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What Could you DO if you are out of job?

1. Study Overseas (eg. Sweden)

2. Apply to become a teacher in the government sector
step 1 : Go to JPN (beside Bkt Jambul school) and apply as a temporary teacher
step 2: Check out newspaper in April/May for the new intake.
step 3: Go to website to read about the application of KPLI course
(currently, everything says 'closed' (tutup))
step 4: Go to Bank simpanan Nasional and buy Rm6 dono what.

3. Study Masters
option 1: Wawasan Open University (Jan or Jul intake)
option 2: Universiti Sains Malaysia (closing date: 27 Feb 2009 for July 09 intake)

*updated - since most thinks that #4 is not practical*
4. Find a RICH husband, get married and make babies

Hear me O people!

Just over dinner, I had a small chat with one of my friend's friend who works in KL. I asked how come she's not at work. She said, she's on one week's break since it's CNY. For me, i told her, we had to take leaves since it's shutdown (i felt that she couldn't understand what i mean by shutting down).

If your company is doing fine, that doesnt mean MINE is..
From your observation, you think that WE are over-exaggerating the economic situation, the fact that WE are not.
What's with the pay cut and forced leaves all about?
She told me, if you earn less, then spend less.
Yes. . TRUE. but it's not impacting me. It's impacting the WORLD. i mean including YOU and ME.
It's ok if I earn less, but what if I'm out of job? She told me there are plentiful of jobs around. It's the matter if you are willing to start all over again.
Oh well... not when thousands of people are jobless..

Yes, you dont feel it now.
There is profit for your company now.
How abou…

That day when I was Drunk

Due to the influence of Gem of Life, I thought of visiting clubs that serves drinks by the poolside.
I decided on Sky bar, Traders Hotel.

Fantastic KLCC view ;)

And I ordered this PRICELESS drink, Long Island Tea, Rm30++.

For someone who doesn't drink much, Long Island Tea is aLOT. I thought I was OK as I finished off the drink quite fast, thinking that it was just TEA after all. As I started queuing up at the ladies, I began to feel something was going on. Something started to spin. I started seeing bright shining stars on top of my head. I couldn't bear to stand still, as if I was on a boat on a rough sea. I decided to lie against the sink. *Total embarrassment* And, there was still a pretty long queue at the stupiak toilet. I couldn't hold and *puke*. *Aahhh* *instant relief* There goes my dinner and the drink. At least I was kind enough to CLEAR up the sink (no more evidence of my *leftovers*)
I still don't understand why some people lose consciousness when they are drunk. What I f…

Qimonda declares bankrupt

If a german memory chip-maker could not make it to sustain during this economy downturn, how would my company possibly stay during this heavy thunderstorm?

It has declared bankruptcy following Nortel Networks.

It's now $0.11 vs $0.08.

Clock is ticking.
I felt like I'm in the tsunami. I could see the HUGE waves coming yet could not avoid the waves hitting on me.


What-to-do on the First Day of Chinese New Year?

A little too old to go house-to-house for angpow collection, perhaps, the best thing to do on the first day of new year is to go HIKING. Instead of going to normal eateries to celebrate Soo Ling's birthday, we opted for HIKING since we worried so much about the calories that we consumed for CNY.

It was indeed a quieter evening compared to other days, since most regular hikers would be busy with their family reunions/gatherings. Since I have a very simple family who only have 'simple' small reunions, I was pretty free throughout my new year.

I was surprised to see some uncles having steamboat gathering right at Hill No.3.

Good day to start with a sweat !
Ain't Penang magnificent?

Kawaii poses for the older ones :P Down at Penang Youth Park before we left the place
(New year resolution: Will never wear my sleeping tshirt the next time I hike)

Happy Chinese New Year - Moo Moo Year

Happy Chinese New Year.
Should I still wish others to have a happy and prosperous one?

Year of Ox is always bad.
Poor thing all the oxes..
Think about 1997 and 1985..... I think at that point of time, economy was bad.

And.. it's my friend's birthday (since primary) on the first day of new year 2009.
Happy Birthday, Soo Ling. :)
Be a woman of substance as you continue your journey in life......

Calling for PTPTN Debtors

I have been someone who tries to live a righteous life, at least.
I know sometimes I do make mistakes in life, I have tried stealing *oops* but yet, i think it's not right to 'owe' people $$. Let's live our lives 'debtless'.

