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Lone Pine, Penang

It was a working day but since it has been a long time since she came by to Penang, I visited her and took a lot of sampat pictures.

Yeah. I'm not growing up.
As long as I still act this way.

Since it's still xmas season, the room rates are pretty HIGH along batu ferringhi.
It's about Rm200-Rm300 range for the cheapest range.
The reception looks something like this.

As we exit out the room, it has a little garden which is rather 'unique' in its way.
The room, biasa only la.
The 'old' and 'antique' settings.

I try to look professional photography, but I guess I fail terribly.
At the entrance, it has very pretty doors with a light bulb in the middle.Our signature pose... "Nose digging"

Janice Dickinson - 12 Days of Christmas

Gonna post the youtube video later as I do not have access to in the office:

Fledgling modeling agency.
Two giant breasts.
Three former husbands.
Four Italian suits.
Five naked men.
Six paparazzi.
Seven doctors injecting.
Eight techs a-waxing.
Nine models prancing.
Ten gays a-primping.
Eleven charges pending.
Twelve boyfriends begging.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

My 2nd gift exchange of the year.. Lovely cute Xmas Tree during Matthew and Friends (Xmas party).. :D
May this Christmas continue to remind us about Christ Birth.

His reason to be here.
And it was God's love for us that He was sent here.
To die for our sins.
So that we would be able to reconcile with God.

I don't like Breeks, Queensbay

It's Christmas Eve and my workmates (including bosses) decided to have a nice sumptious lunch at queensbay.
We chose Breeks.
Overall, the food in Breeks is not too bad.
However, the service and quality of food really getting BAD!.

Rating (1 bad - 10 good) : I'd give 3... teruk la!!

1. The chicken pattie had so little spagetti (it's just not standard)
2. The Xmas set lunch did not come with the soup. I highlighted to them after the desert and they insisted that it's a set that they needed to serve us that as well. THE "snobbish' manager decided to just give a 10% discount on the xmas set lunch since it was late and I dont' want the soup anymore. How could that be?

Btw, Xmas set was RM32.90. NOT cheap! I think Friday's 3 course meal is WAYY better!

Is this what we call "customer service?"
Shouldn't they compensate us back with something?
WHY am I paying for the mistakes they made?
Shame on them!
Even McDonalds could do better (yes, I always lo…

Cheap Laksa?

I was surprised that there is still cheap laksa around.
In Penang, most stalls are selling at Rm2.50 (due to inflation).

Christmas Season

It's Christmas weekend.
Finally, choir practices and all has ended. We presented 4 songs to the church.
Cantata: The word, the person and the song

And what would Jesus do for us?
Someone who came down in the MESSY world.
Because our lives are messy.
We live in Sin.
That HE came.
In a simple way. (in a stable)
HE came to change the world.

Happy Tong Yuen

Happy Tong Yuen Festival..
My mom just made plain colored tong yuens..
Boiled some syrup.
add some black sesame.....

And voila.... Tong Yuen for breakfast

Should you leave your phone #?

If you knock a parked car, should you hit and run?
or should you leave your contact #?

Of course you should leave your contact #!
Be responsible!

I really hate it when this happened to me.
Though I parked illegally, still.!?? Should you knock my car?

meimeizoe & Stitch

Finally, the stitch is being removed.
Though there is still some liquid coming out, but i think it's healling and recovering fast.
I hope the blood clot would go away soon, and that the wound would start to dry up.

A Christmas on Friday's.. or My birthday?

It's Christmas.. and let's have the 3-course meal in Friday's.
I tried doing that blur effect in Picasa.... and not sure if this look horrible or what.

Martini Shrimp, Mac N CheeseBites and Mushroom Soup.
Martini Shrimp - A little spicy
Mac N Chees Bites - Not too bad if you like macaroni
Mushroom soup - best mushroom soup in the WORLD!!

My Favourite MudPie ...
My blurry effect again..

(oopsie. . I didn't take pics of the main course.... but i have tonnes of those pics with other ppl's faces with their food. lolz) what are these people doing?? Celebrating whose birthday? I don't know la..
It's not my birthday.
Why didn't they sing Rasa Sayang?

