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A belated post for Mother's Day Lunch at Lunarich, One Precinct, Penang

It has been 6 months since last I blogged.!!! Wow, that's really inconsistent.
I better start kicking my own butt and move on.

I used to blog about places that I have been, but after a while, I realised that there is nothing superb to share, thus, I ended up keeping the pictures in my picasa album, doing nothing about it.

Since the last 10 yrs I blogged, I have seen many other food bloggers who blog really well, equipped with big cameras and  photos uploaded are usually very attractive, edited with watermarks.

Anyway, this is Lunarich, One Precinct, at Bayan Baru, Penang.
It was a lunch I had with my family for mother's day, supposedly.
I was quite disappointed that lunch sets are only available during weekday lunches (that makes me thinking to go again some day).

It was taken so long ago, that I don't remember the exact name of the food we ordered.

Purposely taken, to make the pizza looked huge. I think it was vegetarian pizza. I love the basil leaves laid on each of the…