Some people thought that I would have areasonable amount of $$ to study at MMU.
No, I think my family comes from the lower average income group.
At least I tried to minimized their burdens by applying for PTPTN loan.
I was not even a bright student.
I wont get any scholarships ( I saved my postages not applying for any).
And, I am far away from being a First class honors student.
So, forget about waiving the PTPTN loan.

I started paying probably in 2001 (very the chuan chuan plus paying my own malaysian cheapo car, Iswara - Proton Saga).
No choice.
I needed a car too.

And now, after paying for XXX no. of years (yes, i'm very old already), I'm proud, at least, the 'Admin Fee' has dropped from Rm100++ to just RM24.70.
So, pay up your loans…

Archmaille Designs

Looking for Magnetic Jewelry?

In Archmaille Designs, most of the items/products are made of magnetic, silver and copper. Interesting huh? I guess, this is suitable for those who want to look more BOLD than ever.

The designs are rather unique of its own, and it has a range of earrings, earrings and necklaces/chockers. Prices ain't that cheap, perhaps it's due to authenticity of the items, perhaps.

Work Boots USA

More on Boots posts!
Work Boots USA offers quality foot protection from various brands.
You name it, they have them!

For eg, my earlier posts on 5.11 Tactical, and now in this website, it offers different types of brand which is he classic Timberland, CAT, Danner, Wolverine, Belleville, Materhorn, Bates, Rocky, Magnum or Converse.

It's not only useful for those who need it for work purposes (construction, army, general worker, facilities), I think it's also cool to wear it on any other normal days.
I know most guys go crazy over boots.
It’s not a girl thing.
But some ‘tough’ ladies would not mind to get one for themselves.
At least they would look tough.
Perhaps, we should also get a pair of hiking shoes and start training for a mount expedition.

Work Boots USA is a website for online boots shopping with free shipping via UPS (Somewhat I’m linked to However it is only applicable for U.S. orders only. So, I’m far away, what is the best option for me?

If you are from mi…

Best Pic of the Year 2009

Thanks Soo ling. :)

Is my Job Secured?

I've been posting some comments on my Facebook.
Many didn't understood what my company is going through and neither do I.

Many months ago, I dreamt about my colleagues and I (same Business Unit) receiving the letter. I even asked, if my big boss is impacted. AND, it was YES.
BUT strangely, it's only impacting our business unit (dept).
I PANICKED as I was worried for my pictures as all my pictures in my HDD that has not been transferred and I had to return the laptop on the same day. *ok that's silly*
That pretty much reminds me to BACKUP/ARCHIVE/HOUSEKEEP my stuff.

Just last month, at church camp, the guest speaker gave me a word.
He asked me to confirm if I do dream every night (oh yea.. i'm a dreamer, God told him that?).
He asked me to pray to God before I sleep that God will reveal his plans and purpose for me.
In the bible, the angel of the Lord also spoke to Joseph through his dreams (about the birth of Jesus). So, God does speak to us through dreams.

And now, I wont s…

Common Nail problems - Blue-Black on the Toe Nail

Cause: Penang Bridge Half-Marathon RUN
Since: 2 months ago
(extreme pain on the first week)
Condition of the Toe Nail: No more blue black but the nail is falling off
(condition worsened after a 5 hour trail hike - especially the part when i run down the hill)

Some readups from family foot:

A black-and-blue nail is usually caused by sudden or repetitive injury to a toe. This might occur during sports that involve running or stopping quickly, such as tennis or basketball. The injury may also result from a heavy object falling on a toe.

->> for my case it's The bridge RUN!

If pain is severe, the nail may be removed, or a hole may be drilled in the nail to allow drainage, which relieves the pressure. A local anesthetic may be used. Pain may also be relieved with prescription medications, or by soaking or icing the area. If pain is not severe, you may not need special treatment. The nail can be thinned or left alone to fall off. A new nail should grow to replace it.

--> i hope it will …

Things to do before you turn 30 - Part 2

I finally tried hiking Penang's Longest Trail. Teluk Bahang -> Laksamana Hill -> Western Hill -> Tiger Hill (I think) It was a 5-hour hike. Rested at Laksamana Rest Area after a 2-hour hike (including breaks). Thanks to the Power Gel I had! Just look at the Teluk bahang Dam. Breath-taking! I guess I don't need Mt Kota Kinabalu. While I'm at Penang Hill...
With with lovely coconut trees.

