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Suggested Hong Kong Itinerary

I am satisfied with the preparation I've made for my Hong Kong trip.
I would like to share especially to those budget travellers. ;)

Suggested itinerary:

At the Airport upon arrival
1. Grab Hong Kong Maps
2. Buy Octopus card HKD150 (Cityflyer airbus) Or Tourist Card HKD300 (airport express)
3. From Airport, turn right to the Bus Terminal to catch A21 (HKD33) bus to TST.

Day 1
Harbour City Shopping
Symphony of Lights - Harbourfront Show, 8pm
Shopping at Granville/Cameron Road

Day 2
Hongkong Disneyland - Take MTR from TST to Disney Resortline.
Remember to grab MTR guide from the counter.

Disney On Parade (3.30pm)
Fireworks (8pm)

I did not go to Citygate outlets since I prefer to maximize my visit at Disneyland.

Day 3
Shopping around Central - Get on to the Ferry.
Only HKD1.70 for lower deck and HKD2.20 for upper deck.
Pacific Place (Admiralty), Times Square/Langham Place (Causeway Bay), The Landmark/IFC (Central)
Feel the Ting ting only HKD2

Day 4
I went to Evangelical Community Church, YMCA.
Shopping aro…

Perhaps Coach is like any other local brands....

I used to think that coach bags are high-end stuff that I'd not possibly afford to get them. After visiting HK, i realised that the cheapest wristlet was about HKD550. I was really tempted to finish of my 2nd last HKD500 note. Anyhow, I hesitated. And now, I found out that in US, the similar Penelope signature Wristlet model is selling only $48. Can i have this please? At least I can use this when i'm going out for lunch.

Playing Mahjong with a set of Lousy Tiles

I'm at a situation where I'm at a MahJong table with a set of bad tiles.
I dont know how to play the game.

It's bad game, with bad tiles.

I was adviced to seek banker's help (if we play computer Mah Jong, banker would give some hints).
Now, the hint is to just play the Mahjong like I play as before.
So, I'll just play till I finish the game.
I hope it's a GG.

Choosing a Right Nick is Crucial

It's really difficult to pick the right names for ourselves, or for our babies or whoever..
I thought choosing meimeizoe as a nick would be 'safe' and 'unique'.

I guess not.

A similar blog, is a porn site.

I guess it's worst than finding out about anti-meimeizoe blog sites.
Geee... my reputation is gone!!

But, I would like to clarify to all my friends here that I've nothing to do with that meimeizone porn site.

Standing at a crossroad

I am looking left and looking right.
Either left and right would be a tough journey.

Finally, the Managing Director of my company has announced to offer VSS package this week to make up with the workforce reduction of 50% overall.
Back at the headquarters, people are being laid off with immediate termination notice.

Now, I'm considering.
Should I or should I not?
If yes, how should I proceed?
If no, is there anything else I could contribute?

I really hated HR's decision on waiving the Advanced Annual Leaves for those who are taking the package. How about those who took unpaid, who has once helped the company for more cash flows? Would I still in favour in the way the management manages the company?

Wedding Dinners....

It's been quite a long time since I last travel all the way down to KL for a wedding.
Since, the bride is someone who was partly from my Headstart Penang, it'd be a good time, having a bunch of ex-headstarters meeting up. (hmm. . we have occassional meet ups quite often).

Was glad to have such a nice friend who made all the arrangements for me, accomodation, logistic etc etc..... so I decided to go . :)
Thanks gal.. (you know who you are.. hehe)

Although I find Tropicana Club House is kinda old, somewhat, the long pillars and fountain turned out really fantastic in pictures.!

And the chandelier too!

Ta-da.. Headstart Penang 2006...
Poor groom, he got kicked out by the bride..... :(

A long wait..

The moment is almost the same as waiting for my exam results.
I wouldn't know which day I'd receive the results, and would not know if I pass or not.

Pass or fail.
I was ready.

AND now, whether I'm retrenched (or part of the name list) or not,

The Gem of Life

Been watching Gem of Life.
And finally, I managed to take picture infront of the shop.

Wanna buy?
Cant believe it, I'm doing free ads for Mabelle.

Macau Highlights

I didn't do much planning for Macau except knowing on how to get there.

Since I stayed in TST, I took the ferry to Macau Ferry Terminal.
Fare = HKD133 (To) + HKD140 (Return)

As soon as I reached Macau, I headed to theMacau Tourism Centre to get the maps.
Then, hop-ed to the shuttle bus to Venetian City.

I love the Gondolas and it felt like Venice.
However, I somewhat felt that the place is much more alike as Genting's First World Plaza, except that the gondolas are operated by real good singers.
I guess the place is OVER-RATED.
I don't know, i love fat fries, thus, I got my lunch from Fat burger that cost me HKD65.
To get to the Senado Square, hop into the city bus (FARE: MOP 3.20) from the terminal. Beautiful huh?

And, Egg Tarts (MOP 7)

Macau Tower... Sad that I didn't manage to drop by due to time constraint.

And lastly, Fisherman's wharf, which is walking distance from the terminal.

Valentine's @ Hong Kong. *muax*

It's valentine's day.
It's ok if I'm not celebrating with a guy.... ;)
I'm celebrating with Hong Kong..

