Monday, June 15, 2009

How to Lose the Fats in your BOOBS?

Chest workout and cardio!!
I don't know why, whenever i workout on my chest just for a few days, I'd ended up losing my boobs.


But if i Stop, It GREW.

But tummy remains huge. WHY?
I guess I got to STOP eating.


ericyoong said...

This is because you are not really work hard on your tummy side.

About boobs, it's because you have burn some of your fats inside your boobs, so it will become smaller. If you do not wish your boobs continue like that just don't do the chest workout, try to focus on other body parts.

yileen said...

Its always like that aye...

I stress, don't get enough sleep and don't eat well and what do I get? - my boobs shrinks a cup.

Though I think boobs get heavy nearing menstruation (Water retention maybe? ROFL). HAHA...

Peace. Its me!

meiyi said...

Finally you are back!!
where have you been girl??

yileen said...

Yea!! Graduated and moved back to Malaysia!I had a lot to do back then with arranging to move everything back and saying by to friends. Also, I moved out so I had no cheap internet excess to upload photos on a daily basis..BUT I'M BACK!!!!!

meiyi said...

yileen: great 2 hear that..
when someone gone missing in the cyberspace, it's as if the person is unwell at cyberspace :)