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A Day at Penang Hill

I guess Penang Tourism Board is improving a lot and I see lotsa ppl still visiting our our hill.. Since we were free on Sat afternoon, we decided to pay a visit.... and I find it amusing since the last time I was there was LAST YEAR!

Some pics are just too expensive to be taken...
The return ticket cost me RM4.

If I'm not mistaken, train station was since 1923?

Muzium Penang Hill as I walked to the funicular train.

Some decos...

The control dashboard

The old-fashioned train

I'm trying to capture the other train

Oops.. Lousy camera.. I'm too late.. I had difficulties clicking

me.. Myself..
Sun and I... reached right at the top station:

Old MMU friend whom I met..
Self potrait...

Newly built mosque.. but.. why missing alphabets?

Nice pigeon. It was sipping water from the fountain:

RM5 Canopy walk. It was 1.4Km from the station and took us about 20 mins walk.. No sweat at all even with a little slop cause it was very cooling.. Moreover, there is lucky draw. We could win stuff like digicam or…

Happy Moon Cake festival

Got 5 snow skinned mooncakes from Tai Thong , JJ last month and nobody was interested.
I had snow skinned red bean, tiramisu, coffee with chocolate bits and durian.
The other was free lotus mooncake.

And i got myself cheapo moon cake from Tesco Rm1 for 1. Doraemon Mickey Mouse

And some jelly moon cake from colleague..

Pictures from the phone

Was infra-red-ing some pics from the fon using my colleague's laptop
(yes. my laptop DOES not have infrared port and blue tooth software does not work!)
Got this pic of PSO about the Konsert Utama I went a month ago.

Fasting and Prayer

I tried doing partial fast (daniel fast and skipping a meal) and from then I've learnt...

1) To be determined
When ppl is eating. .i don't eat
When ppl OFFER me to eat.. i decline
When my stomach is growling.. i ignore
When i feel like eating.. i control

2) Praying
In times of suffering (for this case, it's hungry), we tend to ask GOD more for help; to be dependent to God

other benefits which is not godly ...
1) Detoxifaction - good for the body
2) Losing weight - yes. a bit but gained back after normal diet
3) Change of eating patterns/diet - I tend to enjoy simplest food, rather than eating expensive/complicated food

And I'm still learning, by focusing and listening to God, would I see the answers of my prayers?

5 Languages of Love

Gary Chapman has come out with different versions of this book after the one for couples.. now they have for singles, children, men, teen and etc.
And even.. 5 languages for work -> Forgiveness and how to apologize.

I did the little test and found out that my languages of love in sequence is as below:
1. Acts of service
2. Quality time/Receiving Gifts
3. Physical Touch
4. Words of affirmation

At the same time, the difficult part is understanding our loved ones' love language and to show them the love language that they want to receive... so that they would feel loved by us.

Overall, the book gave me a more understanding of showing love, rather than receiving all the time. Loving is a choice, it's NOT a FEELING.
I've always thought that love is a feeling -> in cloud 9 and head over heels -> it's not exactly true all the time.
What's more that is pleasing to God's eyes is shoing our love to others.

God first loved us, UN-CONDITIONALLY.
That made me realised that I s…


Love does not consist in gazing at each other,
but in looking outward in the same direction.

The hunger for love is much more difficult
to remove than the hunger for bread.

Love is not blind,
it sees more not less;But because it sees more it chooses to see less.

He has achieved success who has lived well,
laughed often, and loved much.

If we deny love that is given to us,
if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss,
then our lives will be empty,
our loss greater.

Among those whom I like or admire,
I can find no common denominator,
but among those whom I love,
I can: all of them make me laugh.

For one human being to love another:
that is perhaps the most difficult of our tasks;
the ultimate, the last test and proof,
the work for which all other work is but preparation.

Love has nothing to do with
what you are expecting to get,
it's what you are expected to
give — which is everything

Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor
imagination nor both together go to the making of genius.
Love, love, lo…

Beijing Olympic 2008

Got this email and I find it very related in real life.
It's gruesome punishment and we call it "jiang bi" -> bang you to death with a rifle.

Wild Hogs

I think I'm somewhat like those middle aged men not knowing what to do with their lives, and having too much 'restrictions' in their lives, and wanting to loosen out and do what they really want to do...

I watched a little here n there.............. and a movie is still a movie. :)

Just sometime back in Bagan

I've visited 32 Mansion, 68 Kelawai -> and now 68 Brasil, Beach Blanket Babylon and the latest visit is Bagan.!
All of their restaurants from the same group I've visited!
Lolz.. how greedy I am.!

