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I'm Forced to take antibiotics

Due to HIGH fever again, the doctor gave me an additional 2 days of antibiotics.

5 days of antibiotics.


My body has to rely on Antibiotics.

Worst still - Never in my life I've taken 3 days of MC due to fever. :(

I get weird dreams when I'm sick

I have always dream of myself driving.
Sometimes it's not just my normal proton that I'm driving, it can be something else.

In my dream, I had a bicycle-like car.
Instead of having the passenger behind, I think it was at the side, while I have to hold her as I ride/drive.

Pretty strange I have a friend of mine who really dislike walks/runs had to follow me with my 'vehicle'. Strangest part, we had to go thru the hills. I even have my MD walk/drive infront of me! But as soon as I'm on straight road, I could start my engine (like my proton) and turn on the aircon.

Jalan Tengah Belacan Rice

I have always liked to eat at Jalan Tengah as most of the hawker stall owners are very friendly.

They will talk to me politely and serve their food with the right attitude.

Besides the chicken rice, I thought the Belacan rice (or the other Thai Fried rice/noodles) is good.

My friends find it sweet.
I like it as it's TASTY :)

Hmm.. Somehow, I find that it's weird that they have tables like tat. I hope the two will not kill me for uploading their pics here.

I have got Temperature!!

My company started a stupid policy to start measuring temperatures of their employees.
I have checked with my other friends who work in other US MNCs do not have such practice.

Perhaps, the management wants the security guards to have more work. Besides, after 2 major rounds of lay-offs, from 1k over employees down to probably less than 300 people now, the guards would be alright when it comes to their work load.

Yesterday morning, after taking a very 'THICK' cup of VICO drink for breakfast.
I realised that my body started to have some weird reaction.
I started to gulp more water as my throat was feeling really dry and sore. WORST still, I started feeling extremely cold; I blame the aircon!
Nevermind, I waited for 5.15pm to leave the office immediately.

Had a good sleep from 6pm-10pm despite, occasionally, I had my sister that stood beside while I was sleeping disturbing me.

Woke up and checked my temperature using the clinical thermometer that my previous company gave during SA…

Was it a 22km or 25km race?

I remembered taking a BIG STEP participating in PBIM 2008's half marathon.
The worst part was, I only decided to join 1 month before the race.
For someone who has never did any marathon before, I did not have much knowledge on the preparation and the recovery.

To my knowledge, half marathon should be about 21km-22km.
And everyone was telling me that the PBIM 2008 was 25km.
I Was like??!? what??
Have I gone that far?

Most probably right.
In the past events, it was at USM.
Now that the starting line is at Queensbaymall (that speaks the difference).

I tried searching for the actual distance, but couldn't find any except from here.

Now that my friends are all geared up for this year's.
The time limit is 3 hrs instead of 3.5hrs.
How would I possibly make it? :(

I'm OUT of the rat race

I was playing cashflow 101 e-game and to my surprised, I was out of the rat race in just 1 hr.
It was my 'lucky' day I guess , but I bet in real life, I wouldn't be able to achieve that!

All I did was:
1. Got cheap stock prices and sold them at the highest peak
2. Bought a duplex and some small 3BR/2BA apartment

and voila.. positive cash flow, and I achieved my dream - some theatre performance/artsy fartsy stuff (only $125k) in just a dice roll.

Exchanging Links?

A friend asked if I would like to exchange links with him.
I went *blur*.

What is 'exchanging links'?
(like exchanging phone contacts etc etc ka?)

And now I know..
Which means.. I add his blog, he adds my blog.

Being a less Chinese-Literate person

Is it my fault that I did not grow up in Chinese schools?
Would it be socially unaccepted for a chinese not able to read chinese newspapers?

I still come across chinese who despise me for not SPEAKING their 'way' of chinese (claimed that I had a weird accent - are they jealous or what) or unable to read chinese newspaper.

Then again, it's not as if I can't converse/understand the language.
In fact, I would find it an accomplishment to be able to work in a call center supporting China customers.

*beat that*

Mr Google has helped me a lot.
Even when it comes to translation.
Find this website really useful translating chinese to english.

Honest speaking, I've learnt not to bother these people too much and just respond to such remarks by 'smiling' :D.
It's never TOO late to learn a language - it's just the attitude.
The most important thing is to accept people as they are... whether they are bad in whatever language it would be - may it be english/chinese/malay etc…

Quakes - Yummy or Yucky?

