Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paddington House Of Pancake, Queensbaymall Penang

I've only been two or three times of PHOP in Queensbaymall as it was rather expensive for a normal lunch.

So there we go, since it was for a birthday celebration, and they had the around the world promotion.
I was trying hard to capture some pics :D
The Flat white was really good, at least i could feel the foam steam milk in my tounge.
However, I was pretty dissapointed with my Mexican set, as I didnt' felt like mexican at all. It tasted more like lasagna to me. (i would recommend the Brussels or Japanese set)

The birthday pancake was cool :)
It was plain normal ice cream with the pancakes which I really liked, cause i love pancakes


Pei said...

is the bday pancake complimentary from PHOP..??it really look yummy yummy...

meiyi said...

i'm not sure. i must ask my friend.