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Talkabout in town

My colleague asked me if I've watched the video from about this boy.. i was like.. what was that? hm.. sounds familiar.. sounds something i read about (but never watched)

I would say there will be many people talking about it (either support or hated him) but I would not dare to comment anything about it... here's the video:

First part

Second Part

Third part
- removed since it's controversial... :)
but anyone would be able to search the video from youtube..

Just b4 going back to dreamland...

I thought my nightmare series have ended.
I thought I would not be influenced by the list of Gory movies I watched (88 minutes, disturbia, vacancy, 28 weeks later...... )

I was in a huge shopping mall, packed with people.
There was just too many shoppers and passers-by and I realised that some of my friends had turned into another person. They were sort of possessed by spirits/demons. In the dream, I called them robots (just like transformer's decepticons).

In the beginning, I didn't know how we could get infected thus, I started running away from people who walked weirdly. I was with my friend and I led her to hide in a toilet at the cinema area which is right at the top floor. Then, I decided to move to the departmental store. Some of the sales promoter were unaware of the situation and were still working. I told them about it and hid at the fitting room. The robots started attacking people. I closed my eyes and defended badly that they won't disturb me.

We ran out of the bui…

thestar thumnails submission

I just submitted this pic.. i wonder if it would get posted at

Brasil 68

Eversince 68 Kelawei had re-branding to Brasil 68, I have yet to visit that place.
Although there was not much renovation, but the concept of the fine dining was changed to brasilian food.
We were the only customers for set lunch..
We started the main course with mushroom soup - no pictures though cause I thought it was pretty common..
I had dory fish
And they had a few types of sweet/hot/sour sauces..And my friend ordered the Brazilian Churrascaria and it's worth it. The Passador came with lotsa meat and you can request for unlimited meat as you like... and just look at his plate!!!!
And he gave me some of the meat (eww.. i'm getting fat)Got chicken (2 big thighs), lamb (2 pieces cut), beef (3 PIECES!!!) and pineapple with cinnamon (3 pieces!!!)I was glad that I cleaned my plate well... that the blueberry bread pudding came with the cuppa coffee. Look at it, no sugar/creamer/milk added for me. I like the bitter taste.And the most expensive drink was the mineral water that costs RM4…

Matchmaking Service

I encountered a couple of times that friends would like to match me with another friend, or would promote the other guy heavily to me. Can't believe it that I have to go thru this..... and people kept asking me, if there is any nice guy around at church.

I ALSO WISHED... if there are nice guys around.. but most nice guys are usually:
1. married
2. attached
3. gay
4. transvestite
5. playboy (manipulative)
6. different religion
7. financially unstable - no $$ no talk
8. too much commitment (family, career)
10. TOO OLD!!!
etc etc..


And the funniest thing is... I've came across another friend who encountered the same issue as me. She had an aunty friend to match make another person to her. . (which is even worst)..... what the !&@^^#%@#@

Free WiFi at Starbucks

Honest speaking, it was my first time bringing my laptop to Starbucks.
I tried accessing Coffee bean's Airzed with an IPAQ but never Starbucks.
I never thought it was necessary to use it since I've got Streamyx broadband connection at home.

Since my friend wanted to show me her vacation pics, thus, I decided to bring along my "brick" while enjoying our Frappucino (Ehh.. not cheap... Rm15 for a cuppa Venti).

Earlier in the afternoon, I asked some friends if they have any idea connecting to the wireless.
Do we need a timezone account and blah blah blah......... oh well.. for this outlet, it's an unsecured network.... so what I did was refresh network list and VOILA.. I was ONLINE!! Hooray!
Steps getting online in starbucks
1. Turn on your laptop - preferably, choose a spot with power supply
2. Turn on wireless
3. Refresh network list
4. Connect to "Timezone" (it was unsecured network, thus Passkey was not required)
5. Internet Explorer will be launched automatically

Free Lunch

Since the opening of Swensens in Queensbay, I never tried having lunch there (except dinners/tea time/supper).
Today, we decided to try the set lunch and it comes out pretty reasonable (though my lunch was paid by my boss) With just RM17.90++, I got to enjoy Pumpkin soup, main course (sourdough 49ers beef) and peppermint cone ice cream. Not too bad huh? If I were to order all these meals separately, it would cost almost RM30.

