Saturday, June 13, 2009

Still putting on Perfume?

When I was very young and still getting very limited pocket money from my parents, I wanted to own my very own perfume. And surprisingly, right now, I hardly puts on perfume unless for occasions, but I always liked scents that are fresh, flowery and sweet.

I would say, I like Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. Very refreshing !
( i had the provocative for free :D)

I think the easiest designer brands we could afford are parfums!
Wide variety of Scent can be found here.


Simply Simply said...

Next time when we meet up, pls put on this perfume, i wanna smell it....can can?

meiyi said...

sure sure. :)

VampireM said...

I bought the Green Tea Lotus at the Changi airport, which I felt was better. It was under promo...