Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MY First Out of Town Marathon

I'm so glad that my friends asked me to join them along in Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009. Joining a run out of town is much tougher than doing it at my home state.

Cause, i had problem sleeping the night before and HAD a long DAY meeting up and shopping around!!
Runner of the week die-die also must make it!!

Since parking would be a hassle around Dataran Mederka, we bought the all-day pass to take Rapid KL at 5am!

They made us walk - and I followed blindly as I dont know the way!

Some pictures taken before the race

Ta-da! My first bungee!

Hip Hip HOoray!!
10km 11km marathoners had their medals

We had to walk to masjid jamek for LRT.
Sorry to all the passengers - they had to smell our sweats.

Ju looking cute. :D
+ Me and yien..

And I got the pic from the standard chartered FB page.
I saw this spiderman and overtook him.
I was wondering why he was running so slow then I read about him that he's already 69!
Way to go uncle.. !!

Results out. I passed.
But can i make it for Adidas RUN? 2 mins lag..

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ww said...

whohoooh! way to go, gurlsss

sweaty babes with flushed cheeks, in sports apparel turn me on :P

what i mean is - seeing u guys inspire me to EXERCISE!!! - hahahaa