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The replica of Penang butterfly Farm

Pretty butterflies that I thought would only be found in Penang.

I found it at Changi Airport, Singapore.
Not bad...
even thought it wasn't a lot of them, but it was good enough to get good photographers.

Asian Correspondent - Langkawi Travel

I was browsing and came across this article by accident :P

Hillsongs Sydney

It was my first time going to sisterhood meeting and i got a CD as a pressie in t he meeting.
I felt so blessed.
I still remember I had little money for my vacation but decided to still give some offering.
I thought perhaps this is what it is like exercising our faith; giving when we don't have enough.

Thanks Hillsongs.
It was an experience visiting the church for sisterhood meeting. I must join the colour conference some day.

Free coffee :)
Free Fruits..
Free toast...
Free transport (from central st - devonshire bus stop)
and most importantly... great fellowship with the sisters......

what else could i expect.. it was such an encouragement.
keep it up sisterhood :)

Penang's Most Expensive Lift Ride

Queue up and pay RM2 for one way.
Most people would actually buy return, but I only bought one way.

It's ridiculous.
We were all squeezed inside.
Imagine.... 5 of us... RM10 per trip.
and we were all sardined inside.

Guess how much they get per day?

Airbus A380

Well, it was my first experience flying on an aircraft that has a main deck and upper deck.
Not many airlines own A380, as mostly fly with 747 or 737...
The multimedia set is slightly different, with USB port.
They even had a power supply (for laptop users - i supposed)
Lights where i could press on my handset - not to stand up and click on.

Handset below the display, rather than on the chair handle - at least I wont accidentally click on it.
A cup of Riesling while watching a korean drama?