Are we Done yet?

Official website:
I don't understand how the animals responded to him.... but he finally succeeded building his house (even though he was irritated so much with the contractor (Chuck).


I sold newspaper and papers/mags/ads today!
8kg for Rm2.40

That makes RM0.30 for 1 kg.. Good rates or not?

The newspaperman has a very cute son (with specs) who would help him on weekends.

Tune Hotel

At first I thought it'd just be RM9.99 for all rooms, then again, it's the same marketing gimmick as Airasia. Most rooms during weekend is about Rm60-RM80. Then again, I tried choosing it on my birth date... and it's only RM9.99 for a single room and Rm19.99 for double room! Oh Wow.. then again, it's a Monday..

Nigerian Scam - That's what you call it?

I can't believe that I still receive such emails via my yahoo..
I used to be a shopper and walmart shopper (someone with the surname Zeng)... and people used to think that I'm a piano performer all over the world (Well. she's a great piano player from Seremban, same chinese name as me)..

And now.. What the???


From: Mrs.Elizabeth Cusova.
Chisinau,Republic Of Moldova


Please forgive me if this message comes to you as a surpriseI was divinely inspired to pick your name among other namesfound in the Internet database,after series of prayers andGod's direction. I am Mrs.Elizabeth Vladimir Cusova acitizen of Republic Of Moldova.I was a farmer byprofession.But currently undergoing medical treatment. I wasmarried to Dr. Cusova Vladimir who was a successfullbusiness man.We went on vacation to India when he hard anattack and we came back home. My husband later died of theattack and a sickness know a…

Trains again

The last time i sat on a train was 2 months ago when i was in Singapore.
I always get facinated on how the train system works. It really helps commuters to save time and at the same time, would be able to estimate their journey.

I remembered vaguelly in the dream that I had a free hotel stay in Parkroyal, Batu Ferringghi. I was supposed to tumpang someone to Northam road to take the train over to there. Not quite sure what happened, but it's just two stops away. :)

It must be RapidPenang coming up. I hope to use the service soon!

The Drive of Life

I was watching Astro On Demand (AOD) about the latest cantonese serial, The Drive of Life 歲月風雲. It's a typical serial that revolves rich family feud. Very exciting......
Wish to get the serials copied to my hdd and watch...


I've been asked to register facebook account (which is similar to friendster, hi5, multiply and etc) and I've got only 1 friend. How pathetic. Haha.

MY Ideal job

How weird my name speaks of my job. haha.
That forwarded excel sheet is funny..


Yesterday was double 2007 and it only happen once in a lifetime.
(but then again, everyday only happen ONCE in our life time!)
Supposed to bring double happiness?
That's what most people received the SMS in chinese....

So, next year, it's gonna be 20082008. So funny.

Penang Bridge

The last time i took was 20 years ago....... wanted to retake it.. sui boh? Nowadays, they have the divider blocking our sunset view. :(

Little Komtar... (circled in red)

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Got to click to the picture for 'larger' view...

What happen to Sinners?

We were once sinners.
Jesus came down to earth to die for our sins.
We are cleansed by his blood and is free from bondage.
But, we are till human.
We Sin again.
We ask for forgiveness again.
We Sin, We repent.
The cycle goes round and round.

Giving our Fragment of Life

The pastor spoke about keep on giving for the works of God with the illustration of Jesus and his disciples feeding 5000 men with 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread.

How could it be possible? The food may only be enough for Jesus and his disciples.
But for the whole large crowd?
The story was told that Jesus kept on giving his disciples to distribute to the multiples and the supply is continuous. They stopped giving only when there is no one else to give or the crowd already had enough.

