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Buckle Up Your Seats

I thought my 2001 Iswara does not have seat belts for the middle passenger seats.
I called up Makloom service centre and they asked me to call the i-care toll free, 1-300-880-888. And.. I just found out that there is seat belts installed!
(It's just hidden and I need the mechanic or some experts to take it out from the seats)
And now, my passengers could buckle up their seats, just before the rule get implemented.

Which one? Wella for sure..

Things to do before you turn 30

I sought many for their valuable opinion.
Some were going against it, where else others were supporting the idea.

I thought about it.
I might as well do it before I look like a grandma.

Since I was forced to take leaves during company shutdown, so I might as well do something different.
I came out like a poodle after many hours of sitting down in a hair saloon.

And, I have not highlighted my hair!

P/S: sorry for the sleepy look. i'm about to go to sleep with my baju tidur.

Word of the Day: Stollen

According to webster dictionary, it means:
a sweet yeast bread of German origin containing fruit and nuts

And it's not something being stolen.
Anyway, it tasted very much like bread, just that it has some rum/alcohol that has preservatives effect on the bread (like fruit cakes)

Merry Christmas
(yes, i've stolen this stollen picture from my sis)

Cellnique Banned?

Just because Cellnique's name was banned by Malaysian Ministry of health, they changed their name to B-liv.
I find that my $$ invested for cellnique is somewhat not well-invested.
I also begin to lose hope in those beauty saloons.
As consumer, we just wouldn't know what type of product is safe to you.

Just a caption from:

Enjoy 40% discount on Drench Me 120ml (usual price: RM69.90) when you purchase any 2 b.liv products at selected Guardian stores.

b.liv by Cellniq is formerly known as Cellnique Pro Series.

Promotion not valid in KLIA and East Malaysia.

Terms and conditions apply.

Visit participating Guardian stores for more details.

For more detailed info, please visit:


Whatever you give a woman...

"Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.”

Love this sooooooooo much!!

The Gem Of Life

(image courtesy from wikipedia)
It's a real long series to follow till Feb, 2009.
It's a movie between the rich and famous and those wanting to be rich and famous.
It's a movie filled with materialism in a heartless and crude world.
Sometimes, I get disturbed with the REALITY that is portrayed in the series.

Yet, i still want to know, if in real life, is there a good ending in one's life who has done so much mistakes/wrong-doings in the past.
Terrence - will this playboy eventually be a good husband and son?
Constance - would this 'love-is-everything' woman realise that there are more things to do in life besides LOVE?
Jessica - could she be less-materialistic?
Sylvia - would she let go of her career and pursue other things in life such as love and relationship with her family?
Elise - can she grow up and stop becoming a spoilt brat?
Calvin - he's a truly nice person (who had a sad childhood), but how successful would his life be?

so much questions.... and i hope the …

Coffee Island, Gurney Penang

As we were driving along Gurney Drive to look for a place to hangout, we noticed a new place Coffee Island, Gurney Penang. Since it was flooded with people, we decided to park our cars and try the place.

It was definitely a crowded place outsideand we were well ushered by one of the waiters.
He even recommended us to sit in the aircon area which is inside.

The food was fusion, a little here and there, chinese, vietnamese, hawkers, western, something like Old Town kopitiam, Island Red cafe or somewhere along that line, which suits Malaysians, being rojak.

I would like to write my feedback to the owner, but there wasn't any feedback form to fill up.
I even asked the waiter which one is their boss, but the boss was too busy.

I hope one day, the owner of Coffee Island, Mr George would read this. :)

Dear Mr George,

Congratulations for the successful opening of your cafe.
It was a nice hangout place, with nice ambience, music an…

Island Red Cafe, Krystal Point

It was monthly birthday celebration.
Since I've not been there, so might as well give this place a try.

The interior is nice, but the place is not very well maintained.
The dustbin was opened attracting lots of flies around our tables.
The couch turned a little dirty.
Maybe they should have more workers cleaning up the place.

I had some Mushroom sauce grilled chicken.
I was quite dissapointed since it was over-cooked.
The Ice-blended coffee was also so-so only (for the price I'm paying).

One of the person in charge who happens to know my friend is pretty friendly; service was good.. but but.. this is food industry, we still want good, reasonable food to makan.

The thing that I'm particular about is the cheap chilli/ketchup that they were using.
I prefer Heinz or Kimball.. perhaps Maggi would do as well..

Cool Rhino - Cools my system

It was a treasure hunt along the journey to Cameron Highlands for church camp. We were supposed to fill up _______ _______ - cools my system. And the answer was Cool Rhino. This advertisement is all over the North-South Highway. And, since I'm down with flue, sore throat, acne outbreak, cracked lips, I bought a bottle of it (Rather than the badak air we usually buy). Hmm... I don't know if it really works. Perhaps, one bottle is not enough. I'm still recovering...

I've signed up for

Call me crazy..... I've signed up....! and.. I have updated my profile!

511 Tactical Boots

-- Law Enforcement website needs links --

Most of the ladies wear boots during winter or at cool places, but there are some who needs to get them due to their job nature. Whether you are fireman, policeman or in the army, a pair of boots is a must-have thing in your cupboards.

At work boots usa, you could get high-quality boots (and you call them 511 Tactical Boots) especially if you are in the police force or army. Or, perhaps, if you are into construction, you could get boots that will keep your toes safe from falling objects.

These boots are proven to have functions like other sport shoes. You won't even realise that you are actually wearing boots. You would actually thought that you are wearing a pair of sport shoes. Yes, it's as comfortable and light as one. It does not give a heavy-like feeling like the old conventional boots.

So, even if you are not into police forces, you could get one for the convenience of your household chores. At least, while doing some gardening, plum…

Looking for Part-Time Job

During this economy downturn, I thought it'd be cool to work part-time just to earn that extra bucks. The easiest job would be a promoter/salesgirl. Since I'm always forced to take leaves, might as well earn that RM50 to pay for my favourite food.

It's just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unfortunate that there is an age limit!!!
only up to 28 year olds?

But then, I do see lots of aunties giving brochures (especially hair salons) at Prangin mall.
And, they were really very persistent people!!!

Photo some more?
Should I photoshop my pic first?