My speech - Increment and good focal review for me (targetting my boss!!)

I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Bombe Alaska

These are pretty old pictures, but it was taken during lunch 3 months ago at Victoria Station.
We were supposed to celebrate a birthday for a colleague, since we didn't had cake for her, so, we ordered this whipped cream/egg thingy....

The waiter sort of burnt it with the bunsen with some alcohol stuff inside.

And there we go.. Bomb Alaska.. Poor Alaska.

Being A Pure Glutton

I was at the Penang Christmas Open House.
Since it was raining heavily, I stood beside the buffet line.

I saw some people tahpau-ing in the ice cream container.
I see some aunties getting the left over cakes and tahpau-ed in their plastic bags.
I see some uncles eating in gluttony.
I see some teenagers eating in gluttony.

I only had one plate from the MAKSAK caterers. A good portioning for myself.
I had enough.

Why didn't the public had enough?
Did they starved themselves before they come here for free food?
Many came just for the free food.
Why would they eat more than what they have?
Don't they sound like those people during Moses time asking for manna and quail?
Shouldn't they eat what is enough for them for the day?
Why did they store and keep?

Same for buffets.
Yes, we paid for it.
But that doesn't mean we should eat more than what our body can contain.
Are we destroying our own body system?
I don't think buffets are meant to be that way.

Not many people actually watched the pres…

A week of resting

I was on leave on Monday, and then was on MC for Thursday and Friday.
Which means, I only worked for 2 days for the entire week.
Pretty bad huh.

It was a time where I had the most sleep as I can't go out, I can't go shopping.
I practically can't do much.

I feel much better today, especially after church that my hands were able to move more.
At least, at one point, I got really scared about L-I-F-E.

It rained during Christmas Open house.
Is it a sign?
I felt that there are a lot of mishaps towards this Christmas season:

1. I got my injured hand.
MY friend fell off from her bike and had 7 stitches on her chin (what can be worst than me?)
2. Heavy downpour during Xmas Open house
3. Things not going fine in life

It just scare me, that I didn't know what to do, and started continueing reading the bible reading plan which I stopped since Feb.
Now I'm at Exodus. (chapter 13-21)

Things that struck me:

1. God will FIGHT for us!
2. God will Heal us!
3. God who provides (food)
4. The Lord is our…

Usefulness of Right Hand

Since I hurt myself.. I find that i'm rather handicapped without my right hand:

1. Can't work/type on the laptop
2. Cant drive - it hurts when i bend my fingers or try to grip something
3. Can't hold chopsticks
4. Can't bathe properly - I depended a lot on the shower (Thank God for showers)
5. Can't shake hand - I had problem during my usher duty last SUNDAY. Some people may think that I have a problem not wanting to shake their hands. BUt, the fact that if they shake too hard, I'm afraid, they will break the stitches
6. CAN'T GO FOR STARWALK - scared la. .later ppl push me and fall down.. then Nightmare in Elm Street already

Insurance Claim

I was explaining to one of my church members how did I got my wound.

She is doing insurance and many times, she has clients who committed suicide and had to put a valid reason in it.
She can put taking the wrong pills as one of the reasons.

As for cuts, she can use my reason..
while washing in the kitchen, the client cuts herself.

Good one huh.

Starwalk 2007

I registered much earlier, but I guess, I will skip this round since I have yet to remove the stitches.
I wouldn't want someone else to bang me.
Looking at the crowd, I think it's hard to avoid any mishaps to happen.
I've been careless these days.

I may fall and break my leg.

Better be safe.

Domestic Hazards

Never would I thought that washing a bowl would seriously injure myself..
How would that happen?

Reaally hard to imagine.
Would my boss thought that I deliberately hurt myself to get more MC?

It was my first time seeing my own white bones.

It was a REAAALLLLL Shocking experience.
It was also my first time having stitches.

Would this painful experience leave me a bad physical and emotion scar?