During the altar call, pastor asked to tear off the bible and place that fragment infront.
Many felt very 'sim tia' for their precious bible but at least, in doing so, whenever the missing page is flipped, we are reminded about our commitment to give a fraction of our life (time/money/effort) back to God.

Oh well.. I didn't bring my bible............ and moreoever, I was late.. :(
Anyway, I was touched by the message and how the church responded to the message.

Happy birthday to me..

Ever since my trip, I've been deprived with sleep.
Everytime when I'm at bed, I'd be in deep sleep in dreamland.

It's weird that I dreamt of myself being given a weird birthday party, with some food stuff and a whole big crowd of young and old (like a church) -partly due to the blogs I visited with such kinda scenario.

There was yellow biryani rice and they kept feeding me with their fingers.

Then, I was chased after... (perhaps it was due to the transformer game - being the bumblebee killing the decepticons)

And.. Shout it Out L-O-U-D

It's been a long time since I shouted so much till I lost my voice..... It's my 2nd time up there... First time was a bit thrilling as I didn't know what to expect from there. Experience was like taking up a lift in KLCC towers and watching the scenery from up there. I like the ride this round was because we went up to the fog and at the top, we couldn't see anything below except the fog covering it. The excitement starts when we hear the rocket's "jik jiang" and countdown from 10 to 1. Ride was too quick and i felt like flying only for split seconds. Then it's just gone.... :(

So High up!! I could hardly see anything.... and i didn't drop my contacts.. Yeahh!!. so happy. .down d.. after a super duper long queue..

Better Together - Week 3

We got to think of a community project to do. I can't really do handicraft or gardening for vege, thus, I still prefer to do something like visiting the people and brighten up their day. Some homes are rich, where else, there are homes that are really poor and need a lot of support... sometimes there are too many that we can't even identify it.

Ps Rick Warren pointed out a few points and in our discussion group, we are to share our struggles about the points, for me personally... :
1) Love that Protects
- how could we keep a secret? how can we not gossip? how can we even differentiate between being truly concerned or gossiping?

2) Love that celebrates
- Love does not envy.. espeically when our peers are promoted or has increment. Can we be happy for them? Most of us would just be envious and jealous.. sometimes create anger (especially when the other person does not deserve the promotion).

How can we learn to Love? Love is from God.. and I'm not God.
When we try too much to love.…


As I was browsing pics of genting of Dinoland, I dreamt of myself entering into a Dinoland game. The dessert was filled with sands and hard to walk about with it as it was VERY, very slippery. I fell off and the many man made dinosaurs started to attack me, pushing me around. I was so dead tired that I could not defend and fight with them back. Then, I found a small spot to hide and the dinos are not able to enter to that circle.

Soon, it was time for CG and I was late. There were almost 20 ppl. Friends brought friends along. But, no leader. :(

Then... i'm awake.. :P

Weekend at 1U

It's been almost a year since I last visited 1U, and it's still almost the same stuff, but the fact that the indoor parking is almost full. Thank God that we managed to get a parking space at the basement! *phew*

I was thinking hard what to eat on Sunday (thought of German food at the Curve but had to drive there)... I've tried Chili's, TGIF, Vietnamese, Jack's place, Itallinies and most of the makan places.... but Lyd suggested Delicious cafe. Hmm.. I could try something that I've never makan before.
Ballistic Mushroom
Classic Chocolate Cake - but I think TGIF's mudpie or brownie is much nicer
And my first time trying DQ Julius' Blizzard (Mcflurry's version) and it's served upside down.. so many shopping bags.. paiseh..

Kinda pressured as the shoppers looked so good and pretty.. And i was in my plain 3/4 pants (like aunty)

Why men cheat?

Trying to do a search on it...

However... i think i'd do more research on a christian point of view. All these are all craps.
I hate men.
These men who can use these reasons obviously do not love God. If he loves God, he won't even covet or be an adulterer. If he's with God, God will help him with his struggles in life.