I Love you at Harbour city..
Times Square..

Lunch at Hong Tou, Times Square, Causeway Bay

Honeymoon Dessert, IFC..
Valentine's Celebration.... at Gateway Hampton Court, TST.
Happy Valentine's day.. Food from Wellcome.. *muax*

Jason Mraz is Coming!

I've been hearing "I'm yours" from Mixfm.. .and I kinda like the tune

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks, now I'm trying to get back

Before the cool done run out, I'll be giving it my bestest
And nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some

But I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find love love love love

Listen to the music of the moment people, dance and sing
We're just one big family
And it's our God-forsaken right to be loved loved loved loved loved

So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I'm sure
There's no need to complicate, our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours

D-d-do do you, but do you, d-d-do
But do you want to come…

Kawaii Poses 101 Class

It was still CNY then, it was sort of a gathering and I learnt how to make kawaii poses from these people!!
And not only that, I finally had a feel of Wii - I could do boxing, tennis, gymnastics and etc...

Oh well.. I truly miss Wii....

Pose #1

Pose #3 Pose #4 Finally, Pose #5.
Must learn 6-100.. .soon!

m888a Mini Iphone

It's only HKD650 now.
I doubt the phone would last, but for the fun of it..... hm..

The Gem Of Life - Again.. my ramblings

Life is just very complicated and men have made it even more complicated.
As we get older, the tougher we have to deal with situations and people, and we got to learn to be TOUGH, and very often, I FAILED (!!)to be A TOUGH woman.
There is this soft spot in my heart that I tend to easily believe people, easily trust people, and of course, get easily hurt.

Now, that I would think life is hopeless..
1. No Job - would be out of job soon
2. No friends - True friends are getting lesser. As I start counting my fingers, I have started to think if I have any soul mates.
3. No money - Due to my excessive spending behaviour in Dec/Jan. I got a shock of my life that my credit card bill was RM 2.4k++.
And, I'm taking "Shutdown Unpaid Leave" for the next coming month.
4. No goals in life - I don't know what to do.
Should I study?
Should I continue to work in factories?
Should I just get out of everything?
5. Not being able to find God's purpose in me.
I kept on serving God, till I'm ti…

Out of Gas during CNY - How??

How to cook 7 dishes and 1 soup when you are running out of gas?
1. Electric pot
2. Microwave oven
Tada! My mom managed to do that on the 2nd day of CNY. We didn't had gas for 7 days, since Reunion's eve.

The Place Where I learnt Mandarin

I've picked up mandarin (especially technical terms) through picking up calls from PD1 and PD2 factory.

Now that Shanghai Daily is reporting that they are planning to close down the factories.

It's just so saddening.
I just don't understand where did all the $$ gone?
Consumer demand just dropped straight down to 0?

The Gem Of Life - At episode 75

I think this movie is getting a little crazy.
The storyline is a little crazy.
Now, i think i have some of my answers i had in my previous episodes.

Terrence - will this playboy eventually be a good husband and son?
YES.. he's definitely a better person

Constance - would this 'love-is-everything' woman realise that there are more things to do in life besides LOVE?
She sux big time now.
She thinks she's some DIVA or something after her Tibet trip.
Damn perasan case.

Jessica - could she be less-materialistic?
Oh well. she realised that she lives in a big empty shell now.
Soon, she will regret all her life..

Sylvia - would she let go of her career and pursue other things in life such as love and relationship with her family?
Yes yes.. after she was betrayed by her sis and realised that she should pursue love.
But why not relationship with her family?

Elise - can she grow up and stop becoming a spoilt brat?
Yes, she grew up!

Calvin - he's a truly nice person (who had a sad childhood), …

Part time Job: Selling Flowers on 13-14 Feb 2009

I was asked to find some students who are willing to work for extra cash on 13-14 Feb 2009, 7pm-12am in Penang (probably Gurney drive) to sell some flowers..
If anyone is interested or have friends who are interested.............
Please contact me ASAP.

I guess, this is an easy way to advertise besides Facebook. ;)

A Minute Love Language

I subscribed a minute love language from Dr Gary Chapman 5 languages of love.
Although I'm not married, I find that the book, Desperate Marriages is rather interesting. This is what I got from the email on dealing with depressed spouse:

Identifying the Problem
What do you do when your spouse is depressed? First, you must get information. It is helpful to think of three categories of depression.
1. First depression may be the by-product of a physical illness. When we are physically sick, our minds and emotions move into a depressed state. We temporarily check out. It’s nature’s way of protecting you from constant anxiety about your physical condition.

2. Second kind of depression is called situational depression or reactive depression. It is a depression that grows out of a particularly painful situation in life. Many of these experiences involve a sense of loss: the loss of a job, the loss of a child to college, or loss of a friendship.

3. The third category is depression rooted in som…

What Happens When your CEO resigns?

1. I'm in deep shit
2. I may lose my job - restructuring will take place
3. More corruption?
4. New Interim CEO acting - For better or for worse?
5. Customers would give up - declining demand
6. Production shutdown plans
7. Aged Inventory

Following the news is like watching TVB Series.