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Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010

so excited!! cause i've just received my race pack.. for Putrajaya Night marathon

Sticks - a taste of Hawaii @queensbaymall

It's one of the latest hangout place in queensbay mall, situated right outside in the midst of the busy traffic. The place was done pretty nicely with continuous water streaming down on the glass window. I ordered fish set and expected a big portioning of fish (since it was Rm19.80) To my surprise, it's just a stick with 4 pieces of grilled fish meat. (and i thought it was chicken) at last the lamb was a bigger portioning.. the surprise was...... my tummy felt weird and the next thing u know is all in the sewage system within 2 hours..

The modern Tower of Babel

I got the forwarded email on the new launching of Burj Dubai aka Burj Khalifa. Sometimes, i do wonder, why would they need to build such high building standing at 828m ? Are they not trying to reach the sky just like the Tower of Babel?

erin again...

Enhancing the model by PP the picture :) It was taken when I was at tyt musica Open day last weekend.

Children, the greatest gift from God

The pretty + photogenic + model figure one.. Honestly I still cant believe the fact that she posed at the camera (with her hands.. huh..) The cheeky little one..... He learnt how to use 1000D from me.... Children are quick learners. the many children @ tyt musica

matia @ tyt musica

I just discovered that it can be really interesting and fulfilling capturing expressions of people, espeically when it comes with children, they are more natural, compared with adults. :D I love children :) some snapshots of matia at tyt musica . Isn't she cute?

She posed for me!

We were having donuts at J.Co and being amateurs, we were discovering and practising our photography skills. Not long after that, behind the divider glass, I began to notice that the little girl accompanied by her mom were looking at us, and she started posing for the camera! She was indeed very adorable... What amazed me was... she actually waved bye-bye and we exchanged farewell greetings :D

Working with Aluminium Foils

Experimenting shots are fun. It's interesting that the reflection of aluminium foils could create bokeh effect. Must try some day with a still object one day.

Having different different business units

How interesting to see how the manufacturing line salvages and repairs handphones... having only SPM leavers specializing in fixing mobile phones. I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that I was in a company that each level has different factory lines. I remembered vividly that one of it was balloons. I tried to perform QA testing to see the effectiveness and elasticity of the balloon. It ended up with a big hole and I claimed that it was obviously a REJECT unit. I think there was garment line too.. How interesting if ONE single company would be able to be so robust being able to give focus to different industries. At least, the is more for an employee to think about job security. If one business died, there is always another business where we could apply for internal transfer.

Why was my mouth wide open?

i would think 50mm f1.4 is a good lens :)
Very interesting old newspaper cutting.. :) Easily done from wanokoto . I wonder how to get it done on softwares. How about having instant HDR online sites?


I never knew i could take the twin towers easily.... Wouldn't it be nicer having a tripod with me? and if i could turn the sky into darkness and lit up the buildings

Making use of my KitLens

I would think he was my first accidental potrait model. It was my first time meeting him and he already kept posing for me. *so honored* I wished I had 50mm lens at that moment.

A blessed New Year

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases... His mercies never come to an end.. They are new every morning.. great is thy faithfulness.. -- ====================================== This year, my new year was started off in a special way, having myself witnessing the first dawn of the year 2010. I thanked God for the good weather despite the fact that the clouds were covering the morning sun. Whenever I see the hue of the sky in the morning, it reminds me that God's love never ceases and it's been renewed every day.. Church's theme for this year is Follow Christ, Make disciples. Simple, yet hard to swallow. Could I pray for more blessings to come even if I don't follow Him?

On the 2nd day of New Year

It was dark and raining.... and I thought I was late and hurried myself to pick someone up. Little would I expect that my car would be kissed by a WHITE prince (white wira-i think) from behind.... Totally stunned, I drove to the side and check out the damage. Miraculously, I couldn't see a dent or scratch...... I asked the driver where did he bang me... and he thought it was the old 'scratch' I made while parking. Since I was in the rush... I told him it was ok and i didn't even notice his car plate no. :S I thank God for the protection on a dark and rainy night... I was thinking, what if it was some syndicate snatching $$ from female passengers..