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I love strawberries

Not because it's sweet.. not because it's sour.. but I just loved it because it's rare that I don't get to eat it all the time. How strange I am..

Eating strawberry ice creams (ais potong) at the cool pine hotel
At Kea... buying vege..
And..... wawa and chooi foong..

Celebrity Look

Since everybody is doing it.. so might as well la..

Trust in the Lord always

I was serving at children's church and I'm really amazed with the children.
They were greatly praising God and were very attentive and participated while the lessons were being conducted.

What amazes me most.... where.. a very cheeky and naughty boy shares his both X-men toys (Yes, he explained to me that it was BEAST and ICEMAN) with the other boys.

I'm so impressed.

Life is like that. When things that happened came unexpectedly, we tend to be so astonished with it.
When we expect too much, we'd end up get more dissapointments in life.

Also, we are listening too much sermons/read too much books about good people, and when we don't see good people around, we get very FRUSTRATED.
Life is like that. We need to learn how to deal with it.
When we experience pain, it will always end with JOY.

I'm back home....

Thank God for the covering and protection for the safe journey to and fro..
Penang-Ipoh-Camerons took me 5 hours (1 dimsum break)
Camerons-Ipoh-Penang took me 4 hours.. (detoured into ipoh town for free toll?)

As I drove up ... saw an accident, one car from the opposite side crashing the other car. *scary*
and on my way back... saw a car went into a ditch.... :(

And after being a taxi driver for 1 hour in Penang, I'm finally home and continue FACEBOOK!!

Not again

It was this yesterday night..

And now.. today.......

Counterstrike Craze

I was no. 7 when i asked the developer to recover my rank

Much before. i thoguht 824 frags were good.

And then I had that lucky number..

And now!!!! I'm just below my BROTHER~~~!!

and he wants to KILL ME!!!

Maturing in Christ

was reading the emails from Dr Soo Inn.. and summarized that 3 things that we can see from a person who is maturing in christ..

1. knowledge
2. character
3. service

And all in all... it's all about us serving God, being christ-like and knowing more about God (like his buddy)

Accident at Gambir..

I was driving after work at about 7.40pm... as I was about to turn in to Petronas after Gambir Heights, the car infront of me had a sudden brake.

I was caught with surprise as it was a straight road after the traffic lights at Ivory not too long.
Thank God that I brake earlier and the car behind me was further away from me.
I put on my indicator to the left and noticed a BAD accident.
An indian guy knocked a Honda City that was filled with 4 girls.
He was ANGRY and furious showing lots of hand signals.
It triggered me....... wat if i was driving up the Cameron.

Just last night, i had a dream, that I was busy packing, worrying that I did not packed enough.

Lesson of the day
During this festive season, DRIVE SAFELY.

Happy Birthday, Guo Yu

Happy Birthday Guo Yu..
He's just 1 years old and he got a 3kg cake!!
I never, had such a big CAKE in my whole life before..

Lucky boy.. and nice mom.....

And the balloons that i pumped...

I'm like a clown of the day.......... why not take some shots before we bid farewell?

Old Town Kopitiam, New world Park

It's my second time in New World Park. First time was for lunch at Lio'z and it wasn't that great.

Ambassador for Old Town Kopitiam. Wey.. I better tell the boss.. I'm giving free advertisement.
I would say, the business is really, really extremely G-O-O-D.
He is a very hardworking boss, walking up and down, checking his staff and the place and counting $$ at the cashier.
* i wonder when i could be as successful as him*
And... he looked rather young, probabaly in his 30s.

SIlly pose...
Wah.. i thought she was sitting at the plain wall.. and somewhat...... the pictures above did made a difference in this photo.

My chocolate.... yummy.. thick but S-W-E-E-T.. Remember, my glucose level is H-I-G-H.
Our spread of yummies... Soo Ling posing again... Macam very greedy..

Silly pose 2.
Overall, the food is rather OK. We only had the toast and their trademark Drinks. Somewhat, I'm not sure if it was Yakun (singapore) copied Old town or the other way round.

Youth Park Hike..

Chik Chiak! Nice roots huh!?
Can we take some and cook... it's nutritious..

Soo Ling waiting for the rain to stop for No. 5...
"when will the rain stop.... :((((" Resting ... :D
Im obviously tired and sweaty at no. 3
Rain or shine.. I will not stop!.. I have umbrellas!!
Wei.. u got umbrellas. I've got rain coats!wah.. so lomantik.. i damn jeles.
No umbrellas, no raincoats..Just a loving hand holding on my waist..
Yay.. we reached in 9 mins!
Me sweaty again. :(
but very nice view ler..

I liked the no. 5 coffee.. (kopi-O).. Cheers!
Yummmmmm Sengg!
Yes.. the fried mihun tasted much better than no. 3 as well.
No. 3 tasted like rubberband.
As for No. 5, you can even sell it! It's soft and it has cabbage in it. Better still, for chilly lovers, they have cabai burung just for them!It's really good char mihun with a nice cuppa kopi-O.
Better still, it's all FOC.I need to compare no.3 and no. 5 again. No. 3 will have a box for donations for the supply where else No. 5 do not h…

Health Fair @ church

It's my first time pricking 3 different fingers and a big need poke in my hand..

1. Blood donation -> yay.!! it's my 10th time donating.. but only 300 ml...
2. Glucose test -> the reading meter was out of batt that the test was being done again
3. Weight issue -> i gained 1kg after checking the scale for blood donation
4. Pulse -> my pulse was rather high. 75??? i thought i have exercised!!??
WE need to be 50 and below if we are athletics
5. Teeth -> gee. got little hole at tooth 46.
6. Blood pressure -> perfect 110/70 :P
7. Blood glucose -> 5.8 -> partly because i didnt' fast before the checkup.. so i think i'm alright since it shoudl be <5.6

And what i got was the stuff from the dentist and some calcium tablets.. and of course, free refreshments..