And voila.. I'm going home via the fernacular train.

Fly with Aeroline

I would say, Aeroline has the best bus service in Malaysia so far. Although I have not tried NICE, but I think it would provide almost similar service with Plusliner, except that NICE has bigger seats with meal provided.
Even the Konsortium snoozer is not any better. Other than providing personal TV set to watch, I find that the seats and flooring is rather dirty. At least, Aeroline is almost leather-PVC-like seat; I felt cleaner throughout the entire Journey. Moreover, it's promotion period now! And. i like it when they asked for feedback upon returning.

The 44 Places To Go in 2009

Link sent by Yien:
Times recommendation: 22nd Penang is voted as 2nd.. .sure or not? :P

ChinChunHoo Photography

Ahem.. introducing ChinChunHoo.. to create a wedding story for your wedding :)
Just drop by and get in touch with him!

Improved Photography Skills

Title: Ole-Ole Umbrella
Desc: Ole, ole.. . lele... under ole's umbrella.

Title: Halo Yien ( Hope she wont' kill me)
Desc: Very interesting that it created a 'halo' effect.
Perhaps if i tilt the object a little more, it'd have more interesting effects

The STAR Education Fair

Since I was already there, I might as well pop by at the Star education fair to further enhance my general knowledge in the education line... and.. few things I observed: 1. LimKokWing Uni has a reasonable booth space equipped with LCDs and people in jackets explaining about the program. 2. YTL has their own hotel management college since 200y7. I love their "romance" drink (7-up plus orange) 3. SEGI has its own big campus at Kota Damansara -> Must visit there for MBA. :) 3. There were too many people and the next time if I want to get freebies from the fair, I think I'd just say, I'm trying to gather info for someone..

When's J.CO Coming to Penang?

Good news is.. we have Big apple donuts in Gurney Plaza and Jusco, Bandar Perda.
Bad news is, J.CO is not here yet. :(

I like the new flavour, Black Forest!

And, I discovered that they have special sets for 2 or 3 (drinks and donuts) for Rm20 and RM30 respectively during weekdays. Must pop by some day again.

My very first Godiva Chocolatier

I have always liked chocolates.
I only tasted 1 or 2 pieces of GODIVAs in the past since it's so pricey.

It's winter sale, I supposed Godiva Worldwide is on SALE.
According to the shop sales person, all their product's packaging are imported directly from Belgium (I think). But seems like it's a turkish product now?
Snowman pretzels selling for RM30 in Godiva, Pavilion.

The Stone Of Life

I don't think I'd be able to understand men and I know it's pointless to learn to understand them. I've been watching many movies and observing many men in real life.

ALL of them are almost the same.
Men can be torturous when given the opportunity.
Men can be loving and treat women extremely well, but at the same time, they can throw them and kick them like a ball.
Men can haunt women for the rest of the lives.
They disturbs them, they stalk them, they do all sorts of things to occupy their time.
That's why there are so many women who are mentally unwell -> one root cause -> MEN.

I wonder when they would even learn to be NICE..
I guess it's a never...

and that's the reason.. I'm still NOT Married.

Black Canyon Coffee

Since it's a franchise by the thais, I decided to drive all the way to Jusco Bandar Perda to have a taste of this coffee place, Black Canyon Coffee. Surprisingly, the drinks were really good, especially the coffee. I wonder what kind of syrup they used as it tasted really flavouring! Their version of "char kuey teow' was good too! At least it gave me a surprise as I thought it would taste like local char kuey teow.

Lunch break at Bravo Italian Restaurant @ i-avenue

As I was searching for food around bayan lepas area, I fumbled upon this Bravo Italian Restaurant at i-avenue, BJ which is a bit alien to most of my friends.
Initially, I was very excited and wanted to ask my sis (she loves italian food) to try it out!

But it was a great dissapointment after being attracted with the reasonable set lunch deal, Rm16.90++.
I ordered Hawaiian chicken.
Being health/fat conscious, I asked the waiter if it was deep fried or grilled. He told me it was pan-fried but to my great great dissapointment, it came out to be ordinary kopitiam version of deep fried chicken chop. :'(

Soup was good as there were 'real' stuff inside like pototatoes and mushrooms.
Other than that, nothing great to shout about.

