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English Corner

Last week, I was discussing with my colleagues how inappropriate for our HR to circulate emails with grammar mistakes.

1. How will it LOOKS like?
Shouldn't it be, "How will it look like?"
Auxilary verb rule -> it will turn plural.

2. A memo was written in Malay, but it ended with "Warmest Regards".
3. Very extremely use of flowery words.

4. And now, I realised that I wrote an email incorrectly stating the time as 12pm.
oopssiee.. because we have been doing it all the time and didn't realise that it's WRONG until I'm being corrected. :P (thanks char boh)

Maxim's Gelato

Maxim's Gelato Ice cream has been around in Penang for quite a while but it's my first time trying it. My friend claimed that it's not too bad though.
I had Tiramisu and something with chocolate.
Two scoops for RM8.20 or so.

Honest speaking, I think I'd still prefer Baskins or Haagenz. :)
The feel of Maxim's just too soft and not-rich and not-much-ingredient.
Yes, the outlook of it actually tempted me, but as soon as the gelato melted in my mouth, it was like dissapointing... i expected more!

Scones Anyone?

I don't know when my sister started having scones craze.
But, if any of you would like to munch on some cheap scones, please come by, RM0.30 for one..

come.. come.. buy buy..!

Happy Deepavali

It's fun visiting houses.
And cheers!

Hope she liked the hamper we got for her.

Com Viet, Lintang Burmah, Pulau Tikus

Clockwise from left:
1. spring roll, 2. deep fried spring roll, 3. chicken laksa, 4. beef kuey teow

And The sugarcane chicken with vege wrapped with rice paper.

This whole thing cost us Rm77.60 plus drinks.

I find that it's quite healthy but somewhat, I think I can get it very cheap in vietnam.
Ingredients are very simple.
Just vegetables and some meat. ;)

Mayfair Slimming Affair

It was one of those big page advertisement on Free SlimMedic Trial at Mayfair.
This centre which is re-located from Crystal Point to Bays Avenue is having their OPEN Week till 25-Oct.

My colleague, who is the customer of Marie France decided to take the opportunity for a free trial visit and asked me along.

We were there earlier, and I took some bites from this tray which reminds me of English Afternoon Tea.

After a long wait for 30 mins, the consultant checked my body fat%, weight, and height.
She also checked my fat areas and gave me some recommended packages.
1. Full set package - 10 sessions for RM1.3k
2. MDS - Rm250 per session
(50% for the first trial)

She gave me a free trial on LD (electric massage on my bod) for 20 mins, followed by chilli wrap on hot blanket for 30 mins.

Seems like slimming sessions are like facial sessions.

They have spa and facial too.
I asked about facial offers.
Aromadetoxification is Rm160/session but it'd be cheaper if we were to get the package.
RM980 for 10 s…

QEII mIssBehave Night - Every Friday

Dinner for TWO would be really romantic at QEII, Penang.
I didn't had this salmon, but the presentation is really well, and the food is fairly good.

The place is filled with romantic candles, and we would be able to enjoy the sea scenery and across the sea, it's Butterworth.

What's best about MissBehave night is we get free flow of drinks from 8.30pm-10.30pm.
OPI giving free manicure and 3D nail art
Free hair-do by Hair Icon. And free show. :P
And, dancing all night long. When I told others about QEII, many did not know about the MissBehave night, but it was announced in SOHO, Penang Road before. Anyway, it's a place I would want to visit again!
Admiring my 3D nail art.

Birthdays are Celebrated BEST at McD

It's McD Greenlane.
I remembered going for my friend's birthday party when i was standard 6.
And now, I'm attending other friend's son's birthday party.

How time flies and I'm surprised how this branch maintained the place so well!

Birthday party packs - powerpuff girls or Ben 10

Birthday cake from Jenni's cake house

Getting Cheap Eyewear?

Looking at today's economic situation, we are often advised by the government to be thrifty in our spending. However, there are just certain necessities that we must have such as, eyewear. It’s quite difficult to keep the same pair of glasses for two years (unless we are wearing contact lens). Somewhat, it may get worn out, broken or even our eyes may need a different prescription of lenses.