The advertisement shown was as if it was good. I tried the smallest package and took me infinity to complete it. It tasted like those protein drink and it was really thick and awefully yucky. Surprisingly, my friend's 7 year old BOY liked it sooo much!

Confession of a Silent Thief

Back in primary school, I used to be really poor.
I dont have much pocket Money.
Someone introduced me in 'taking things' indirectly -> for that case, taking things from home.
Although I knew it was not morally right, somehow, I got a little desperate.
I wanted so much to own those cute little stickers, cute little book marks, cute little autograph books, cute little memo pads, cute little toys... and etc etc.
I only had a few of those and it was not exactly the prettiest.

After school, sometimes, I follow my mom to the stationary shop.
There, when the shop owner was busy, i tried to pick small items into my POCKET!!
I think I took once before.

Whenever I return the shop, I'd be reminded of that incident.

And, this is an untold tale.
Now it's TOLD and PUBLISHED.

Of course, I absolutely regretted.
I have learnt to understand children behaviour.
If they do not get what they want, they may resort to get it in other ways, without thinking of the consequences.
Very often, my life - eve…

Jotting down....

I try to remember what I've dreamt before and very often, I have forgotten to do that, and I'd end up forgetting it

1. Hamster
I dreamt that someone gave me his/her extra pet hamster and was given a small little hamster-sized plastic container just to cage it up. On that night itself, it ran away. Someone else had to search high and low around the room for that baby hamster.

Then, I was given a bigger plastic container for the hamster.
And, it doens't have food

2. Driving a Honda City (previous generation)
My friend had 2 hondas and I was asked to drive the 2nd one to have lunch at the Jail Restaurant around Dato Keramat area (no such restaurant around Dato keramat).
I had difficulties following as I was ended up at the coastal area and soon, after I stopped, I was actually driving on a squared-stone, galloping all the way to dont-know-where.

3. Night shift
I escaped from night shift from my previous job.

And now, supposedly, on one of the nights, I was working at home. Boss asked m…

Bobbi Brown's New cleansing oil

I was informed about the latest Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil. Thus, I quickly signed up for the complimentary sample and played the treasure hunt for a makeover appointment at Bobbi Brown's counter.

There is this contest going on, where we could be the top 3 referrers.

Top 3 Grand prize is worth Rm500!

So, I started small, then there was huge competition...

Now the highest referrer is almost 5k! But then again, the email server doesnt work. None of my friends received my email on this contest. What's the point huh? I actually called up and inform Bobbi Brown Gurney Plaza about it. I wonder if they would be disqualified. :D Anyway, I had my bottle of free sample Cleansing oil last week. It's ok that I didn't get my RM500 grand prize. That small little sample was good enough for me!

So confused with Today's English Workbooks

It was a Sunday night that I was trying to be a busy body exploring what my mom was marking since she's teaching Year 3 English at a well-known chinese primary school in Penang.

I spotted some mistakes but it was marked correctly.
She told me, it was marked by the previous teacher, not her. *fine*

I was flipping again.
And I was shocked to see the word "masteri".
I asked my sister who had a degree on English Literature what "masteri" is.
I couldn't find it in oxford or webster.

I asked another friend.
Finally, it's a MALAY word!!
What the heck is a Malay word doing in an English workbook?
It's confusing an adult like me.
What more a 9 year old?

but then again, the workbook has explaination in Mandarin.
So, would you consider this an English workbook?

I think it meant, "mastering English grammar" - or something similar.

Another phrase.
English KBSR syllabus Orientated?
Now that it's really very debatable.
I have always learnt OOP as object oriented prog…

Random Food from Max Gourmet Queensbay

I have not been to Max Gourmet, queensbay for many months (almost a quarter) and it seemed like there was some changes in the way they serve the food.

Lunch time is still packed as usual, and service is of course, quick.
I would say, this place is relatively similar to canton-i, except they dont' have people dressed with cheongsam/traditional chinese wear with walkie talkie on them.

I wanted to order dry wan tan mee, but forgot.... I still prefer the DRY one. Char siu aint good.

According to my friend, the duck noodles not too bad.

I like fried turnip better than char kuey kak.
Turnips are softer.... and nice .:)
Again, it's probably Rm5 cheaper than canton-i.

Some crispy noodles stuff.
Big portioning that I think next time, i can share with the other friend.

