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An Encounter with Gelatissimo

It was an eventful Saturday afternoon.
I had an 'appointment' with Gelatissimo, Gurney Plaza, Penang. I have always wished to try gelatos there (since Lecka Lecka has gone for good) and it's the ONLY store serving gelatos in Penang (I think).
There you go..
I'm going to blog on my 'encounter' with Gelatissimo.
First and foremost, consumers need to be educated the difference between ice-cream (Haagen dazs, Baskin Robbins, Walls etc) and Gelatos.
Gelatos is italian frozen ice dessert and the method of making it is different from ice cream . Basically, gelatos has less cream than ice cream and it has higher density (the molecules are nearer as compared with ice cream). Most importantly, I think the fat content is less as it has more original food as compared with ice cream (usually with articificial coloring and flavours).
The friendly staff posing for camera.
The girl in spectacles would always asked me if I would like to try their flavours. To be honest, I tried all of those flavours at the counter.
Boss Hong is on the far right.

Yes... I tried all of these!!!!!!!
My favourites:
belgian chocolate
orange passion fruit and
green tea.

Boss was so kind to demonstrate the process of making gelato.
I appreciate that a bundle.
It just shows how fresh the gelatos that are served, unlike conventional ice cream shops, they imported the whole tub.
First, dump everything in the all-in-one machine.
Then, the machine would cook the 'special' ingredients at the right temperature.
Once it's cooked, the machine would beat it and then FREEZE it.
Lastly, scoop everything out.
(someone mentioned that it had some similarities of what it happened in the morning @ the toilet..)
Come on, it was belgian chocolate.

Ta-da the.. end product.
The process is simple and quick.

I see someone peeping from the counter. The different sizes that we could buy. Red - one flavour, green - 2 flavours, blue - 3 flavours. And they have hand-pack ones that would last for 2 hours.
Mango milk shake and my 'special discount' greentea + belgian chocolate

Affogato -
I think it was biscotti + espresso
(correct me if i'm wrong)

Kids love it.

I love it too!

Not from Penang?
Also available at (other branches in Malaysia): Jusco 1-Utama Shop G53, Jusco 1-Utama Shopping Centre, Jusco 1-Utama, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya The Gardens at Mid Valley City Shop LG-K08, The Gardens at Mid Valley City, Lingakaran Syed Putra

Want more? Take-away!


Anonymous said…
yeah, i had those with my family during cny @ gurney plaza. all i can say~ yumm yum ..
wah... so fast posted liao ah??
meiyi said…
NKOTB: i'm not the fastest tho.
Christina said…
looks yummy... I will make it a point to try it out
email2me said…
Aiya ..... Too bad I kenot make it ....
Passionate Pei said…
i couldn't resist the belgian choc..;p
Aik-Shuen said…
Looks good... will try out next time in Gurney :D
ww said…
Maxims at Burmah road has gelati too right? i thought u tried their gelati as well the other day
meiyi said…
ww: yeah... but i think gelatissimo is better.. lol
Food Promotions said…
Very nice review u wrote :):)
meiyi said…
christina/pei/aikshuen: let's go !!
ken: next round !!
fp: thx !
Yien said…
Should take me there the next time i come back!
meiyi said…
yien: available also at 1-U/the gardens laa.
buzzingbee said…
interesting post!! I really enjoyed gelatissimo too..but I didn't managed to try all the flavours like you did :(
meiyi said…
bee: hmm.. next time i take one bite i give u the other bite ya
myjuek said…
that's Matia's FAVORITE!!!
after she tried this... she doesn't want Swensen anymore!!! she used to love their macadamia nuts ice cream, but the other day i bought her 1 scoop, after 1 taste, she said, "too sweet! not nice!" & dun want it anymore!!!!
so i had to buy her Gelatissimo the next day to make up for the ice cream treat.
meiyi said…
matia really food critic.
honest speaking, gelatissimo vs swensen's, i really prefer gelatissimo :)
i trust her taste!
amirull said…
mr Hong Is Making Gelato..
im one of the ex worker at gelatissimo the garden..
Everyday Eat Gelato.
FAT FREE mahh..
But im To Fat to eat..
meiyi said…
so Mr Hong your exboss..
why quit?
continue to work there for free gelato ma!!
meiyi said…
so Mr Hong your exboss..
why quit?
continue to work there for free gelato ma!!
meiyi said…
so Mr Hong your exboss..
why quit?
continue to work there for free gelato ma!!
meiyi said…
so Mr Hong your exboss..
why quit?
continue to work there for free gelato ma!!
meiyi said…
so Mr Hong your exboss..
why quit?
continue to work there for free gelato ma!!

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