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MY First Out of Town Marathon

I'm so glad that my friends asked me to join them along in Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009. Joining a run out of town is much tougher than doing it at my home state.

Cause, i had problem sleeping the night before and HAD a long DAY meeting up and shopping around!!
Runner of the week die-die also must make it!!

Since parking would be a hassle around Dataran Mederka, we bought the all-day pass to take Rapid KL at 5am!
They made us walk - and I followed blindly as I dont know the way!

Some pictures taken before the race

Ta-da! My first bungee!

Hip Hip HOoray!!
10km 11km marathoners had their medals

We had to walk to masjid jamek for LRT.
Sorry to all the passengers - they had to smell our sweats.

Ju looking cute. :D
+ Me and yien..

And I got the pic from the standard chartered FB page.
I saw this spiderman and overtook him.
I was wondering why he was running so slow then I read about him that he's already 69!
Way to go uncle.. !!

Results out. I passed. But can i make it for Adidas RUN? 2 mins …

Hiking Experience @ Youth Park

It was a mishap that happened during my hike at no.5 moon gate hill @ youth park.
A 50+ woman fell down, with blood over her head and wrists were seated at the side of the stairs with a few others consoling her that she's going to be safe.

There is a man called an ambulance explaining where youth park was (it took him a while for the operator to get it)
Soon, I saw a tattoo-ed man rushed down from No. 5 rest area with the orange stretcher.
(Yes, I walked up and secretly took these pictures which I think it's precious)

Soon, they fixed the stretcher to be straight before carrying the casualty.

1,2, Up..
Off strong men yet gentle to the woman whom believed may have fractured herself.

Casualty finally safely lying on the stretcher and they were tying her up to ensure that she doens't slip and fall.
So, they were ready to transport her downhill.

I salute the effectiveness of the regular hikers who have basic first-aid knowledge.
These men really made Penang proud.
At least, we know that …

Moment of Magic at NZ Natural

Throughout my entire shopping experience in Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, the best customer service experience I encountered was at New Zealand Natural ice cream booth.

My sister wanted to get her favourite Durian Flo (RM16.90) but the sales girl was so good that she recommended the promotion so well that my sister bought a BIG TUB of low fat chocolate chip ice cream + free small tub of Durian flo = only Rm46.90

I admire the training given to the sales staff.
1. Greetings give to us when we were miles away
2. Friendly, approachable personality sales staff that made us comfortable
3. Clear explaination on the products/promotion
4. Recommendations / alternatives given to customer to their BEST convenience.
-- we paid and she (I recognized and remembered her name... Ally is the one) told us we could come back by providing the receipt to them --
-- since we wanted to go Jusco Bandar Perda --
5. Recognizes their customers
- from many miles away, the sales staff spotted my sister returning and imme…

2nd visit of Black Canyon Coffee

I like coffee - especially if the syrup really taste like coffee - as rich as ice cream.
It's my 2nd visit to Black Canyon cofee and it's been half a year since my first visit!
I decided to bring my sis there since I've bragged so much how good the coffee was then.
And, at least, I could still see crowd dining here, I bet the food is still good.

I think it was mocha that my sis ordered - honestly i dont remember.
I was on a budget and decided to skip luxury drinks.

My sis spaghetti - not so great.

The tomyam fussili I had that came with refreshing watermelon juice (RM9.90) It's really nice tomyam but I think I can't take spicy food as before. But for tomyam lovers, I strongly advice them to try. It took me quite long to complete and I had this complete pain on my throat craving for McD ice cream after that.

2 cakes in a Row

Bought 2 different cakes from
2 different places and
celebrated at 2 different places
with 2 sets of different people
for 2 different birthday girls
on the SAME Birthday MONTH.

Happy birthday girls!

1. Chocolate cake from Jenni's
2. Shinjutei

1. Chocolate mint cake 2. Northam beach cafe - from Pasta and Pie stall --> The best cake ever served in Penang --> i love the moist --> i bet they were generous in the right ingredients: eggs/mint/chocolate/butter -- not too much flour! oo Keep up the quality ya!? oo

But the drinks were expensive and aint like any other kopitiams. It's Rm1 more expensive than the usaul kopitiams. My 100+ = Rm2.50

Lolcat bible

I was browsing web and came across wikipedia entry on lolcat bible.

can you imagine John 3:16 which sounds like..

