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P90X3 - Only 30 minutes a day, for 90 days

Ever since I stopped training for my Mt Kinabalu hike, I've gained a lot of body fat and weight, and I'd say, few months ago,  after all the Christmas, New Year and Chinese New year feasting, I was at my fattest moment in my life.

Two years ago, I followed p90x for only 3 weeks, as I couldn't achieve the 1.5 hours a day workout. Well, I ended up fast forwarding everything and compressed it to about 40 mins, and I couldn't commit to do it everyday. So, I ended up, randomly picked up some youtube video for 20 mins, whenever I feel like it.

A year ago, I tried beach body insanity, but somehow, it was just pure cardio, without focusing on my core muscles. So, it died again.

But now, for p90x3, because it's only 30 minutes a day, I'm finally at Week 4, and have lost some weight gained from chinese new year.... and now hoping for miracle results to come true.

One word: Awesomeness!