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Pit stop 6 Cafe at China Street, Georgetown Penang

I like the cafes around Georgetown area.
It could be a relaxing place for tourists (like a pit stop to refuel), or a place to chit chat, or a place for lunch (for the office ladies/staff), or even for someone like me who needs to wait to get documents done at the other place.

I would thought that they only serve 'angmor' menu, but looks like there is another side of menu (Chinese food)  which is stewed pork vinegar (Tu kar chor).

Since it was still lunch time, I ordered that and surprising it was really yummy!!! (I think it was RM13.80)

I also ordered honey mustard chicken pancake. Savoury pancake over sweet pancake (RM13.80 also I thnk). I dont really quite like the combination but it kept my tummy full till dinner.

Add on drinks was at RM2.90
The staff were friendly, and attentive in filling up my glass of plain water, and also my hot tea. :)
Again, I ordered a flavour which I never had before (Lavender) and i don't really quite like it :(

Happy Day

Sometimes it's interesting to receive flowers unexpectedly. Jotting this down to remember this date 15-May-2015.