It's really hard to get cheap eyewear these days.
We, as consumers are often charged at an over-priced pair of glasses from established shops. We do not really know that glasses are not that expensive.
But, seems like we could get our eyewear through online purchase, which is pretty common now. Most importantly, we are buying for a much cheaper and affordable price.

This article from Chicago Tribune, caught me into surprise that name-brand frames companies only license their names to a frame manufacturer. So, why are we paying for expensive eyewear? We might as well settle for our own favo…

A guinea Pig of the Day

It was an exciting morning.
I didn't know that I was going for a government research for Metabolic Syndrome.

I woke up at 6.10am.
I reached the college at 6.50am.
I was lucky no.6 and started my registration.
I thought it was just a normal 'FREE' glucose test, but by looking at it. It's more than that.

The place was soon flooded by aunties and uncles by 8am. I was lucky I was one of the early birds.

7.50am: They poke the butterfly needle and withdraw blood from me
8am: They made me finished up a cup of glucose drink
8.05am: Interview session from a med student
8.15am: Meetup with a doctor checking if there is any growth on my face, and my waist-to-hip body ratio
9am: My 2nd blood withdrawal
10am: My 3rd blood withdrawal

And I earned RM30.
(with a packet of Nasi Lemak and mineral water)
After a fasting session and a disgusting sugar water drinking session.

Picture: Children waiting for their parents

Strada Set Lunch

It's saturday afternoon.
And yes, I could try their set lunches/executive set lunches.

Here's the chicken and the fish.
The taste and presentation is so-so.
I don't find any uniqueness in their set lunches, as it really taste like chinese food.
The chicken is just like my mom's microwaved chicken.

The set lunch comes with Iced lemon tea, soup, main course, and dessert (RM12.95)
The executive set lunch with americano coffee, soup/salad, main course and dessert (Rm18.95)
The dessert was carrot cake.
To top up for the dessert of our choice, we only had to pay an additional Rm5.80, and i chose the recommended signature dessert, Brownie with mango sorbet.

Not much complaints.
But, they have 50% discounts for citibankers for their appetizers and RibEye. :)

For cakes, i found out that the whole tray of brownies that made from belgian chocolate with german chocolate coating cost RM150.
The tiramisu is Rm60 for 6", Rm80 for 8" and Rm100 for 10".

Maybe I would want to try the t…

Penang Bridge International Marathon - 16 Nov 2008

I finally braved myself to sign up for the half-marathon last weekeend.
It's four weeks to go and I have not started any intensive training.
I stumbled upon this for rookies, but the plan is for 10 weeks!
I'm 6 weeks behind!!!!
Probably, I might try the other training or just start by looking at week 6 instead.
If anyone has a good 4-week training plan, please share with me!

Time Management

[Martha] had a sister called Mary, who also sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word. —Luke 10:39

I attended a training at work, and one of the topics covered was "Developing a Time Investment Strategy".
Very often, we are more or less preoccupied ourselves with the 'less-important' things in life that we forgot to focus on the BIGGER things - things that are IMPORTANT.
We lose focus easily.
We forgot what is our PRIORITY in life.From Luke 10:38-42, Mary knew what was important.
All the preparations for Jesus were just secondary stuff. What was more important was spending quality time with him, sitting on His feet.As I watch Sex and the city last night, I see the connection of today's world and Martha.

Being a new-yorker, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) was too busy preparing for a wedding which the groom was not even prepared for. Thus, that explains that RUNAWAY groom.
In real life, when we are so occupied with the minor things, we often to FORGET the most CORE/BASIC thing…

Petrol Prices Reduced

So happy seeing this from the star

The Word is the Answer..

Your Word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You. —Psalm 119:11I have been having lots of questions in my head.
I have been not able to comprehend many things that happened in my life.
But, I know one thing for sure that by reading God's word,
I would be able to find the answers of life.It's a verse taken from ODB on 10/12/2008.
I remembered having this verse in the children's church and the craft was pocket heart.
We have been teaching the children that reading the bible is VERY important.
Yet, I find it HARD to discipline myself.Somehow, these few days, I really have the urge to READ God's words.
Yet, again, my lazy nature somewhat stopped me.
And today, I'm proud that at least I went through Psalm 119 (halfway).I could not stop agreeing that the more I read about God's words, the more understanding/wisdom I receive from him. Maybe it's time to read more and stop FB-ing.Read your bible, pray everyday, pray everyday, pray everyday (2x),
And you…

Money No Enough 2

My colleague mentioned that Lai Meng acted very well in this singaporean show "Money No Enough II". Indeed her acting skills were so good that I could emphatize her being such an honorable mother who is willing to sacrifice anything for her children.

