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Things to Do In Melaka

Melaka, Unesco World Heritage City.
It's a pretty small place where you can do a ONE day trip if you are from the neighbouring states.
For a Penangite like me, I would stopover at KL :)

First thing first.
Start with the stadhuys!
Take pictures with the old Christ Church Melaka.

Then, walk across to Jonker Walk and have a peep if the chicken rice balls stall is packed.
Hmm. the queue is almost as long as Kim Gary's. :)

Nah.. I went where there were some empty tables.
2 plates of 5 chicken balls + Medium plate of chicken, with 3 traffic lights fruit juice (watermelon, orange, apple) = RM18.50

I expected the chicken to be better........ but then again......
It's the balls (oops. i mean the ones below) which attracts..

This is the how manieth time I had picture with A Famosa.
I still have to do it again and again.
It's almost like an obsession.

New attractions!
Menara Taming Sari which is similar to the Calsberg Tower at Sentosa.
Then, the EYE was moved from KL to Melaka.
And again, i did n…

Breakfast @ oxocafelab, Queensbay

Since it's opening, I've been for their lunch menu a couple of times but yet to try their breakfast menu.

The western breakfast set is about ~Rm5.
I was quite dissapointed as I was served Kopi-O instead of nescafe.
(I prefer nescafe with sausage/egg)

So, I had my coffee with milk..

I have always loved eggs, and was happy to see twin eggs. :)
bulls eyes~~

But...... it's a waste it was pringles and not real, fresh potatoes.

Penang Times Square

Penang Times Square opened since Chinese New Year 2009.
I have not been since there weren't much shops around.

Being a truly Penangite, my sis and I decided to visit the place. :)
Now I realised that Komtar is not very 'high'.
I could take the whole building from Penang Times Square.

Just outside, i see some teenagers posing for their friend's dslrs...

and the two statues stating the history of smelting company.

It's really empty there.
We really had difficulties deciding where to eat, making sure that the ringgits we spent on food is worth.

Marrybrown or Kopitiams?

Finally, we decided on White House.
I told my sis to just give it a try.

NO regrets ya.
I had spaghetti and she had javanese noodles.

k770i day out: Haagen Dazs, QBM

Let's compare the picture quality of k770i.
Without LED light (dark)
With LED light (brighter)

OK. Not bad. :)

Bon Appetit. Mango was nice. Tiramisu was nice. Cookies in the chocolate was nice and i think it was coffee was nice too!

k770i Day Out: Canton-i, Queensbay Mall, Penang

Apparently, I'm not allowed to take picture of the place - according to the waitress. I double verified if there was 'a person' around, I'm allowed. WHY? I dont' know.

It's my first time dining at such expensive wan tan mee restaurant.
I was curious to find out about how 'good' it's supposed to be.
And I lost my wantan mee picture.

This should be Zha Jiang wan tan mee. RM12.80?

I still find costly.
Even Rm6 per plate is considered expensive in Penang. :P

Then followed by RM3 tau fufah and Rm6 peanut dessert.

I think the tau fufah was really soft, and the peanut dessert was thick and soft (but SWEET~!!)

*edits* * i found my wan tan mee (dry) picture *

Body Shop On sale - Last weekend

Spending ~RM100, I just realised that I initially wanted to get 50% stuff and ended up grapping 20% stuff. *headache*
Lesson of the day: Dont' simply buy things from an ON-SALE shop

Azuma, queensbay mall Penang

I have always thought of going to Azuma, but due to its pricey menu, I hesitated. Since my friend managed to get the VIP card from her friend, why not, give it a try! Finally, I had my share of Teriyaki chicken which cost Rm18. Food is not-too-bad but it's really on the pricey end that I think I would not go back there unless there is a special occassion -> I'd go sushi king I guess.

Prodigal of the Lost Son

I went for the Global Day of Prayer tonight (again).
Passage was from Luke 15:11-32.

Speaker talked about the son who has been with the father at his father's house.
Instead of sharing the father's inheritance, he who has been slaving at his father's house failed to share his father's generous heart to his brother.

We were challenged to receive God's generous heart.

I related this to myself.
Since my brother has married and bought his own place, my mom has been 'giving' him things, 'taking' things from home for him, and 'keeping' things for him.

We know she loves him, but I do not understand why the favouritism.
Then I realised, it could be that she has missed his son much more as I have always lived in the same house as her. I can get whatever from her anytime that I want.

If anyone wants anything from me, just TAKE.
For GOD's provision is never-ending and overflowing.. :)
Take from me, and I'd get more from God, the Father and be blessed by H…

Global Day of Prayer 2009, 21-31 May @Penang!

I have tried to google it, and it seems that there were only 2 relevant results..
How come nobody blogs about such important event in Penang?

10 days One Event
10 Hours for 10 Days,
21 - 30 May 09 @ 12 - 10 pm @ Penang Christian Centre (PCC)

The Global Day of Prayer - Last day:
One Event, 31 May 09 @ 7 pm @ Penang Christian Centre (PCC)
by Penang House of Prayer
It's my usual van driving day.
Since it was a lesser-crowd, we only needed 2 vans and I told the other driver:
"Hooray... I can go home and don't need to drive"

But, somewhat, I just went upstairs to Shalom Hall to see what it has got for me.
Just the day before during service, one of my church member asked me to go there to pray for the issues in my work place.

As I walked into the room, i see 'harp and bowl'.
What is that??
Just learnt a new term from wikipedia, which is derived from Rev 5:8 - a type of worship.
Harp represents the music and the bowl symbolizes our prayer.

8And when he had taken it, the four living …

How to save Energy? Blackle

I was told before that each time I click a search button at google, the energy used could boil/fry an egg.
This does not refer to a one-hit Google search taking less than a second, which Google says produces about 0.2g of CO2

I got to know a few weeks ago about blackle - an alternative search engine by Google for energy-saving conscious people. :D

Pinkberrys, Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka

The last time I went to Mahkota Parade, there was a huge field opposite.
Now, it has turned into a Megamall called Dataran Pahlawan.

My friend introduced me to fake Pinkberrys (Pinkberry is supposedly to be a frozen dessert franchise) which serves really good mango desserts.
I would say the equivalent of the Hong Kong's Hui Lau Shan.

The setback is, there is no aircon and the shaved iced mango would melt in no time!
They have the same 'device' where you could call the waiter by pressing the button (water/bill/call options)

1. Durian Chendol - they had some chunks of frozen REAL durian -> I think season not here yet
2. Healthy Gui Ling Gao

3. Yummy - MANGO desserts with vanilla ice cream!!!

First Experience with FireFly

It has been many many years since I last visited Subang Airport.
Probably 20 years?

And after revamping the place.. this is what we see..

Small but still OK lah.

Strange, they have HUGE TV display, but there is no flight information.
I depended on my boarding pass printed like a receipt.

More renovation outside..

I boarded at the waiting area. It was a quiet place. I heard LCCT is very noisy like Puduraya.
I was the only one with the camera snapping picutres, until the 3 men looked at me.

Now that we could board... we have to walk out to board into the fokker aircraft.
What if it rains? Any backup plans?
hmm... I see lots of umbreallas -> can i take them home?
As I board, I could see my 3kg pink luggage that I checked in.Drinks or Food?
Orange juice and Muffin!The buckle with firefly logo.

I wanted to laugh looking at the propeller....
And, it was an empty plane. Smaller than a bus but comfortable!

Perfect Landing @ Penang International Airport. Bravo!.
p/s: Their service could be improved if they wo…