Process to fix an open wound
1. Wash the wound with antiseptic
2. Inject both sides of the skin with anestetic
3. Take out the fishing hook liked needle.
4. Sew once. Cut the string away.
5. Repeat step 5 till the wound is covered.
6. Clean the oozing blood from the wound
7. Put flannel on the dressing and apply

While I was at Sally's concert few months back..

Kinda cute seeing ppl taking pics with their cameras..
That i always do it most of time with my friends as well. :D

The Seven Habits of Growing Christians - Tan Soo Inn

Another habits that we should start practising:

1. Bible Study
"all Scripture is inspirted by God"

2. Prayer
"pray then in this way.."

3. Journaling
"remember what the Lord your God did".
-->>> ok i'm blogging more these days about God's goodness

4. Corporate worship
5. Community
->> that's what CG is for

6. Receving mentoring
->>> cannot find la!

7. Retreats
Mark 6:30-32: "Come away to a deserted placeall by yourselves and rest a while"
->> yeah.. camps!

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - By Covey

I was then asked by my boss if I would like to go for the external training for 3 days.
I was thinking hard.
I declined it.

3 Reasons:
1. Backup may not be able to cope with the job load as our big boss is coming
2. I needed more technical training to sharpen my skills
3. Going there on my own (alone)

anyway... then again... the principles were as below;

1. Be Proactive.
You can either be proactive or reactive when it comes to how you act about certain things. Being "proactive" means taking responsibility for everything in life. When you're reactive, you blame other people and circumstances for obstacles or problems. Initiative, and taking action will then follow. Covey shows how man is different from other animals in that he has self-consciousness. He has the ability to detach himself and observe his own self, think about his thoughts. He goes on to say how this attribute enables him. It gives him the power not to be affected by his circumstances. Covey talks about 'Stimulu…

TGIF's 3 Course Meal

I can't wait to have the mudpie again...

Should Men Offer to Drive?

There are different types of men....

1. MCPs that they should be driving so that they would feel in control
2. Kiamsiap guys who would wanna save every cent of their petrol
3. Lazy guys who expect girls to drive them
4. Guys who would volunteer girls a ride (MY DREAM GUY)

I just couldn't underestand that why there are so many guys whom I met is so unwilling to drive girls around!!!??? So sissy

At the same time, there are different types of women..

1. Powerful girl who would prefer to drive on their own
2. Powerful girl who can drive independently yet would prefer to allow guys to drive them out (That's me!!! haha)
3. Girls who can drive to specific place (home-> work, home->groceries)
4. Girls who can drive but don't wish to drive
5. Girls who don't even possess a driver's licence ( so malufying, and so sia-soi)

Christmas is all about GIVING

We learn to bless people through giving gifts to people. Last sunday, pastor repeated the fact that God sent his ONE and ONLY son to DIE for us to CLEANSE our sins, so that we would be able to reconcile back with GOD.

Many times, many of us think that we are unworthy to receive God's love, but it's not true at all. God loves us despite of anything (whether we are fat/short/thin/tall/naughty/nice).

An illustration was used.
Pastor showed a new RM50 note to the congregation.
Then he squashed it, crumpled it, stepped on it, threw it.
And, he picked up the RM50 and asked if we would still want the RM50 note?
(congregation hands were raised up indicating that they would want to have the RM50 note)

The RM50 value did not change despite of the changes it has gone through.
Same goes to our lives, even if we have sinned before God, God still wants us and loves us for who we are.
Many many times, we try hard to avoid sinning, but, SIN came that we can't avoid.
We can only lean to GOD and tru…

Never Wear Skirts in Public!!

Just a few weeks ago, I blogged about Robinsons that we ladies got to be really careful and really have to think TWICE wearing skirts to public places especially shopping malls.

Why MEN (I'm generalizing) are so SICKENING?
Got nothing better to do?

There is a video posted at with an incident of a lady shopper at Tesco being spy cam-ed underneath!!!!!!!