Starter was bruchettas, but I've eaten all b4 i took a pic of that dish..
It was mushroom/cheese on top of the french baguette.

And soup of the day -> i think it was mushroom soup.

And me waiting patiently for the next course to come! My two pieces of seabass.. lying on top of the mashed potatoes and mixed vege spread with some kinda hollaindaise-like sauce.
i personally think fishes are not worth eating -> perhaps I should take chicken or steak which are harder to prepare.

And now, the belgian truffle -> it's really filled with chocolate and I think it's just too much for someone who is on a weight-loss program/diet.
Well.. i'm so blushed with their in-house red wine.
Note: It's 50% if we are there before 8pm.Beach blanket babylon's 50% is before 9pm.

Max Restaurant

Was in queensbay last weekend, and i thought it'd be really boring to eat around the restaurants as i've tried almost ALL the places -> really all... so thought of walking out of the mall and try the shops outside and we bumped into this restaurant selling chinese food, especially dimsums.

We had the noodles for Rm3.80, Rm1 for the Lok Poh tea, siu mai Rm1.60 and century egg porridge for RM2.20..
Kinda ok .. :)

Flash was too bright that i looked a little weird... and focus was on the wrong part... :(

Penang Famous Asam Laksa

Kinda surprise with such advertisement.
Even kopitiam stalls are promoting/marketing themselves well.
They already have their name cards.

Time has changed.

We are in the new world.
But overall, Penang is still very dirty.....


For the past 3 weeks, the church has been talking about Stewardship 1,2 and 3.
Initially, it was about being a manager, managing God's property properly, then to gaining friends with the worldly wealth (money).

On the same week, my colleague was mentioning about investing into funds since HSBC came to our plants. I was telling her, right now, no extra $$ since I've invested a little bit on ASW, and she seemed to worry a lot about managing her $$. Since both of us are not married and still staying with our family, we are not worrying so much about paying our home loan and those 'major' stuff.

I was telling her, "Store up your treasures in heaven!".
She agreed.

We then talked about how sucky work would be, but I'd always tell her to start to impact other people's lives. And she agreed again... and would want to start from home. :)

Life sucks, but I'm carrying this hope that one day, Jesus would come and take me to his BIG MANSION for me. :)


Just before I forget what this one says............

Everyone can cook!
So everyone can do anything if they have the determination to do so..

but but.. i really don't like the idea about rats cooking in the kitchen.
There are already many in our office cafeteria. I really hated that.
We no longer call them mickey mouses but, Ratatouille!

Shrek 3

One thing good about animation is.. there is always a lesson we learnt..

It's not what and how other people think about you (whether you are a loser or whatsoever), it's you, yourself who wants yourself to be and what you want to be.
So... the only obstacle is YOU, yourself..

It really do applies........ many people who always like to be-little the weaker ones so that they may look or seem stronger.. how MEAN these people are..

I'm ON Leave sTaying at home rotting

It's not that I wanted to take leaves, but I still got so many days to clear.
I took 2 days for singapore, a day to KL, a day for a wedding.. a day for today
and yet, i still have so many days...... 5 more days to go!

And it's not that I have many leave balances, it's just that We ARE FORCED to take!
It's part of a cost saving plan by the company - claiming that it would save some cost in the accrual financial books.

Janice Wei Lan - Never Let You Go

I got the lyrics from

THe english version or Taikor

The rain just never seems to bring the joy, I feel the same,
Everlasting pain of my loss remains,
My heart can't seem to learn to part,
The hold you left your mark,
All that I dreamed of now it seem so stark,

Though I told myself, won't hold my breath,
A part of me was dying,
There is nothing left for me to do now, but give in,

If you gave me one chance to tell you how I was feeling,
I would sing to you and tell you I won't live my life without you,
If you gave me one chance to tell you how I was feeling,
I would hold your hand and look in your eyes,
And you know I'd never let you go.

The way you left me on the train,
I don't know what to say,
I remember everything of that day,
I can't believe we'd never dance,
I just need one more chance,
To share the sunset,
Our one last romance,

Though I told myself, won't hold my breath,
A part of me was dying,
There is nothing left for me to …

Pregnant Barbie

Eww.. that email even had her delivering a baby with blood all over her...

Heritage Karaoke

I would think that Heritage Club, Penang is a place for older folks.
There weren't many customers around, though there were more people at the restaurant.

