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Mid Autumn Edition 2014 - Gartien Pineapple Cakes - Book now :)

I know it's a little early for Mid Autumn Festival. Although we are still in the Ramadhan month, and the Raya season isn't over yet, but, there is an awesome Mid Autumn deal on Pineapple cakes now from Gartien.

Oh well, in Penang, who has not tasted or know about Gartien's 小田佳园 Pineapple cakes? In chinese, it says 手工凤梨酥, that means, it's handmade.

Gartien used to be at Lorong Macalister and now they have moved to 380 Penang Road (next to Kek Seng Cafe). From Gartien's facebook - they were giving complimentary Oolong Tea

Grand opening is on 20th July 2014

Some info about Gartien that worth to read.
Pineapple cakes remind me of Taiwan. Sometimes, Pineapple Tarts are also well known in Jonker's Street in Melaka.
But, now, in Penang, we can get a good quality pineapple cakes too. 

This year's mid autumn 春花秋月 packaging . Cool isn't it?

One box consists of 10 pieces of pineapple cakes and it's selling at RM45. The price is fixed throughout the year, unles…

Glorious food in Bangkok: Manna Thai, Siam Paragon

I was given a choice to pick Manna Thai or Cafe Chilli at Siam Paragon, and I randomly picked Manna Thai because of the interior design of the restaurant.
The dish that interest me most was Miang Kam that has different ingredients wrapped in leaves. It's been a while since I had this traditional dish, but every time I see dish, it reminds me of my late aunt who taught me how to eat when I was young. When food mixes with feelings, it gave a different level of taste to me.

Sebai sebai Aroy Mak Mak

In the midst of the housing area at Batu Lanchang, there is an authentic air-conditioned Thai Restaurant called Sebai Sebai. The dishes were really good, as if we are eating them in Thailand. I liked the kerabu and the green curry. But the tom yam was just normal :D. We over-ordered that night, and still, i feel the dishes were really appetizing that I tried hard to finish 'em all. Price wise - slightly higher than average.

On an awesome Saturday morning at Chatuchak (JJ Market)

Bangkok was really awesome - even on that week - the weather was really good to me. It was a sunny day, which made it possible for me to walk around the stalls in JJ.

I always wanted to spend more time in JJ, but it never happened, I spent a few hours here, and it wasn't really enough. The stalls are usually opened ~9.30am or 10am (so, it's really no point going there early), and I took the MRT to Kamphaeng Phet Station. It directly leads to the entrance of the market.

There was just so much handicraft to browse. I bought a lot of owls for souvenirs because they are really too cute to be left alone in the basket. Since everyone bought the same souvenir, we actually helped the lady boss to pack into nice plastic bags.

My friend bought many gifts (in bulk) for her wedding. So, JJ is the place for door gifts, wedding favours, birthday packs and etc. I wish to go there again, as I only walked only half of the place, until the clock tower and went back :(

Since it was supposed to b…

Ninetology launches second experiential center in Gurney Paragon, Penang

* Updates: the store is already closed in Paragon Penang

Finally, Ninetology has arrived Penang on the 5th July 2014.

Many may have not heard of Ninetology. Ninetology is an ASEAN mobile device technology company.
The centre was first launched in Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, and now it has arrived Penang. The center focuses on upholding  Ninetology’s  after  sales  service,  9care.  9care  is  available  both  online and offline, hence users can now find convenience to identify or solve any issues regarding their devices.

Ninetology’s strategic plan includes an opening of another experiential center in Klang Valley, which will be unveiled very soon.

The store in Paragon (6th floor), awaiting for Opening Ceremony

The ribbons are waiting 
The MC is finally here making the announcement

The launching ceremony was graced by the management team of Ninetology ASEAN comprising of Mr Sean Ng (Chief Executive Officer), Mr Marco Beh (Chief Operating Officer), Mr Leslie Loh (Chief Digital Officer…

Shopping at Bangkok - Terminal 21 (Asok/Sukhumvit)

It's been like 5 years since I last visited Bangkok city and the last few times I went, it was only a few days trip. At that time, I was really privileged to have people taking me out. And now, since Air Asia made it possible for everyone to fly, I finally booked the tickets and decided to go again to look-see.
Since Bangkok is a city, it's always having traffic jam, so the most strategic place to stay is to the nearest BTS/MRT station. I was actually contemplating if I should stay around Pratunam for cheap bargains, but I ended up staying around Sukhumvit. I lived just opposite Terminal 21 and would visit that mall every time the train stops there. Well, it's literally, passing by the mall on my way back to the hotel.

It's a themed mall. Every floor represents different country, and we should also visit every toilets in every floor. Best part is to test the 'toilet bowl'.... :D

The only place that I always visit is h&m and the grocery store, Gourmet Marke…

5-Min Microwaved Cake/Pancake Dessert

Totally inspired with the rice cooker pancake that I saw on facebook the other day, and I thought, why not, use Daisy's Marjerin instead of the regular butter or fat spread (which is more expensive).
Pancakes are the most common breakfast/snack food that I make, and instead of using the regular gas stove to cook, I decided to experiment the microwave. Since it's an experiment, the recipe belongs to me :)
It's a boring saturday and I thought it's worth to experiment this :)
Ingredients: 2 full spoons of marjerin 2 teaspoon of sugar 1/4 cup of self rising flour 1 egg Some water/milk Few drops of vanilla essence Decorations (optional)
Instructions 1. Melt the marjerin using the microwave for 10 seconds 2. Whisk the marjerin and egg. Add sugar.
3. Fold the flour (to avoid air) into the mixture
4. Add some milk/water and lastly, few drops of vanilla essence 5. Add some decorations (like the mickey that I have, or chocolate rice, oreo, nutella - anything that we like) 6. Put …

ACCESSORIES - The pieces every girl should own

We all know that accessories are important in enhancing our looks whether it is a piece of jewelry, a hat or sunglasses.

Why do I say this? At least, accessories define a certain occasion. We got to put on the accessories based on the events accordingly. It’s not just about style, but it defines who we are.

 There are some ‘must-have’ in every girl’s wardrobe. I would say a simple pendant necklace is the top accessory a girl must have in their collection. Maybe, a silver pendant necklace could be worn with a basic plain tee or even an elegant plain colored dress. A necklace will never jeopardize a girl’s look in anything we wear.

Got this from gurney at a very cheap price..... and I could put that on with a red/pink/black/green top/dress :)

Having sunglasses can instantly create the ‘style’ in us effortlessly!
Not only it protects our eyes from the sun, but our face too… so the bigger the sunglasses are, the better it would be. Again, if we have dark eye circles or eye bags from late n…

Victoria's Secret is ON sale~

Despite the fact that the stores in Malaysia are selling it at a higher price compared to the United states, I find that when the stuff is on sale, it's really affordable, especially the sets... :)

Still awesome that they came to Malaysia.