Anyway, the focus of this show is more about Singaporeans trying to survive in their day-to-day lives. I thought it's a really good show like Follow the Law. However, I find this show rather disturbing. I really can't put myself being in their situations. Honest speaking, I just can't. And, I did not cry watching the movie because I find it really sick. I only remembered the scene that I laughed so loud was when Mother kept asking his first son , "chiak par liao beh" (have you eaten?) repeatedly.

Same goes to Ahlong Ptd Ltd.
I can't seem to accept it!!
The violence is just too much for my soul.

OK. Now, I think I approve "I Not Stupid" and "Follow the Law".
Not the rest of the movies.

Finding the Right Guy

A week ago, my friend and I had a friendly discussion about being picky about guys.

Just one point to ponder on directions, if a guy is not able to LISTEN/FOLLOW the roads that I suggest him to use while he's driving, I should more or less FORGET about this guy.

If I could make such good judgement and yet, he is still being SUCH MCP and egoist, thus, we don't think we are able to live with him for the rest of our lives.

I guess.... oops.. i'm stuck.. perhaps in a SPINSTER house with her.

I felt that this entry has not enough substance that I may need to write more about it.

Very often, we always jump into conclusion without seeking for further understanding or clarification.
From this incident, the right way to react, perhaps, to give this person another try to see if this person is just pure stubborn, or so happened that he felt that he was right at the moment.

Maybe, from this experience, he learnt that it's not wrong to listen advice from girls (or maybe he h…

Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim, Kedah

It's a pretty new place, if I'm not mistaken, the construction was in 2004 and completed in 2005.
The journey from Penang is pretty short (but I really hated the waiting time).
Some people just don't know what is PUNCTUALITY.

Journey probably takes about 1.5 hours from Penang Island.
As advice in the website,, I took the BKE expressway and headed to Kulim Hi-Tech Park.
From there, turn left and follow the sign board of Hutan Lipur Sg Sedim/ Tree Top walk to Mukim Sedim.

Entrance is Rm10. Parking was Rm2.

My feet gets a little wobbly standing on these strong metals of world's longest tree top walk which is 925m long. Since I was on slippers, i could really feel the metals on my feet!

Bintang Sedim Villa to stay mainly for team buildings.

Since the Tree Top walk is a short walk, there are other things to do like jungle trekking and walking along the whitewaters of Sedim!

Pretty challenging as some rocks are covered with those slippery algae that I n…

Olympus xD card Error - Picture Error - Format

I was more than shocked that when I turned on my olympus, it had "Picture Error" displayed on it. I knew I couldn't do anything anymore. Thus, I borrowed my friend's camera to snap whatever pics I wanted. I went home.
I logged on. I did a google search. I found this URL Link: Hooray. I downloaded Artplus photorec.exe. I recovered my pictures!!!! And I formatted the xD card and now, I can happily continue using it.

Websms is Not safe to Use

It's just so weird that this morning, I used Maxis/hotlink free sms portal to reply a SMS from my friend.Surprisingly, after lunch, I see a string of conversation between a maxis no. and a person. I was puzzled how on earth did the conversation got into my IE.I began to read and suspected that it's my colleague's conversation.
I asked her, and to her and my SURPRISE, IT'S TRUE.It was their conversation in the morning!
I guess I got to log this to MAXIS!
but, i think i will still use this but, with extra caution. :)

Facebook - Import Notes - Import blog

It's quite interesting seeing other's blog items posted as a note in their Facebooks.

I decided to try and was shocked that I ended up importing 50 notes!
Am I spamming myself?
Welcome meimeizoe into the Realms of Bloggers.

I'm an allMalaysian Blogger

Finally, I got my blog listed in

But what's next?
Join their contests definitely!