But, meimeizoe, welcome to the reality...... to the Real World.
(I was obviously in fairy land)

Number 10
Your lady doesn't put out
Every man has heard that the best way to get a woman to stop having sex with him is by marrying her. Apparently, long-term relationships seem to suck the sex drive out of many women, leaving men gasping for fulfillment. With the need for more sex, some men will start "working late" more often.Or it could just be that the sex has become boring. She doesn't want to try new things in bed, or won't perform fellatio. Some men may cheat because th…

Mission Trip

I dreamt of myself going to outskirts with a bunch of my church mates. I supposed it could be mission trip. We were in a foreign place and my room mates decided to choose a different hotel than others.

We took the taxi to the city area. Weird that it was my pal that drove the taxi. Taxi meter was about $2+ when we were at the city centre. It was a left-hand drive road. There were a lot of great buildings, including statue of liberty. We parked outself in an old chinese-style hotel with a chinese name which I dont' remember (something with Jiu). The furniture was old and I tried taking the picture of the whole room. There were 4 beds. There were a lot of other rooms that were connected to one another. On the first night, I didn't sleep well and woke up at 4am+ and the sun was shining brightly at the window. I saw camels at the window and quickly took some shots of it. The scenery was magnificient. Never have I seen such scenery before.

Pastor and the other missionary came to our …

Sleepy in the office

So sleepy...

Things i do in the office:

Pose2 with my colleague's handbag...
Kacau colleagues doing serious stuff

My Wish List

I have always wanted a mp3 player for many years yet I have not bought anything yet. I thought of IPOD Shuffle and Sony's range of products and at the same time, seen Samsung's impressive mp3 player. Now.... the price is just so affordable. Even young school kids have it.
I wanted to buy the Cute Candy Sony Walkman E00 style so much last night but didn't had the time (as I've got transformer to catch!) I want it by this weekend, but I doubt so. Probably I'd get one over the weekend. :P


It's been a very long time since I've gone for a Movie day.
My friend took the effort to buy the tickets on Monday to get good seats for 7.30pm.
For someone like me who totally have no clues about transformer (besides the fact that I watched the cartoon 20 years ago), the movie is TRULY amazing.

As I drove back from Gurney Plaza, I felt that the cars surrounding me are all transformer.
The impact of the movie was just SOOOO great.

I've noticed from that movie:

1. The autobots are Vehichles on the road. Other than that are decepticons.
2. Bumblebee (all time favourite) is a chevy (camaro).. hahaha.. this is a total american show!
3. Deloitte and Citigroup do pay $$ for advertisement during the fights (last scene). Nokia phones are their favourite. Not forgetting Panasonic SD memory card. Just wondering.. . was that Wendy's donut (while questioned by FBI) or something?
4. No transformer theme song... ?? How can?
5. Optimus Prime is the BIG boss. :P 6. Steven spielberg's produc…

Daniel in the Lion's Den

At that point of time, I could associate myself with Daniel in the Lion's Den.
Yes, it was my nightly dreams that I'm having and my series continue.

The scene took place in my house.
We were sort of under attack (like there is a movement or communists or terrorists taking over the nation).
It was dark at night and I was hidden in the first room.
I peeped through the windows and saw those boys attacking every house in the neighbourhood.
They were throwing a dart-like thingy that would sort of kill or causing us to freeze (I think).
I went underneath a coffee table but they spotted me. Quickly I prayed out loud asking God to protect me that I've been a faithful servant of his. They sort of missed me and left the place.

Some of them who were hiding in other rooms were safe. Only the ones in the first room were attacked (inclusive of me).
The man that was attacked was shivering yet couldn't move. How weird.


When I was younger, the first time I saw the name Michael Bublé, I thought his name was prounounced as "BUBBLES" (yes, my internet nick then). Then again, I was stupid not to learn up names. Kinda like the soothing tune of this song as I listen from the radio.

