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Ghostly Face

It was a month ago back then and i was totally nuttie and i never knew the effects would be so good on me..!

CNY gatherings?

Sometimes I don really feel good about going for class reunions/gatherings. Questions start popping up like..
"when are u getting married?"
"any plans for babies?"
" do you have a baby?"
"is that your bf?"... and it goes on..

Even going for weddings could be the same. I never knew that these questions would be sensitive until sometimes when i start encountering ppl with relationship problems, marriage problems, or having problem with child bearing.....

But it's nice to dress up for weddings. :)
And.. Chia Ming's wedding was my first wedding of the year 2007.. :P

CNY 2007

My CNY this year can be considered pretty miserable. At least, on the last day of work, we managed to hang out at the Breeks for lunch (our 'version' of 'sou gong fan'). But on the next day, my stomach felt terrible, with the patties and the spagetti sauce that was not digested. Eww....... I just puke it all out the next day. Morever, with the 2+ mandarin oranges I had, I couldn't even clean up the house on New Year's Eve.

New Year's Day started with church........ and one song that struck me was..

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
His mercies never come to an end,
they are new every morning, new every morning,
Great is thy faithfulness of God,
Great is thy faithfulness..

-> it just mean that God is merciful to us everytime, and it just renewed everyday...
So, if we choose to ask God to help us in whatever circumstances with us, he will be by our side to overcome the problem with us together. In deed, we could sing, "With Christ in the vessel we …

meiyi search engine

I think it's kinda cool to have it