Sale at Padini concept Store

Just last weekend, I managed to get a P&Co white skirt for 70% at Gurney plaza, Penang.
Today, I was trying my luck in QBM but sadly I couldn't find somehting i really want (which is CHEAP)

Jeans that I'm wearing is only RM30 (after 70% discount)
Tank Top that Soo Ling is wearing is only RM12 (after 70% discount)

This is only RM15 (after 70%).
I thought I'd like this, but i realised that I'd look pregnant wearing it.
Gee.......... I must work on my abs.

I must go for BELLY DANCING (one fine day).

There were a lot more items (12 altogether) but we returned all to the sales girl.
Lolz...... but the weird thing is, there isn't any sale for the shoes??!?I had to use my HSBC card to get the 10% OFF since I don't have PADINI member card.

Christmas @ Queensbay

Queensbay Mall has many christmas trees all over the mall (and also high school musical).
Sadly, they didn't set up a huge xmas tree at the main atrium like last year..

Posing with the tree behind us.

Nice glittering spirals at the main atrium.
Pose lagi with the spiral at the background.
And ho-ho-ho Merry christmas!!!
Today is a VERY VERY VERY unlucky day for me.
1. CIMB deposit machine is not working
2. I did not manage to get any nice clothes
3. The pipe burst causing the whole shopping mall with NO WATER! = DIRTY TOILETS!!I truly hate the toilets in Queensbay mall.
4. Eating outlets may not have water supply as well = i had walnut bread from La Boheme only .:(
5. Vico 400gm costs only RM5.40 but the cashier scanned as RM6.90. Luckily I rectified the matter well. Hm.. Vico? Not Milo? oh yes.. I'm trying to change my tounge's liking..

Upper Penang Road

Parking is always very hard in night places.
Most illegal PA (parking attendants) take the opportunity to get extra income out of it.
These days, parking in Penang cost about RM5.

However, we had a brilliant idea to park at City Bayview Hotel since it cost Rm3.
Oh well. It's Rm5 if your ticket is not chopped.
(so, be smart to get the ticket chopped!)

E&O Hotel can be so beautiful while you are looking from the City Bayview Hotel.
New pub, Mois, No. 1 Penang Road.
The old SS, and it's still operating, despite the # of crowed has decreased so much.

Beach Blanket Babylon. It's nice!
The interior of Sega Fredo 1st floor.

ANd us. .:D

I signed up for PPP!

It was dragon that introduced me into this.
Since I blog rather often these days, he asked me to earn some $$ out of it.
Well, I'm the kinda person who would work blindly for $$.
I wouldn't know how to grab good opportunities that come along.

Since PPP is new to me, I might as well give it a shot.
Well, why not? Blog and earn at the same time?
My part time living since the price of petrol is hiking up, food is hiking up as well?
Tell me what is getting cheaper, aside of technology products?
Let's do it then!

Steps starting with PPP is quite simple (Yet I still need help as I hate reading instructions!)

How to start with PPP?
1. Go to
2. Sign up and fill up a form and insert your blog address (make sure your blog is a public blog, else we will need to change the settings first)
3. Wait for email noticiation for the blog to be approved (It takes about 1 week for the entire process to be completed)
4. Login to, go to "Open Opportunities" and …

My Wantan Mee Story

It was after a meetup in UPR that I had a sudden craving for supper.
I have never had supper for a very long time in my life (as I'm afraid getting fatter).
Since my blood test results are very promising, we decided to stop by at Terenganu Road famous Wantan mee.

I was shocked when this little plate costs me RM2.50.
It was like 3 servings in my mouth and there... the plate was emptied.
It wasn't exactly that 'wonderful' or 'superb' and it was just a normal plate of mee.
I prefered the 'smooth and shiny' outlook feel rather than this fat rough mee actually.

A cuppa Hot Horlicks-O costs RM1.40?
I wonder how much would Milo is now.??? Since the new revised price is RM28.80 per pack??
That's soooo crazy....

Anyway, it's ok-lah.
There is not much commitments yet for me except my study loan :P

Learning Hokkien :)

Nick Vujicic

It was a few years ago that he came to Penang that I missed the opportunity for his meetings. It seems like many lives are touched. God can work many ways in different people. Same for us. We could focus on our strengths to overcome our weakness. But what is my strength? I really need to find out.

