Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shanghai Ding House of Dumpling

Since its opening at queensbay, I have never visited this place because I'm never a fan of chinese food. An uncle colleague liked to eat chinese food, so we decided to pay a visit to this place.

And, there we go, having the 'cheaper' version of Siu Long Bao than Dragon-i.

And of course the roasted pork and the pork belly stuff.
I liked the buns and the sauce -> really felt good having them in my tummy but those porky stuff is way too fattening.

The siu yok was a bit small and I think the siu yok rice at the hawkers are better.

But they have some cute dimsum (minus the porks - yes I dont really like minced pork - I can steam it myself).

The pokey buns with custard fillings were nice and the thorns were done really well!
Of course, the mango cheese balls.

La Mien - Comparing it with competitor?
But, I think it was so-so. Please cut down on MSG OK?
It's too salty for my likings..

Nom nom..
And the fried turnips (loh bak gou) which is so much cheaper than canton-i.
(of course, I still prefer buying from hawkers)

Drinks - so far so good..

One main reason that I decided to blog about this because the boss was so generous to us that he gave us TWO big bowls of complimentary mango sago dessert.
That's a lot!
Even 15 people couldn't finish them all.
If wasn't due to time constraint, I would be licking the two bowls....
Maybe because it was free, I felt that it was really yummy.
Not too sweet and the shaved ice was made right to my tounge; except that the sago was frozen.
I still recommend people to visit as I feel that customer service is very important!
At least, it was a moment of magic for me.
Some companies have 10% - we dont have as HR didn't apply for us.
I must speak to HR to write a letter to them for 10%!


qing said...

nice blog! glad that i found it, kudos to another penang blogger :)

meiyi said...

hey there. thx for dropping by my blog :)

danz da man said...

so who is dat "uncle" colleague?

meiyi said...

uncle choong.

Anonymous said...

Btw, we had been there last year after church's anniversary at EQ. We order the dumpling.. remember?? ting ting

meiyi said...

that's in queensbay mall.
it's a different place.
shanghai something else.