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While I was at Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

Needless to say, a picture speaks a thousand words, seated with IFC Tower2 as my background. It was Valentine's day season.
I was strolling along Avenue of Stars. And I had a special dedication from HK. It was so crazy that it was just the few of us that rotated among ourselves taking funny pictures of the light display.
I was so crazy enough to go and take pictures of it again two days later..

Of course, with my sis too......

p/s: what's that guy doing!?????? taking photographs of what?

Honeymoon Dessert, IFC Mall

According to my friend, she preferred Honeymoon Dessert, IFC mall better than the Huilaushan franchise. So, we all went there on Valentine's day. While others were having their candlelight dinner, we had our candlelight desserts right at the tallest building in Hong Kong. I couldn't find anything interesting, thus, ordered Mango Sago. My sis had her all-time favourite DURIAN. She burped D-U-R-I-A-N.
I just came to know that Honeymoon desserts has its branch opened in 1U, PJ.
That's like shocking seeing the promotional brochure over the internet. It's been 1 year+ since I last stepped my foot in 1U. I must go one of these months..

Just today at church..

Ps Kul Bal preached for the weekend at PCC.
Somewhat, I did felt that he has an anointing power from God.
He could be very sure of seeing things that I see.

I didn't stayed back for Healing, thus not too sure if there were any testimonies.
One thing for sure, he was fair enough to pray for the congregation (all of us).
And asked us all to pray for ourselves..

Psalm 30:2 - O Lord, My God, I called you for help and you healed me.

Let's just believe that we have been healed and cancel the past.

Day out @ Sandy Bay Paradise, Penang

Go Go Go... Cycle faster..

Run run run.. Run at the treadmill.. Until...
it was getting faster. faster and faster... until... Oopsiee. E22 -->> ERROR! Darn! I had not even started sweating... The gym is a no-no. Quite run-down already.

Perhaps I should swim instead. It was a little challenge for me on the other side since I couldn't put my feet on the ground; yes, i had to learn to float.
And after 7pm-ish..... Took some pictures by the beach... So obvious that I needed to go more workout.

But why a buffet dinner?

The Delifrance ala-carte definitely tasted way better than the limited buffet spread they have.
Since it was an all-paid complimentary vouchers, why not?Honestly, if it's not for free, i wouldn't pay for this RM48 Buffet dinner.
I would consider that the service provided by the foreign immigrants is not too bad, but then again, like I said, the choices is way too limited.Thanks gurls for the day... :)

Baby Nephew Sleeping

Baby Nephew sleeping.. He's a little too big for this carrier because he's going to be a big boy soon..

Transportation in Hong Kong

For the sake of convenience while travelling, remember to get an Octopus card (Pat Dat Tong). At least we don't have to worry about loose change.

1. Hong Kong MTR
It's cool to learn that there is a 'special' discount to gain its' customers to take MTR instead of the Ferry.
We could go to some stations to scan for HKD2 rebate.
So far, I know of Central (nearby SoHo) for Central Station and Harbour city (near supercity supermarket) for Tsim Sha Tsui Station.
Central To TST is quite expensive - HDK7++!!
I only realised that after I scanned my octi card then.
I rather take the ferry!! only HKD1.70!!

2. Hong Kong Ferry
HKD2.20 for upper deck and HKD1.70 for lower deck.
I tried both the rides many many times..... since I traveled between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui very often...

3. Hong Kong Bus
I took A21 (HKD33) from the airport to TST - Very reasonable compared to Taxi (it'd be ~HKD300)

4. Cable car - It's Ocean Park.. ! (another place is Ngong Ping 360)
5.China Ferry Termina…

Hong Kong Top Shopping Malls

Being a person who enjoys shopping malls, I can't stop enjoying the chilled aircon around the malls. You really need a 'scarf' or light jacket around.

Harbour city, Tsim Sha Tsui = That's where I stayed

IFC Mall, Central And the filipino hangout place on Sundays.

I think it's Langham Place, Mong kok - pretty long escalator
- one of the biggest H&M stall I found.

Times Square, Causeway bay
I saw people lining up and I lined up for freebies.
I think it's awareness on Hong Kong Law
- free recycle bag, keyrings, hp rings and mouse pad

Pacific Place, Admiralty..

And not forgetting their mannings and wellcome stores.
The other top shopping mall is Festive walk in Kowloon Tong -> not a place for women I guess. (hehe)

DUBAI Lilypad Floating City‏

Impressive ! I wonder how would they still have the cashflow to build all these...