Half man Half Tree

It's kinda scary but that's what I received from a forwarded mail.
Sometimes, am I glad that I'm very much normal and I don't have to go through such humiliation? Yet, not sure the reason GOD allow this thing to happen in this man's life.
Is he supposed to impact/touch or even change someone's life?

I would say he's an extraordinary person, that I would believe that he would be judged differently by God during the judgement days.

Tree man 'who grew roots' may be cured By Matthew Moore Last Updated: 10:10am GMT 13/11/2007
An Indonesian fisherman who feared that he would be killed by tree-like growths covering his body has been given hope of recovery by an American doctor - and Vitamin A. Dede, now 35, baffled medical experts when warty "roots" began growing out of his arms and feet after he cut his knee in a teenage accident.

The welts spread across his body unchecked and soon he was left unable to carry out everyday household tasks. Sacked from…

LCD TV Over Plasma TV

Taken from

Plasma TV Overview : More like CRT style. Plasma television technology is based loosely on the fluorescent light bulb. The display itself consists of cells. Within each cell two glass panels are separated by a narrow gap in which neon-xenon gas is injected and sealed in plasma form during the manufacturing process. The gas is electrically charged at specific intervals when the Plasma set is in use. The charged gas then strikes red, green, and blue phosphors, thus creating a television image. Each group of red, green, and blue phosphors is called a pixel (picture element).

LCD TV: Different technology. LCD panels are made of two layers of transparent material, which are polarized, and are "glued" together. One of the layers is coated with a special polymer that holds the individual liquid crystals. Current is then passed through individual crystals, which allow the crystals to pass or block light to create imag…

Different countries Different McD

CHeck out the link:

In India , there are no Big Macs because the Hindu people don't eat beef.

However, they have the Maharaja Mac, which is a Big Mac made of lamb or chicken meat. There is also a vegetarian burger, the McAloo Tikki.

In fish-loving Norway , they have the McLaks, a sandwich made of grilled salmon and dill sauce.

It's bottoms up in Germany , where McDonald's serves - Beer!

In parts of Canada , have a lobster dinner with the McLobster lobster roll. Pardon me - "McHomard" (in French).

Japan totally reinvents McDonald's with its Ebi Filet-O (shrimp burgers), Koroke Burger (mashed potato, cabbage and katsu sauce, all in a sandwich), Ebi-Chiki (shrimp nuggets) and Green Tea-flavored milkshake!

In Chile , you can dress your burgers with - not ketchup - avocado paste!

In Costa Rica , unsurprisingly, you can order Gallo …

Mothers mothers..

I'm seeing more and more friends getting married and having babies.
I'm like an aunty.

Everytime, i would hear them talking about their confinement and methods to take care of their babies.

Seems like this is quite a good site for information.
Different ppl have different supertitions and ways...

Very interesting ...

Can I breastfeed if my nipple is short or inverted?
Evert-ItThere is this invention called “Evert-It” which deals with this problem. I bought it from the Internet due to recommendations in a breastfeeding book that I read. The verdict - yes, it helped in the beginning, but once your baby learns the correct latch-on, you won’t need it anymore. I also found that if you use a breast pump, you can achieve the same result. I use Avent Isis. - Nor Azleena

Bee Movie

Since it was my birthday month and needed to use up the voucher by 30 Nov, I had to go for Bee Movie in Queensbay mall though I prefered Stardust (only screening in Gurney).
It's not that good.
The jokes weren't good.
The facts werent' clear.
The ideas weren't GREAT.

And it reflected that bees are STUPID, and humans too!
What ler? Why fight for Bee Rights?
Why humans can't spread the pollens that all the flowers died?

It's just too stupid and I couldn't actually accept that.

Same like Ratatouille. It's really GROSS seeing RATS cooking my meals.
Both movies are giving children the wrong ideas about theses animals.
Rats are filthy.
Bees are dangerous when they are about to sting u..