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Lunch date with Eld's

My facebook newsfeed has been blinking too many times on Eld's 22 Pasta & Grill Gurney Paragon reviews. So, here I am... trying their set lunch :)

 Set lunch menu from Rm15+ onwards

Soup of the day - broccoli soup - cant find the broccoli but it is tasty... a little tomato-sourish taste.
I chose coffee as the drink, but you can have the option to choose cordial too, or even add RM4 for real fruit juice.

Roast chicken + mashed potato Not exactly a very big piece of chicken, but the roast chicken is not too bad.  It was at least quite well marinated.

Saba Fish + Mashed Potato It comes with lemon and soya sauce. The fish was really nice, just like those you get at Japanese sushi bars/restaurant.
Overall, it's really not too bad on  weekend for the price of RM15+ in a mall. The place is very packed during lunch hours that I had to wait a while to be seated. Most waiters/waitresses are busy, thus it took a little while to get our orders and food to be served.

Lastly, dessert!

Such a relaxing Sunday at Pacific Coffee Gurney Paragon

It's been a long time since I have the time to sit down at a coffee junction on a Sunday, partly due to work commitments. Last Sunday, finally, I took the opportunity to drop by Gurney Paragon to visit Pacific Coffee. I would say this is probably my first time visiting this outlet after so many years!~~ It has always been Coffee bean or Starbucks or other coffee joints.

And, I've not been blogging consistently about the places I've been. So, I would take 2015 as a change to start blogging again :)

Mango and berry Chillino. More of syrup and yogurt, but it's thick and creamy! Doesn't have real fruits, thus I really prefer Juiceworks. 

Advertise a bit for pacific coffee. Looking at the crowd here, there are less youngsters (they are probably stuck next door at caffe benne , I think) visiting this outlet. See, I've got a nice couch to relax while reading magazines.

D.R.I.P Cafe Penang

I have no idea why did the owner came up with such 'chim' name for the shop, but DRIP stands for Diversity Re:boot Installation Project.

It was one of those quiet Saturday mornings that my friends and I dropped by this place, and parking spot isn't that difficult to find.

Did you see that? They serve Haagen Dazs ice cream.

This little tree reminds me of a guy who bought something similar for Christmas exchange present. I never understood why would someone need it. Now, I know. At least it's useful as an ordering tool.
 Mashed potato (RM7.90)
 Mango smoothies and chocolate banana (RM12.90)
 Sandwich Platter (RM20.90) One thing different about this platter is, they serve peanut butter. So, I think customers are supposed to be creative to mix their own creation.

Lemon Yogurt (RM8.50) Strong in lemon taste.

Rare cheesecake. I could feel Japanese influence :) The rare cheecake set that comes with the green tea is RM10.90. 

I feel really bad that I can't confirm if the p…

CNY season = Bak kua fever

Bak kua (or rather, dried-pork meat) is my all time favourite during Chinese New Year.

This year, I tried this Huai Xiang bak kua which I bought from a friend. I would say, the taste is really not-too-bad, moreover, offering a rather competitive price. Most places are already selling at ~RM50 for 600g. It had only a simple packaging but comes with a nice paper bag :)

一斤 (600 gram) RM34.00
半斤 (300 gram) RM18.00 Order 2 pack onward FREE DELIVERY (Penang Island Only)
Interested kindly contact 0164383530

I didn't take the picture well ,but the bak kua was nice :-)

All time filipino fav - Steamed Plain Puto

Posted this on facebook earlier and I just found out that puto is not a very nice word in Spanish (accordingly to the comments).

OK - again, it's premix :D

I finally tried on the varoma function from the thermomix (rather than just blending smoothies most of the time)

A dozen that lasted me for 2 days (another few in another plate)
It actually tasted really good with cheese as a topping.

Baking time - Chocolate Chip Muffins

I actually used a premix batter and added 4 eggs, water and vegetable oil..
I know it's lazy, but it was fun baking using the fast method...