Artist/Song name- Michael Buble- Everything lyrics
Album- “Call me irresponsible”
You’re a falling star,
you’re the get away car.
You’re the line in the sand
when I go too far.
You’re the swimming pool,on an August day.
And You’re the perfect thing to see.

And you play your card, but it’s kinda cute.
Ah, When you smile at me youknow exactly what you do.
Baby don’t pretend,that you don’t know it’s true.
Cause you can see it when I look at you.

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It’s you, it’s you, you make me sing.
You’re every line,you’re every word, you’re everything.

You’re a carousel, you’re a wishing well,
And you light me up, when you ring my bell.
You’re a mystery, you’re from outer space,
You’re every m…

Better together - Week 2

Last week's memory verse was:
Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples (Jn 13:35)

This week's memory verse (jr cids version):
Act in a wise way towards people who don't know Jesus (Col 4:5)

I was doing the lesson intro and object lesson.
Never have I need to do two things. I think I've gained more confidence standing infront of those small little ones.

This week's topic is reaching out together.... and I got to tell them to bring their friends to Jr CIDS. How about myself? It's just so hard to ask a friend to join CG meetings.

Vacation nightmare

I was dreaming as if I was in Sentosa.
The beach was beautiful and I tried capturing the scenery with my digicam. Sunset was colorful.
We were in the closed up area and a few of my friends and I began to pose while getting the staff to take pics for us. We posed quite long for them. Shots don't seem to be good.

The scene suddenly changed into a bedroom scene with my sis.
There was a great disaster. The enemies had come.
With just one blow from his mouth, the bridge was changed into wooden bridge (like Terabithia).
They came to destroy by placing the bottle of ketchup (what the??!?) at every spot.
We tried to strategize. OOps.........

and the dream just died.

Sunway Carnival Penang

I would have thought that Sunway Carnival would be something similar with Sunway Pyramid. I should not expect much. It's still Mainland!! (haha) Most of the shops are yet to open. The mall is rather small and is situated beside billion. I wonder how Billion gonna work.
Whatever that they have in Sunway Carnival, they have it in Queensbay. I still prefer 1U or KLCC. Worst still..... i think i like Vivocity/Orchard more~!!!!!


I can't wait to visit the chocolate fountain (I think there is) at KLCC.
Now.. the Comments is Chocz instead. :P The making me drool more.

Advanced Transportation

I still remember those times when I hear sound of the LRTs moving when I stayed over at Vistana KL. I felt so much like a city then. I'm so sure that Penang will come out with their train system very soon. Even though the gov had approved the Monorail plan, I'm sure it's going to be today or tomorrow, or at least there will be some news about it on papers.

My house is a corner lot with an alley by the side (lorong kia).
I dreamt that as I open the side rear-door of my house, I could see a bus-like transport moving along with the rails. It was the same feeling when I noticed the transit link buses turned into the housing area while I was doing my routined jogging along the field.

The vehicle was not air-conditioned.
It's something like those trains you see in India (Haha).
Good thing was the vehicle comes by every 10 mins interval.
And, I remembered going to Bkt Merah in my dream! It's just a few corners away!

Solution Dilemma

I first started wearing contact lens in 1997. It was an awfully painful experience as I tried on the 1 month disposable trial pack (I don't remember the brand). I started off with 4 hours and an increase of 1 hour after a day. If I do not have a chance to wear them on the next day, the cycle deducts an hour back. Cycle is completed after wearing a full 8 hours (I think). I used to remember that I was adviced by the Optometrist to only wear a maximum of 8 hours. Nowadays, i wear up to 12 hours (and sometimes even more!! 16 hours??!). My first experience was so painful as I felt like a needle or sand stuck in my eyes forever. I remembered walking along BJ complex with my both painful eyes.
I stopped wearing after a month and threw the lens away.
Not long after that, I bought myself a pair of permanent lens. Lens care was troublesome as I use the solution separately with saline. I got to budget myself since then I was still a student. Every month, I was very hardworking to dissolve and…

Better Together - Day 1

We have already officially kicked off 40DOC campaign ( .
I got my book last night from the discovery group.

