the floor thus, he pushed a small stool over and asked me to place my bag on the stool instead. I believe he didn't…