Coffee is from the nescafe machine, Ice cream was locallly made Corn ice-cream, and the garlic bread (baguette) tasted weird -> i don't know what kind of spices they put, but it tasted very much like fungus.

Hotel Equatorial, KEA Farm

Stayed here for 3D/2N for church camp.
Unlimited buffet spread for breakfast, lunch dinner....
--> highly recommended for their apartments.

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe, Brinchang

We were given some pamphlets as we drove down to Cameron Highland's Resort near the Brinchang night market.
Thus, we thought of trying this placeStrawberry Moment, at least this place has WI-FI!
The concept is strawberry based, but the fact that their ice creams tasted like nestle and not homemade.

But. but.. I feel that I should find a 'cheaper' location for food in Cameron's.

BOH Tea Centre at Sungai Palas, Cameron Highlands, Brinchang

The last I went for a Tea plantation in Camerons was back in Form1.
So, I wanted to know how it would look like now.
I missed it last year when I was staying in Tanah Rata, but I hope I won't miss it again.

The stuff in the souvenir shop is not cheap at all, in fact, I think the price is better in Sunshine Square or Tesco Penang.

Anyway, it was a cool, refreshing afternoon as I enjoyed the cakes and tea.
The part that I disliked was every TEA refill was Rm1.The view was fantastic, except the fact that it was a bit misty.

Happy New Year 2009!

I have not started drafting my new year's resolutions!!
OH well..............

Happy New year 2009!
May God shower his blessings upon us. . .

During the Watchnight service, as we were singing In christ alone, I only realised what it meant.
Those who were successful should humble themselves before God, as it was God who gave them strength and power to WIN the battle... but nothing beats the grace of God

In Christ alone will I glory
Though I could pride myself in battles won
For I've been blessed beyond measure
And by His strength alone I overcome
Oh I could stop and count successes
Like diamonds in my hands
But those trophies could not equal
To the grace by which I stand

In Christ alone I place my trust
And find my glory in the power of the cross
In every victory let it be said of me
My source of strength, my source of hope is Christ alone

In Christ alone will I glory
For only by His grace I am redeemed
And only His tender mercy
Could reach beyond my weakness to my need
And now I seek no great…

Harvest In Cafe, Irrawadi Road

I trust that this is a new place, since my friend who works around this area has not heard of this place. It's at the junction of the service road (off burmah road, Penang), just behind Northam hotel. Hm.. Irrawaddy or Irrawadi Road.. whichever..
Thanks to my sis for introducing this place.
Totally no regrets!
Surprising, the place was filled with people and they even had to queue outside for their tables to be ready.

I tried the white coffee but I thought the taste is only so-so.
It's only Rm2.50 though.
We had our RM7.90 chickens!
Good presentation.
Grilled chicken sauce was good, and the chicken chop outer layer is crispy.
It's way better than the ones at the kopitiams.
Morever, they had the red cabbages as their side deco, which is not cheap (approx. Rm3 per packet in Tesco)

No idea why she's so happy.
Probably she was too fascinated with the huge decorative wall clock and the christmas tree, I believe (or perhaps, the cute hunks that she saw in the restaurant).
There goes our …

Wimbrey Park Kopitiam, Gurney Plaza

Maximizing our New year's eve, we decided to walk around and 'try' out new places.
We came about this Wembrey Park Kopitiam at 7th floor, Gurney plaza.

Since the both of us had not try this place, so we 'tested the water' there.
Ratings = Not so good ler...

The ximut milk tea is exactly like the 'teh' at the kopitiams. It's nothing like the hongkong teas.
Morever, the toast is too dry la... Kaya tasted like aunty rosie or something of that sort.

Sigh sigh. I paid Rm3.90++ for the kaya butter and white coffee set.
Hm.. at least, this kopitiam is CAREFUL with my orders.
When I mean less-sweet, i mean it... !!
Else I feel fat, and I wont FEEL like going there anymore!

The place is nice for a chit-chat, but definitely not a good place to get good food. The menu is almost similar to Old Town Kopitiam, except that it has less-crowd. Sometimes, I do emphatize the owner. How would they survive with the cost and the expensive rental? So many waiters/waitresses (mostly young s…