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To Deal or Not to Deal

I can't believe it that I was addicted to this 8TV program for one moment.
I still feel that it's a gambling game.

I felt that Ben's comment saying that he would like to open his briefcase no matter how much the amount is. I felt that it was silly. His friends all asked him to get the deal by the banker, at least, he'd be a RM20k richer.

How to Remove a Dead Cat

It was a boring Saturday afternoon for me as I've got no plans of going out except to church in the evening. So, I spent the whole day lazy-ing around, catching up with old movies that I borrowed. It was sort of movie marathon, but I did not exactly concentrated while watching the movie.

At 4pm, my dad went out leaving me alone at home.
For the whole day I smelled some weird smell but I thought it was just rubbish coming from outside.
At about 5pm, my sister finally came back and she kept honking.
I was like "What?!:@??!"
What's the matter? She has got keys!
My neighbour even walked out of the house and asked what was the matter.
Then I noticed a dead cat lying. (we didn't see it as it was underneath my dad's car).
Gee.. She persistently honking trying to wake up the dead cat.
I told her, it's dead. NO point!
We waited for mom to be back. I do not know how to dispose it.
It's something I learnt.
1. Cover the dead cat with lots ofnewspaper.2. Wrap it3. Dump it int…

Eye On Malaysia

Since the official Opening of Eye on Malaysia in Jan/2007, I wished to visit it.

I may want to try since it's just RM15 for the Ferris wheel. For the experience, I guess.
Whenever I'm in a foreign country, I always wanted to try different things thinking that I would not be back there again.
I have yet to visit KL. The last time I was in KL was in Aug/2006. It was like 9 months ago. I used to frequent KL very often. Probably 3 times a year. I was in KL 4 times last year ie Jan (wedding), Apr (interview at Standard Chartered building), July (KL-Genting Trip with Pam) and Aug (with my sis for pre-departure Orientation). That's about it!
This year, there is no reason for me to be there. Hopefully, I'd make it to my next Genting trip. I love the air in Genting. SO cooling and refreshing.

Angora Rabbits

Wow. Angora Rabbits are so fluffy and cute.
Just browsed through the website:

This Bunny is like the soft toy we see in supermarkets.

I remembered when I was still young during my primary days, the neighbour at my grandpa's house used to rare lotsa rabbits. One day, some of the rabbits somewhat hopped to our garden and start eating the grasses there. Since I was not learnt to love animals, I grew a little bit afraid looking at the fairy snowy white thingy... THere was plentiful, more than 3, if I am not mistaken. It was hopping around and I stared from the inside of the house....

But now, I learnt to have more bonds with animals, I'm not so afraid of them and learnt to love them.

Beatiful Penang

View from N-park level 27 Block B at Eunice's place.

WOW... Everyday, she got to enjoy the sea view.

Things to do...

Just the other day, Amy came back after her 3 week long vacation with Contiki Tour.
I think I should start saving... before i turn 35...

Another thing.. I just realised that USM's MBA intake closed last year, and the semester starting end of May. One of my colleagues enrolled herself and is going to start doing her studies.

I'm envious. I wish I could take 1 year off for FULL TIME studies.

Recalling my older dreams

I remembered once, I dreamt that my friend's grandma had already passed away.
I was looking at the card (probably it was meant to be the orbituary), to check out the date.

The fact that his grandma is still alive (even though the hospital visits are frequent), I believe that my dream has its meaning.

My nightmare

Just two nights ago, I had a shocking dream. I dreamt that I had chicken pox (again!!??). I already had chicken pox during my uni days and I had to skipped classes and stayed in my hometown. However, the outbreak was not that bad, as I had some pox surfaced mostly on my body, rather than on my face. *phew*.

But why again? In my dream, it was weird that I was still back in my uni in malacca, and I had to drive to the clinic myself. Funny, the cost was RM80. I was like (?!@!&), so expensive? I had 2 type of creams and 2 bottles for drops which carried the lancome brand. I looked again at the bottles and it showed, "sample bottle".

Coincidently, I infected my room mate and she was like "WWhatttt??!!!", you passed your disease to me??!??
I had to go like, "i'm sorry... i think i have to quarantine myself".
To my surprise, her doctor fees were much cheaper, probably around RM20, and she had only 2 creams to put on.

Then later, i dreamt of following my ex-…

Weird dreams

I used to blog my series of dreams in the past. Now, perhaps, I can continue doing it, at least I could remember what happened.

Yesterday, my colleague allowed me to feel the baby kicking in her stomach.
Last night, it's just so weird that I dreamt about keeping my baby in my laptop bag and the size is just about 3 inches. I called up the barber shop for a hair cut appointment (which happens to be the VP in my dept) and I brought to a lady.. She blew the baby in one blow and the baby bloated up into a normal sized baby. :o

I carried it along. I become a single mum in my dreams. There is no father.

Moon Gate No.5

I have always wanted to bring the camera when I wanna hike up but everytime, I just didn't manage to until last saturday, I finally did it... and to my surprise, with my old cheap camera, I was able to capture nice shots for a beginner. I think I will try harder and go around bringing my camera along whenever I'm out. :D

Just look at the sunset. The sky is just wonderous.

The other shots, I deliberately had Komtar beside our head. .:P

And my very own self shot... My arm was very nicely positioned.

Dell PC

Getting a Dell PC is so much more convenient than any of the computer stores. With less than Rm2K, we could get a reasonable Pentium D processor with 160GB of HDD space. Pretty impressive huh? All we need to do is just to click at .

I'm impressed! Simply Amazing..

Not to forget, we can get personal relief out for the Malaysian Tax. :P Hehehe.. PC on top of a 30 year old desk in my parent's room.