KFC Flava Roast Chicken Fillet Combo

Hardly people blog about KFC.
My friends like the new KFC Flava Roast that cost ~Rm12.
Baked potato is really good.
And the chicken is like Ayamas Ayam percik - spicy and not super oily like their fried chicken.

Only available at KFC Sunshine (Giant not available)
Service was slow but at least the food is not too bad.
It's a real change for KFC - they know consumers are getting more and more health-conscious.

Random Home's Cafe Food

Home's cafe has been D'Piazza for a few months now, and they do not have the RM5 oriental promotion anymore. Thus, I would thought that having a bowl of laksa or curry mee for RM5.90 is way too expensive. Moreover, the Nasi Lemak now cost Rm6.30. I might as well drive to the Bayan baru market for a good big bowl of cheap Rm2.50 hawker's food.
Thus, i decided to try something else for lunch. Their peanut butter toast ~Rm2.80. I would say, it's good, since they really give generous servings of peanuts.
And, the yam cake about Rm2.xx+ (cant remember the price). They have generous toppings again which made it more costly than the outside yam cake. But the chicken chop with rice is rather dissapointing. I think I rather take KFC's jom jimat which is only RM5.90+.

Random Kim Gary Food

The Fries (Rm5.50 i think), the baked potatoes. I would say it's OK only.

and not forgetting their milk tea. I think it's made from chinese tea rather than our malaysian tea boh or liptop tea.

My 2nd Star Jump attempt

Dont' really need a dSLR to capture that.

Bad burn from the steam of a Rice cooker

This post is definitely not for the faint-hearts.

It's not the first time I injure myself for not being careful.

1. I had a deep cut that required 3 stitches from washing the bowl.
2. I burnt my face while eating microwaved roti kopi (mexico bun)

and now, I burnt my wrist from the steam of a rice cooker.

It created two HUGE blisters.
I accidentally popped it the next day.

I went to the in-house nurse, and she skinned me off!! It was indeed a painful experience, as she just removed the skin and added iodin on my wound. (I just got to know from my doctor friend that to treat burns, the surgeons actually remove the skins which are actually already dead cells) I guess, it supposedly fasten to speed of recovery. She even added her very own special formulated powder, chinese medicinal white power, 693. (it's banned in Malaysia - why? i don't know) But I am not sure if there was infection but I'm pretty glad that my ugly wound has dried up as it's been 1 week now! I'm glad that I …

Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar

I came across this place the same time I notice Home's cafe at D'Piazza Mall, Bayan Baru Penang.
I was thinking, why the name?
It sounded like a typical malay chicken place, yet, it has a 'newer' concept.
For a quick lunch, I think this place is OK.
At least the drinks is cheaper than Home's cafe, but the menu has very limited choices.

After browsing around the place, it seems like it originally came from Kulim town.
That surprised me, as the only thing I know about Kulim was the sambal fish by the roadside.

rou gu cha king

Just the other day, I saw a banner on rgck promotion at queensbay mall. Since it's been around in Penang for a while, I was thinking of giving it a try for lunch time since it's about Rm10 for a set of claypot bahkut teh. (even though i'm not a fan of bah kut teh) They do give generous servings of garlic and soup (upon request), but I still find that their food is just so-so only. For being a typical hawker-like penangite, I would find it more 'worth' it to get it served by the road-side.

Cashflow 101 by Robert Kiyosaki

The last time I heard about Robert Kiyosaki was almost one year ago.
This time, I stumbled upon Cashflow 101 board game at WOU Open Day Carnival.

It started with the introductory speech by organizer June, Success Resources.

I was from Table 1. It was obvious that my table did the best.
The one with the highest cash in hand and passive income was also from my table.
Pretty high for a 1.5 hour game.
(The grand prize was a travelling bag- i got nothing!!)

Even the lowest cash in hand was by my friend, $10240 and lowest passive income was $630.

After a tiring session (almost 3 hours) - with the speeches and talks by CIMB and Success Resources, I finally FREEd myself from the lecture room and roamed around the fields.

Had this picture took by a colleague - NICE!
And thanks to my friend for giving me vouchers to get food. Chocolate sorbet and Pacific west barramundi fish and chips.

Donate your Blood, Save Lives!

After much marathon and trying off to shed some fats/water, I didn't lose any weight.
Now that I try to offload another 300 ml of blood away from my body, I hope I would have lost more water and fats in my body. :D

Nah.. it's a myth. we can't lose any weight by donating blood.
It's my 13th time doing this since 2000, yet I dont see any reduction in weight by doing so :P