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Great Ocean Road - 12 apostles

It was a random HDR test picture.
I still cant get the hang of it......!

A Leaning Faith

I thought I was reading an old ODJ, but i jumped across the page and read randomly.

Mark 9: 14-29
I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief! (v24)

There are many times in life that we thought we believe, but sometimes we dont.
It takes another big step of faith to totally doing it while believing it.

Sydney - Staying there - Post 2

There we were...
To get to Sydney Central, all you need to do is to buy the train tickets from the airport.
It's pretty convenient - just that it's really expensive (i think it was $18) for a 10 min ride :)

When I checked in there, pretty shocking that it was mostly populated by young people, as in... those below 20...................I never felt so old before... Probably i should opt for YHA or some other cheap hotels :)
We asked for a 4-bedded dorm, but ended up, there was no all-female dorm.
It was shocking when I opened up the door and saw men inside!Then again, we requested until we got ourselves an all-female dorm.
(pretty an experience especially if we are traveling alone)

It's interesting seeing different room mates every night, all over from different countries, and I was surprised how 'quiet' they were during the night. In fact, it was too quiet that they weren't even back home! Took this when there were no-one in the dorm :)

Sydney - Getting there - First post!

It was very early in the morning, probably 5am (2am malaysian time?)
We took a taxi to Southern Cross to catch the sky bus.
The taxi driver actually tried to tell us that it's cheaper to take the taxi instead of skybus (i don't believe him!)

Oh well, the sky bus is pretty convenient as it runs 24x7.
Next time, i must plan out well to choose a better timing to catch the shuttle at a pick up point.

Since it's my first time traveling domestic and worrying that I might be late with long queues and all, I actually reached the airport very much earlier than expected.

So, after checking in at the Tiger Airway's terminal (it's a separate area just for Tiger's domestic flights), we went to McD's.
Ordered their mini coffee (Only $1.50) while finishing the bananas that we bought from Queen Vic Mart.
They have Krispy Kreme too - but it's not open cause it's way too early.

:D A bit lost around the airport

Getting back there at the terminal.
I'm impressed that they don…

Trusting God

For Psalms 37:3-5 says..

3 Trust in the LORD and do good;
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.

4 Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart.

5 Commit your way to the LORD;
trust in him and he will do this:

I have always been reading this psalms over and over again... to the extend that I once dreamt about someone showing this passage to me.

It's a constant reminder that I must trust God in all things I do..
and how would we realise that we have not completely let off all our burdens to God?

That's constant seeking and asking God... that I require..

Austin Chase Coffee

It's been opening quite a while and since there weren't much crowd on a sunday afternoon, I decided to get my friends to try at Austin Chase. Seems like there are quite a few sprouting around malaysia, but somehow, it didn't manage to pull other coffee outlet's crowd.

Since there was a lunch promo and I didn't know what to eat, I decided to just follow what they have on the set menu.

I think it's turkey ham and cheese with some chips.
Very, very light and small serving.

And, chicken ham and cheese with plain bread.
Almost the same stuff...

It was just too plain that I asked a lot of mustard sauce :D
Almond coffee and Mocha ice blended - not too bad except that the ice didn't get blended too well.. At least, the espresso was strong enough that I could't sleep well that night.

It wasn't because the food was finger licking good, but I was just using my hands to eat the sandwiches..
Well , at least i think the staff were friendly, and one of them did try to ta…