We were the only bunch of people going for the RM180++ (come up to RM216) for all night long karaoke session. FUnny thing was, there weren't much food, thus, we had to sneak in some junks to satisfy our tummy and of course, lotsa drinking water (coz there were only either wine or beer/softdrink/juice package)

Songs were pretty updated and wow... we had an Intel IDOL joining us.
What a priviledge........

oopss... jangan ambik la.. i tak tau nyanyi..

Invading Other's Privacy

Is it wrong to read other bloggers' blogs?
say... is it wrong to read or or even

Or.. perhaps, reading a less-famous-blogger from don't know well who can't even type proper english?
Am I consider a psychopath stalker if I'd to keep track on what they do?

Perhaps, that's why most friends don't blog. It would indeed be funny when strangers knowing you where you went and what you did.
Even if they do, it would be a private blog.
But, if it's a private blog, why not write your journal in Ms Word with password protect?

Series of Nightmares

1. It was as if it was a vacation holiday in the neighbouring country whereby we are required to go thru customs. At the same time, there were nice beaches around for me to explore.

Not long then, I was at a big plain field, where there were old tracks of trains. Suddenly the trains began to move!! It was not supposed to be in operation. I had to find somewhere to stand to avoid being banged by the train. I looked down, and it was a cliff, and I tried climbing trees.

I finally managed to climb to another area where men were playing golf-like ball game. I told them we were in great danger. We hid ourselves in the old KTM train where panmee/meeko is being served. Three of us managed to have a sumptious meal.

2. At the vacation, we were then placed into places where dead people (very tall and short) started moving around the area. Some 'missing' people were found.

I'm beginning to think that I can write good movies.

I also dreamt of my boss presenting photos in the meeting room an…


I (l)ove my email

I got another email from Robert Half. Recruiting agency based in California.
Seemed like I applied for some well known publication position?


"zzz, (03720)" <> wrote:
That's the strange thing, Mei. The email is the same as yours. Did you recently take a position at a well known publication, sent there by Robert Half? It's very confusing. I'm going to have to turn this over to a supervisor or legal.
I'll find out what the problem is. Thank you for your patience. We have a duplicate record of you as Mei Yip and only legal or a supervisor can expunge a record.-----Original Message-----From: meiyi []
Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2007 1:05 AM
To:zzz, Ken (03720)
Subject: RE: Robert Half

It's Ok. perhaps you need to find out her actual email address.

"zzzzzz, Ken (03720)" <xxx
I thought you were the candidate my colleague was close to.


Mamypoko Feedback

A week ago, I was trying to vote for my friend's baby picture and encountered some problem after hitting the back button.

I posted a feedback form and they replied me on the same day!
WOw, that's what I called good customer skills.

Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 17:24:51 +0800
From: "MamyPoko Club Feedback" Add to Address BookAdd Mobile Alert
Re: MamyPoko Club Feedback
CC:"samm" , "Man.Fai@Emerge"

Hi, Mei Yi,

Thank you for your email.

We will look into the issue & calrify the the team.

You may log in again tomorrow.

Thank you.

MamyPoko Club

Daily Sudoku

My sis has this craze about sudoku that she plays her daily sudoku games at

For me, I'd only do it once in a while to 'exercise' my brains.
She was shouting that she completed her 5 star sudoko.
That pressured me to complete and voila!!
I did it too!!

PRoveeeeeeee... screen shot of my completed game!

It was perhaps, 2 years back, I was introduced by one of the shift supervisors in my previous job about this game. I was kind of amazed with this mind game and truly liked it.... as it really test the way my brain works.

In fact, my colleagues and I were playing during our night shift... and tried competing with one another who finishes first. :D

Choosing the Right Fruit

Since young, it's always my mom who gets the food for the family. Sometimes, i'd help out to buy some 'stuff' here and there (milo, anlene, fresh milk, ice cream, cereals, biscuits... etc. etc) , but mostly, it's because i eat them as well.. As for fruits, it's always oranges, apples, pears, mangoes, bananas, papayas..... but when it comes to watermelon and honeydew -> it gives me a little !@#%, as i really do not know choosing the right fruit.
It's my first time getting mangosteen; it was only Rm1 for 1kg. Very Cheap. I thought it would be good to get the harder one so that it'd ripe later.... then when i brought home, my mom said... i should get the softer ones!! Ooppsss... luckily the seller helped to pick some for me, else all Mangosteens would be the HARD-SKINNED ones! There is a trick to know the no. of flesh in the fruit. Just count the no. of petals (or watever you call it) at the bottom of the fruit. This is taught by old people since young. (y…