16So liek teh Ceiling Cat lieks teh ppl lots and he sez 'Oh hai I givez u me only kitteh and ifs u beleevs in him u wont evr diez no moar, k?
- John 3:16[4]

If I've mastered Lolcat language, i could start reading lolcat bible .

Too late for a Training Schedule for KL Marathon

I'm finally a little 'free' at work that I decided to follow the last week of the 10k training plan, which I think i have done my 2mile/3.2km run yesterday.
So, I'll revise the plan to run for 20 mins on Thurs/Fri.

Obviously it wont work this way. Maximum I ran was just 40 mins, ~5k/3.1miles
Never have I run for 70 mins!!

maybe will just do it on the actual marathon day!
Marathon is not about racing, but it's about self-discipline, endurance and perseverance!

7-Week 10k Training Schedule

Week 1:
Monday - Run 25 minutes, Tuesday - Run 2 miles, Wednesday - Off, Thursday - Run 30 minutes, Friday - Off, Saturday - Run 3 miles, Sunday - Off

Week 2:
Monday - Run 30 minutes, Tuesday - Run 2 miles, Wednesday - Off, Thursday - Run 35 minutes, Friday - Off, Saturday - Run 45 minutes, Sunday - Off

Week 3:
Monday - Run 40 minutes, Tuesday - Run 3 miles, Wednesday - Off, Thursday - Run 40 minutes, Friday - Off, Saturday - Run 4 miles, Sunday - Off

Week 4:
Monday - Run 30 minutes, Tuesday - R…

Benefits of Durian

I just had durian last Friday. Seems like there are some health benefits:

-Durian is extremely nutritious because it is rich in vitamin B, C and E and with high iron content. Eating durian is alleged to restore the health of ailing humans and animals.
-A preparation from its roots and leaves is prescribed by traditional doctors for fevers and jaundice.
-Decoctions of the leaves and fruits are applied to swellings and skin diseases.
-Durian fruit helps lower cholesterol.
-Durian is a strong blood cleanser.
-The ash of the burned rind is taken after childbirth.
-Durian contains high levels of the amino acid tryptophan, known to alleviate anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and create feelings of happiness, by raising levels of serotonin in the brain
-Durian contains high level of soft protein which makes it a good muscle builder.
-Durian has a reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac.
-Durian is recommended as a good source of raw fats.

My favourite Dessert: JELAK Feeling

I used to go crazy over TGI Friday's Mocha mud pie, but when I ordered the mud pie plus the brownies ice cream together..... It's like J-E-L-A-K. Lesson of the day: Don't order TWO desserts at one time

Shanghai Ding House of Dumpling

Since its opening at queensbay, I have never visited this place because I'm never a fan of chinese food. An uncle colleague liked to eat chinese food, so we decided to pay a visit to this place.

And, there we go, having the 'cheaper' version of Siu Long Bao than Dragon-i.

And of course the roasted pork and the pork belly stuff.
I liked the buns and the sauce -> really felt good having them in my tummy but those porky stuff is way too fattening.

The siu yok was a bit small and I think the siu yok rice at the hawkers are better.

But they have some cute dimsum (minus the porks - yes I dont really like minced pork - I can steam it myself).

The pokey buns with custard fillings were nice and the thorns were done really well!
Of course, the mango cheese balls.

La Mien - Comparing it with competitor? But, I think it was so-so. Please cut down on MSG OK? It's too salty for my likings..

Nom nom.. And the fried turnips (loh bak gou) which is so much cheaper than canton-i. (of course, I st…

k770i Night scene - Ugly :(

Very boh sui :( can never adjust it to the right mode

Paddington House Of Pancake, Queensbaymall Penang

I've only been two or three times of PHOP in Queensbaymall as it was rather expensive for a normal lunch.

So there we go, since it was for a birthday celebration, and they had the around the world promotion. I was trying hard to capture some pics :D The Flat white was really good, at least i could feel the foam steam milk in my tounge. However, I was pretty dissapointed with my Mexican set, as I didnt' felt like mexican at all. It tasted more like lasagna to me. (i would recommend the Brussels or Japanese set)
The birthday pancake was cool :) It was plain normal ice cream with the pancakes which I really liked, cause i love pancakes