This week's topic is LOVE. Simple yet powerful word.

The line that struck me was...
Although love can create intense feelings, love is NOT a feeling.
It is a ..
1. choice
2. an action
3. a way of behaving
4. commitment
5. Sacrificing for others

Whoever who claims that he/she love but does not practise the 5 points as above is TOTALLY rubbish!

In our workbook... the definition of love goes like this..
Love is a
1. command (Jn 13:34) - not an option, else we would be sinning
2. choice (1 Cor 14:1) - not a feeling but we choose/learn/practice loving the person voluntarily
3. conduct (1 Jn 3:18) - show it by actions
4. commitment (1 Jn 4:16b) - it's a lifetime thingy.... for LIFE!

If we dont' live a life of love, nothing we say (words) /know (IQ/EQ/PhD)/believe (faith)/give (tithe/gifts)/accomplish (status/fame) will matter.

And I learnt the phrase "summ…

Sakae Sushi

I love the SALMON!!

It was just two weeks ago...

Time really flies.... and I was in Alor Setar 2 weeks ago.....
She's one of the many tall friends I know. I have no idea why there are tall friends and yet, not many 'shorter' friends. I'm always the shortest. Should I be called a midget or something?
Congrats congrats Adele.. very well.... in a typical catholic wedding mass.

My Experience in Dragon-I

It's been in Penang for more than a month and the restaurant is always filled with people and a little queue outside. They even have plastic chairs for guests to take a sit first. were copied from the website..
And yes, I had a chance to steal a taste of Xiao Long Bao in the basket. RM8 for 4 small cutie little bunnies. The pork fillings with some starchy soup (a bit like the Jln Tengah wan tan mee soup) tasted well with some ginger, chillies, vinegar and soya sauce over.I had the Spicy, Sweet and Sour La Mian. The cut La Mian tasted like fresh flour and the soup tasted like the "Shark fin starch soup" in wedding dinners, except that it's spicy, sweet and sour with lotsa pickled vege which made it spicy. Kinda original chinese taste.Barley with lemon was alittle costly. RM3! Even free flowing chinese tea was RM2 and same goes to plain water.Dessert was RM12 mango sago. I still liked Food Loft's Mango. The crush…

Reason to Blog

Long time ago, journals used to be so personal that we have diaries which has a lock into it. Right now, people seem to be posting their thoughts all over the WWW, allowing unknown audience to invade their personal lives.

I dont' care much about it, as I don't blog about politics or my darkest secrets.
It's just events that happened in my everyday life. People whom know me would know!

My reasons to blog:
1. Bless others with my thoughts
2. Bless others with my sharing or what I've learnt in church/cell group
3. Update my friends about my life
4. Keep a journal about my life - something which I'm able to read about 10 years later
5. And lastly, when I die, I have my footprints in the WWW

Whoever who reads this, whether it's someone I like or don't, I wish to bless that person out of LOVE (as Ps Rick Warren says, without love, whatever I say/believe/know/give/accomplish matters... very, very powerful message)

Indulged Totally

It was my very first time trying French cuisine and the experience was superb (just that the crowd was a little boring especially with the bunch of people who does not appreciate fine dining).
As I walked into the place, we were placed in a private room with the long table nicely set up. There was some decos and 2 sofa sets.
I ordered Saumons la moutarde (Salmon with mustard sauce).
Before starting the main course, I went over for the appetizer spread. I skipped the bread and took a little of the pickles, oysters/mussles with squeezed lemon, quiche, and a little taugeh salad with capers, and freshly cut salmon.
They cleared the table and I had a sumptuous main course! The potato was green in color.
After completion, I quickly headed to the Dessert corner (at least I was being proper not to eat the dessert before the main course, unlike some of them). I loved the tiramisu and the layered cake (i dono wat was that called). The rest is history. Muffin was humongous!
It ended with a nice cuppa…