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Bukit Genting, Penang

Bukit Genting has been in Penang for quite a bit of time, but I had never find the opportunity to go there, especially, it is at situated pretty far away, south of Penang Island. The drive was bad, since there were road works along the Gertak Sanggul to Balik Pulau way (there is only ONE way). Seems like there were be new flyovers coming up.

Food was really so-so...

War Museum Penang, Batu Maung

The War Museum is situated at the south east of Penang at Batu Maung. It was a good walk around the area, though there weren't much to sight-see or to gain knowledge.
Worst was, there were no discounts given (despite we have more than 10 in the group). We all paid RM15, and for foreigners, the price was doubled unless there is a student card or work permit shown. And, there were additional charges for cameras (RM2). Somehow, I didn't like the aunty.. :D And.. that's the lowlights of the trip.
The Highlights: 1. Enjoyed the tunnel walks 2. Enjoyed the tyre swing 3. Enjoyed the climb on a high ladder
The tunnel and the death toll
Apparently, they have night tours, which I think it was more like a ghostly haunted place  Some exhibits
some 'sceneries'

im lovin' it...

drip drip drip
i still love their sundae cones it's never enough!

So out of focus...

would we have such blurred vision in life?

Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow

I think the Lorong Selamat CKT is gaining more popularity with this comic strip.
Somehow, she managed to get TheStar to write on this incident.

Sunset At St Kilda

Snap snap...

Snap snap..

And snap snap..

Luna Park, St Kilda, Melbourne

It is always a "kid" thing to visit amusements parks and scream until their lungs are out.
When I was younger, I was not allowed to sit on the rides for "i-dont'-know-why" reasons.

It was only after high school I started enjoying screaming in thrill rides.

Welcome to Luna Park.
It was pretty late, and the park was about to close.
It's strange. I thought I was a tourist. Some park visitors asked me about the closing time.

Love the mirrors

Scenic Railway
Shock Drop
Pharaoh's Curse
Party at the old city circle tram

I will see you again, Luna Park

St Kilda, 7Apples

It was a tiring tram journey (Tram:96) to St Kilda after the many stops around the city
So, we stopped at the Acland Street and spotted 7 Apples gelato!

Waaa.... so many flavours..

I think we ended sharing 3 flavours..

We went home and realized that there were actually some coupons from the Melbourne Visitor Booth.... just wasted the promotion...

Exploring with Lights

Last weekend, I just learnt how to draw with my camera.... :) At around f22, 2s, we could start to draw freehand..

Ging Gang Goolie

When I was at school, I learnt the song, Ging Gang Goolie..

Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie watcha,
Ging gang goo, ging gang goo.
Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie watcha,
Ging gang goo, ging gang goo.
Hayla, oh hayla shayla, hayla shayla, shayla, oh-ho,
Hayla, oh hayla shayla, hayla shayla, shayla, oh.
Shally wally, shally wally, shally wally, shally wally,
Oompah, oompah, oompah, oompah.
And now, i just came to know from Penang War Museum visit that goolie means testicles....
Vulgarity since 1920s...

Clinic Cafe, Gurney Plaza, Penang

It is pretty interesting to have a clinic cafe at Gurney Plaza. I'm surprised that there is still crowd there, mainly patroned by women and teenagers. Why would we want to pay a visit to a clinic when we are still well? Anyway, they have pretty doctors and nurses to assist us (service is not-too-bad). They do have a range from western to chinese, and I would say that the price is pretty reasonable for a theme restaurant in a shopping mall.
Need help with the wheelchair?
Clinic Specialist RM8.80

Ketchup in the Syringe

Clinic Sandwich - Rm7.80

Clinic Crispy Chicken salad - RM11.80

Doctor & Nurse (kaya and butter toast bread) - RM2.80

Our drinks

Our orders.
It was quite difficult to get attention from the waiters/waitresses.
I actually suggested them to get the buzzers like the ones in pizza hut :)

Melbourne Zoo

Since transportation is pretty expensive in Melbourne, I decided to take out the map and walk to the Melbourne Zoo. It took me about 40-50mins to reach. Alternatively, we could get a tram from the city centre.

Well, it was really a long walk.


PressedPennies as souvenirs

What would an Australian Zoo be if there aren't any native australian animals?

Red Panda

Full grown Australian Penguins. I wonder if it's taken from the Philips Island.


A close up picture of a kangaroo wallaby
I just got to remember the characteristic of kangaroo's cousin that it stands the highest 4ft tall, which means, a wallaby is always shorter than me (and cuter) :P
and the kangaroo can stand as tall as 9ft

Fun in the Park under the hot sun for lunch

As I was strolling around the zoo premises, I heard loud roars. I was wondering what would it be, and there, I found the roaring lion!


Lazy, sleepy Koala

They have many friendly giraffes too

random flowers

so pretty

Earlier just before l…